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C4 Snake
Why do people start smoking?
This isnt "Why wont people quit" but why start in the first place???
Additional Details
Smoking is NOT cool

why people start smoking is mainly out of curiosity, some people hate it straight away, others find it pleasant and soothing. It,s a true saying that it is all down to taste.

There are many forms of suicide. Some all at once, some are over a period of time. I think the main attraction is a "I'm taking my life into my own hands" thing. If cigarettes were actually healthy for you ...they almost disappear from society. How many people do you see in a bar eating an apple?

A lot of people I know just wanted to try it, and got hooked. Others actually thought it looked cool. Others still started because all their friends really *were* doing it.

Because I was stupid and took forever to quit. There is no good reason to start but every good reason to quit. I think I just hung out with too many people that did smoke and started to just to do it with them. That's sad.

bum nully
i AM the voice of my own god,
u smoke coz u wanna smoke. i let people smoke who like to smoke.
wrap a cig and smoke it and u will get ur answer.
dont smoke though, its bad 4 u but then what aint and wot is?
do it or dont, wots the diff?
smoke and u get fined so dont do it.

its mainly to do with peer pressure and the fact that youngsters think if they smoke it makes them look "cool" and "mature".
personally, smoking is disgusting and horrible, its incredible how some people decide to ignore the fact of the havoc it plays with your body.
definately looking forward to the 1st of july, for a much cleaner, healthier britain

I started (Im only 14) when I was 13.
I smoked once.
1 and a half ciggarettes (first one was used before but my friend saved it in a mentos box to use again when her grandma wasnt home).
Why I did it?
I wanted to try something new. I know its not good for me. I even crave Nicotine sometimes but I ignore it.
All my friends sitting with me were smoking too.
So idk.
We just felt like doing something new.

Honestly, stupidity!

I started at 15, there were these "pretty" girls that were hanging around with my boyfriend at the time and they smoked. I thought maybe I would be "cooler" if I did it to and my boyfriend wouldn't leave me for one of them.
Turns out he was just friend with them and wouldn't have left me anyway, but as a teenager you think stupid things.
Peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with if your parents don't talk to you about it at that age, and mine didn't.

I am now 27 and still smoke, I just got health insurance and am hoping to get on Wellbutrin to quit. I will be talking to my child as she gets older about a lot of things my parents didn't talk to me about and hope she makes better decisions that I did.

Lots of people begin when they are young cause they think its cool. Really gross..No one should ever smoke!

andy in greece
These days, I don't know. When I started it was cool. All the celebrities smoked.

i blame Marilyn mason, and the rest of the people on TV. also my mother and father for making it look so good when i was young.

Some YOUNG people can't imagine how stupid they are for even trying the first one nowadays. I am not saying how stupid they look, I mean how stupid they are.

When I see a young person smoking I do ask them why. It is a thing of the past like bloomers and potbelly stoves. It is almost equal to sipping the blood of someone with hepatitis C or tuberculosis. I agree with you 100%.

Daft we know,but when you start in school to empress and what we know now?we did not know then?and its hard to stop,but we still try to stop,hopefully soon.

The main reason people START is peer pressure. They see all their friends doing it, and think that if they do it too, they'll be cool. Once they start, they can't quit. Some people smoke to ease their nerves. The Nicotine relaxes them. Whatever the reason, quitting would be the best thing for them all.

shirley v
it is because of a lot of things like depress worried in some cases being on they own

because they are @sshole

some young people thinks its cool. i have never smoked. have 5 brothers who do , and my 4 sisters and myself have never.

following the crowd and ppl think its kool but it isnt its a serious health issue my mom smokes and i cant get her to quit she says its none of my business im just trying to help her...she doesnt understand

proud walker
people used to be told to smoke for their nerves. it was positively encourage during the war, and navy personnel were given a tobacco allowance as part of their pay.

All that was a long time ago. Recently people start smoking so they can smoke a spliff, some do it to make themselves look older or 'cool' and romantic, if you've ever seen some of the films of the 1940's like some Bette Davies films you'd know

Many reasons, the biggest i would think is peer pressure.

I started because I was young and stupid. I started when I went into secondry school and thought I was big and clever. Biggest mistake of my life. Ive tried stopping 5 times, longest I lasted was 3 months.

Peer pressure, mostly. It used to be viewed as "cool" and all the really "grown up" groups in high school were being bad and smoking in the boys' room. Stuff like that. TV commercials with actors dressed as doctors used to recommend it for your health, to help you relax. In fact, TV ad saturation over smoking was so effective that to this day, many people can still remember the commercial jingles, like "I'd rather fight than switch" or "a silly millimeter longer" or "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should." So it was either join the J.D.s or be a wuss.

Less and less people start smoking now because it is not viewed as being "cool" anymore and Humphrey Bogart is dead.

i started when i finnished school i tried a cig and liked it. Now i`m trying to quit.

might be on old cliche...but i blame my parents for me smoking. They both smoked and i thought i would sneak one and give it a try and 32 years later, I am having a struggle giving up! I really want to but don't seem to have the100% will-power it takes . .....I WILL SUCCEED.....

Because they want to fit in with the crowd. Pathetic. I refuse to believe anyone who says they enjoy it when they start.

In my day the vast majority of the population smoked, it was the done thing, there was even an ad on TV where the doctor gave his patient a cig in the surgery "to help calm his nerves!"
I guess it was to be cool, all the major actors and actresses of the day smoked!

Woody Black
I can't remember why I started. Regret it though.

peer pressure i was young and stupid and i wish i had never started

they think it's mature

I started college and didn't know anyone. I saw that smokers had an easy way to meet each other - they were always outside smoking, in the same areas. All you had to do was ask to borrow a lighter and you could start a conversation. So I started smoking. :/

I know - it was really, really stupid, but I had a terrible self-confidence problem.

I did make a lot of friends that way, but in the long run, it definitely wasn't worth it. :(

because it's cool

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