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the Teixeirian wonder!
Why do girls get dilated pupils?
why do girls (supposedly) get dilated pupils when talking to a guy they like? and if you notice it does it mean they like you or can other things cause it?
Additional Details
i swear i heard this somewhere and im not making it up

Thomas (from the UK)
If you get dilated pupils, your dead... If they are fixed anywho... lol

yea it means they like u and if a guys pupils get dialated it means they like u <3

Kay G
it would mean stress - not sure about attraction. the sympathetic response includes the release of epinepherine which is a stimulant - causes either fight or flight. this causes pupil dialation since you need hightened sence of vision - as well as other senses in a stressful situation.

taylor A
i think your crazy girls dong get dilated pupils when talking to a guy. maybe the girl you were talking ot was just tweeked out

There's a theory that people's pupil's change in size when they see something they like. That's just a theory but you never know alot of theories have been proven true o.O?

May King
It is TRUE that pupils get dilated when looking at someone attractive. You can get the same response by looking in the mirror and imagining you see someone who turns you own. That's where the term "bedroom" eyes come from.

The Brain
No they only ways your pupil changes is:


Never by if you like someone or not.

that is so false. has nothing to do with feelings of someone when there eyes do that. theres lighting,drugs,alcohol,medication that does that.

Anybody gets dilated pupils when the lights are dim, or dark. This happens so that the eyes can see more in the dark, if the pupil was small they would see less. It's like making up for how cows have night vision and we dont. Anyways, it happens to everybody, not just girls. Small light = dialated Bright light = tiny pupil

You can tell if a girl likes you by how she acts towards you. If she goes out of her way to say hi, touches you, talks to you even and just keeps up the conversation

I <3 JustinTimberlake
We Do..........???????

uh not really/.

Ämelia ☮
hmm, lol i never heard that one before. everyones pupils dilate due to intake of light and what not i believe, or something like that

It's true...it does happen for both males and females....read it somewhere....but sorry, I don't know why....hormones?

This is news to me, I never heard or noticed anything like that.

seema c
what in heavens name are you talking about ??

Captain Jack Sparrow
your soo hot they want to see more of you

Girls get dilated pupils when talking to a guy because the guy most likely has been smoking Pot and has Dragon Breath. The love struck girl is probably recieving some nasty second hand.

it is possible.
adrenaline ,or other hormones are being released into the blood stream which can lead to dilatation of pupils.
(the same works for men as well).

Just a myth.

Troy B
It depends on what they're smoking at the time.


Everyone's pupils dilate silly. Lights, drugs, boredom. You know.

What is wrong with you? EVERYONE gets dilated pupils!!!! It's caused by the change in light!!! Pupils get bigger if it's darker, smaller if its lighter. Goodness, just how old are you, five???


did u ever think maybe you were standing in a darker room or shadier place than in the direct sun so they dialated when they were in less light? there is no scientific prof it has anything to do with attraction...its all aboutlight intake

Pupils dilating is a natural process to control the way we see images.It is usually controlled by the amount of light in the room or that comes into contact with our eyes.The eyes can also dilate due to other factors such as alcohol usage and other drugs.These drugs cause the body including the eyes to relax which can cause the pupils to dilate more or less than normal.Another factor that can play a big part in the pupils dilation and is probably an explanation to what you are asking about is the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood stream.When a girl is talking to a guy and her heart beat gets faster,this could cause her to start having deeper and more rapid respirations which causes the lungs less time to absorb the oxygen.This process could lower the o2 traveling to the brain which could cause the pupils to dilate more than normal.

what! are you serious...
how come i never knew about this?
thats weird.=/

mike e
'cause they probably just got finished smokin' some weed

colette m
well i have never heard of this and it probably is a myth she probably did some Cocaine or smoked some weed

Ray P
Only insecure nerds notice this :)

Here is an article that explains the body language of attraction, inlcuding the pupil dilation:

From what I've read, the scientists don't really seem to know why this happens.

As the article says, certain medications and dim lighting can make pupils smaller, so if you aren't sure, look for the other signs listed here:

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