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Holistic Mystic
Why do we eat poison, drink poison, brush our teeth with poison, swim in poison and take poison to heal us?

Additional Details
I'm referring to flouride, chlorine, prescription medication, hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame etc.

shouldnt we be dead if it were REALLY POISON??

dels replies
Define poison.Sounds like you are talking about water.

[email protected]
I think it may help if you identify what "poison" you are talking about. I have heard about a book that says Fluoride is "poisonous", but in small doses is harmless. The pesticides farmers use in the growing of fruits and vegetables are probably poisonous, but then, we are instructed to thoroughly rinse fruits and vegetables before serving them. Pesticides are meant to be poisonous to fruit flies.

Are you implying that chlorine is poisonous? Well, I don't know about you, but I don't plan on drinking gallons of pool water!!!

Water-- plain old H2O-- can make you drunk if you drink too much of it at one time. But you cannot live without water, either. Anything can make you sick, if you do not ingest or consume it properly. Thanks for scaring people!!!

cause big king monkey bum told us to.

Because it's convenient. No one really know how to deal with stuff naturally and it's often too expensive to get natural help. For example, instead of seeing a therapist to get to the root of a problem, people would rather take pills to deal with stuff thus suppressing the problem instead of solving the issue.
Sometime it seems that using chemicals is choosing the lesser of to evils.
Other times it's just stupidity. Like when people smoke, they know it's deadly but they do it anyway for whatever reasons.
But the main reason is for convenience.

thanks neways

Don't say you don't do. Are you nuts. Poison is the tastiest thing in earth. I do it regularly. and yes i'm a ghost.

because we like to live dangerously jaja... no but nice observation you got there.... I never thought about that!

Stephen K
It is just so darn tasty!

mobile auto repair (mr fix it)
i had cancer would have died in 3 Weeks they gave me lots of poison (kemo drugs) and now i am OK the natural cures wouldn't help as it takes months for them to work

one town voted to remove chlorine from there water after 3 weaks they put it back as every one was sick

choose your battles wisely

2 points

MiZz RuBy
when has water been poison?

for immunity purposes. much like a vaccine.

Not sure what you have but i..
Eat food
drink water, tea, coke Vodka (sometimes)
Use toothpaste
swim in a swimming pool
And take medicine's when i feel unwell

And enjoy all of it (apart from being ill)

It is all suppose to be good for us.I think its to kill us off.

Almost everything is poisonous when taken in extreme amounts, however the poisons we are exposed to are in amounts our body can accept.

the answer is Why Not?

everything in this world is toxic to humans to some extent or degree.

The Moaner Loser
Everything is good in moderation.

I agree to day society has been well and truly poisoned

Because we're stupid. We do what we're told......

Because it make us feel better?

1. Poison, toxin, venom are terms for any substance that injures the health or destroys life when absorbed into the system,

i didnt know that brushing me teeth is bad for my health

It is all part of our evolutionary plan. We must assimilate.

Lemmy from Motorhead says Poison Was The Cure. That all I got to say about that.

Cheese A
Go and live in the jungle then and be natural. I bet I live longer than you.

carlo s
coz your dillusional

Because what doesn't kill you is good for you apparently.

What's poisonous is just a matter of dosage. Anything is dangerous in excess.

Colonel Angus
I fear the syphilis has spread to your brain

Cant answer this but it is a very good question, makes you sit down and actually think what you are putting into your body.


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