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Additional Details
I'm referring to flouride, chlorine, prescription medication, hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame etc....

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I can handle ...

Kenneth L
Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

Maybe they're pretty on the outside but their inside is ugly.

Perhaps your expectations are too stereotypic or too high.

Because she don't feel happy.
What you feel in your heart does show on your face.

Because they act that way sometimes.

It could happen because in those moments that she seems ugly, you discover that she is not as smart as you thought. When someone is stupid, you can tell by the look on their face. When you feel like she is ugly, that means you've gone bewond her appearance, you've reached the core. You see the real women, the one that is inside.

b/c they turn u off by doin somtin absolutly gross that u didnt think they should
have a great day

Because they know they are beautiful and they act ugly towards other people. I agree that ugly is a personality trait, not related to how you look.

Maybe its the last thing they ate, or allergy season made them blow-up.

3 letters PMS

I think it is the old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." we are not attracted to the same people..our upbringing, culture, beliefs. personality, lifestyle, tradition, and what we find attractive to another human being dictate what draws us to each other..how often have you heard from men and women about what is their "ideal man/women" and they are ultimately attractive too and often marry someone completely opposite of how they described them..just food for thought,,,

people are not 'beautiful' or 'ugly'. some people are attractive to you (or me) and some people are not. the ones who are not may be attractive to someone else while the ones I find attractive may be hideous to you.
beauty isn't something you find on someone's face or body, it's something you find in you when you look at someone.

If they were ugly then they would not be beautiful. Why do the smart questions always seem so dumb?

b/c you just slept w/ them and now want nothing to do w/ them at all. it's your body's way of telling you that she didn't give you the nut that you wanted, needed, and deserved.

Maybe she isn't. You probably just found something in her character you disliked.

Warrior Princess
it could be because of many things happening in their lives. Anger, pain, a bad day. Or it could be that her personality is just ugly and it shows on the outside.

b/c they have beauty on the outside (appearance) not the inside(heart)

but inner Beauty is most important
pretty is as pretty does

Lisa F
Her heart is not true, shes vain. Shes not being totally herself. She brainless. Shes trying to impress instead of be real.Looks will only get you so far, after that you better no how to hold a intelligent convo. I know a guy that is drop dead beautiful, he opens his mouth and all those pretty boy looks go in the toilet, because he cant hold a convo AKA brainless!

They believe because they are beautiful, everyone should pay attention to them. Its just like having lots of money, it all gets to your head. They become ignorant, stuck up, rude, and then some. because their family or friends give them too much attention they become conseided and beleive they are special and they are a big deal. They think everyone who is not like them deserve to be stepped on.


Go for someone of your own calibur, and you will see that the most beautiful women, are the women that you dont see. They just appear. The girl that bothers you from next door, your sisters best friend, the cashier that continually makes you laugh, the women from your Spousal abuse classes that doesnt take your crap, and would probably kick your @$$ if you stepped outta line. ((((HINT)))) Dont know what you got, Till its gone theory....

Its when they're no longer present, do we then realize, what we had the entire time was the most beautiful women in the world.

If your lucky enough to realize this before shes gone, not only will you have found your Beautiful woman, but in most cases, your soul-mate.

Beauty can be so many things, so many countless ways to describe...

There are only a few ways to describe, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY.....lol,

The love that sneaks up on you, is the love worth keeping...

because having the knowledge that you are beautiful is the ugliest quality...vanity.

That is so not nice to say about us ladies you need to be more nicer to us,be a man not a mouse.

roco j
pick me pick me!!!

because when maybe in our first impression shes beautiful or maybe shes dress well or maybe she got make up, well in other case if tis contrary the beatiful seem ugly!!!

get it? i think not

I guess that would have to be their attitude towards people and their intelligence.

If you can't be humble with your blessing of looks and also be able to hold a decent conversations, then all you will become is arm candy and other not nice things.

you must be seeing things if this happens to you a lot thinking that beuitfull women are ugly

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