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your thoughts?


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 Should fat Women wear bikini's?
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 What can i do to get my teeth clean without a toothbrush?
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 Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

 Will I be okay?
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 I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
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 Is age 30 still young/youngish?
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 How can I get a terminal illness?

 Why do people start smoking?
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Smoking is NOT ...

Why do mosquitoes bite only me?
Every summer I have mosquito bites. I sleep in a room with 2 persons and the next day only I'm covered by these bites the others have not even one.Why? And is there something that can prevent this?
Additional Details
OK I agree with some but: I'm not diabetic, I wash myself and still they are still biteing me, I like spicy food (I put a lot of peper on my food), I like unios and garlic, yes they are mosquitoes bites because they are big, red and they itch a lot, I'm clean the bed to(I know the differents between bed bug bites and mosqoito bites), lately I haven't eaten apples or bananas (well I ate a banana this week).

All I know is it happened to me too. My brother had an outdoor wedding - a lot of people at the rehearsal and I was the ONLY one who was totally attacked. That always happens to me. It has to be because we are SWEET. Because I like that answer. But I did find out a new cure for the itching. This lady at work was itching from bites and she was putting deodorant on her legs. I thought it was hilarious. But try it. Other people confirmed it worked. I have tried it yet but.......it sure can't hurt, can it?

Buy some pajamas that are specially treated to ward off mosquito's. You can also put a mosquito net over your bed that is supported by posts at each corner. Think about the malaria infested countries and how they deal with it there. Buy a mosquito net tomorrow!

Maybe the mosquitoes bite you, cause... you´re soooo sweet!
he he

I have heard that they are attracted to certain perfumes and deoderants.

because you are diabetic.

lol.cuz they have a cruch on you

Otep Shamaya
They Must Like u. As 4 me I wouldn't bite u till I got 2 know u 1st.

go out and get a bug fogger, you can get them at walmart, just set it up and leave for a 1/2 hour.
screw them pesky bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I doubt they bit only you,or if they do it'd some kind of colon or you just have their kindof blood.lol

it's all about the blood.

ron g
no, its just that you have thinner skin that allows the mosquitos to detect you easier

Karina G
because they love your blood

bug spray

They bite me too, not just you, lol!

Maybe your blood is delicious for them to drink?!

I've seen the selection effect that you are describing with a group of people on climbing trips. I was told that mosquitoes have taste preferences. Taking B vitamins is supposed to make you taste bad. Can't vouch for how well this works... might be worth a try.

I heard that if you eat Garlic or take Garlic tablets they won't come near you

Adult Party Consultant
They dont, they bite me too *lol*

Shining Star
I have been biten all my life I wish they did only bite you and leave me alone.

Too much hair product.

[email protected]
mosquitoes are more attracted to some peoples body chemistry

if you sweat more than them that could be the reason.

do u sweat alot?that might be y

they bite others too. but you can use mosquito repellent or a sieved cloth to cover your bed.

Miss Thang
OOO i know! i know! lol Eat lots of spicy food. No I'm not kidding! My bf and I have trips outdoors and stuff and I used to always be the one who got stung. So I asked him abt it one day and he was like "Its because I'm Mexican and I eat a lot of spicy food! lol" Neways I put hot sauce on my food before we went on our last trip and the mosquitos actually left me a lone!!!!

So break out that Tapatio and get to eatin!!!! lol

Maybe They Think That You Are Their Friend

The Apostle
take a bath!!!

Star DUst
they bite me too. they like our blood.. only the females bite. then they die. did you know that?

You must be sweet!!

Are you positive that you are getting bites from mosquitoes? and not bed bugs?

You could 'trade' sleeping areas with one of the other 2 people in the room, just to see if they get bites --- before you ask them to bravely accept your offer - read about these little nasties at this link ---


Now I wonder if you are glad to have mosquitoes? if that's what your bites turn out to be, compared with the alternative. . .

Best wishes in your pest control ventures. . .

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