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Why do you think girls are more prone to anorexia?

guys dont want to be skinny, and they dont care that much about a perfect figure

bc/ there's more pressure on them to fit into a tiny box of what an ideal female should look like and it's so over-hyped up by the media that we are convinced that it's wrong to look any other way.

because skinny IS BEAUTIFUL. DONT DENY IT!

girls CAN BE a bit more sensitive about what other people think of them. They're also harsher onb each other so i think that it is pressure from media and Other Girls that makes them more prone to it...

also i dont know many guys that want to be tiny ....

sometimes though its a matter of control. Sometimes (in different stages of life like high school) it feels like the only aspect of your life that you can control is what you eat.

Edit: i think it can also have to do with wanting to please others or wanting to be wanted. Girls need to be loved where alot of guys value respect more than being wanted or loved.

There is so much pressure today for women to be thin. The media puts it into their heads that the thinner you are, the more beautiful. Also, girls have more self esteem issues, and often feel fat or ugly, and may turn to anorexia because of this.

Society has put more emphasis on the female body. Larger men are not looked at like disgusting while larger women for the most part are not attractive as a whole

Girls are ALWAYS trying to fit in and be " Cool" And they read a lot of magizines and watch celebs on tv that are wayyyy to skinny and they try to be like that. Also they try to impress boys

Mr. Cakes
Simple. Social pressure. Our U.S. society puts too great an expectation on having thin women. Women know this is what is perceived as "perfect," or pretty, and want to be viewed as such.

There is more pressure on women to be skinnier. Simple as that.

Because, Some Girls care way too much about how they look.

girls are socialized differently than boys. they also have different pressures to overcome. most of the time anorexia is a control issue. a way for an overpressured girl to feel like she is in control. it's unhealthy. although, i recently read on gurl.com that anorexia and bulemia is on the rise among male models trying to achieve the skinny rock star look because it's in demand right now. girls are also less likely to externalize thier negative emotions which is also related to the control issue.

The media usually shows thin girls and exemplify this as hott or attractive. Trust me i've been there, done that.. and after my personal experience, i have found that people come in all shapes and sizes, and chubbyness can be cute too! lol

xO Binhyy
Some girls are born with Anorexia by birth in genes.
Guys like pretty girls.
Not fat.
So Larger women tend to have a envy feeling,
And their self-esteem is unbalanced.
Their for they want to be skinny =]

a man duh
because of all the famous people who go to rehab because of it

It's our society. It's the continuous steam of commercials featuring stick-tin women and horrible tv shows like Extreme Makeover and America's Next Top Model. It's all the tabloids that feature celebrities and their embarrassingly normal beach photos.
It's Anna Nicole and any one of the Jessicas and Angelina and pick any singer.
Women aren't supposed to look like today's beautiful women. Go look at classical paintings of beautiful women. They all have what we would call, "Thunder thighs" and b-cup breasts.

Because they have been taught that in order to be beautiful, they must be slim. Girls are much more likely to worry about their weight than boys, because our society is much more forgiving of overweight men than overweight women.

because for all of time women have been looked down on and they are supposed to be perfect JUST for men. well, that tradition has carried through all these years and as the ideal "look" changes, so does the pressure. the look now is skinny, so now more and more girls are doing whatever they can to appear as thin as possible. however, now it's not as much to please the guys, but to please the girls. girls like other girls to envy them, and shallow ones like that jealousy. others are just very self-conscious and our society advertises thinness, so they follow.

Colbert Nation
Guys don't want to be skinny

Because they read magazines, watch television and are under so much pressure to look like the "american woman" when really the average american woman is like 165lbs.

girls are more prone to being made fun of if they are heavier. they also feel they must be thin to be happy in life which is the idea that is put out through all sorts of ads such as magazines and television.
there are many factors...

Garrett's Mommy
Girls automatically think that they have to fit in by being small...the media has made this happen because all of the role models for girls are skinny. Look at Hollywood...how many women in Hollywood are large?? Not too many and if any of the successful women in the industry are large they normally don't get as much attention from the media. I really think boys just don't care as much either...but that's not to say it is not possible for a male to have an eating disorder I know a few men who have had one in the past.

Because girls care about fashion style and looks...and models in magazines these days are way too skinny.girls want to keep up with the looks and fit the medias example of Beauty. It is pretty sad actually..... also girls that have role models (Like a movie star/singer) they look up to tend to try and look like them even if it means to lose weight.

embroidery fan
Society places more emphasis on physical attractiveness in females, more emphasis on ability to earn money & on power in males.

how thin are female 'role models'?

Because they are so damn worried about how they look.

because they care too much

Girls are more self-evaluating than boys. They always want to look their best for every occasion. When they see that something's not right, they go and try to change it.

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