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Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

make-up/ photo touch ups and they have sponsors maintaining their face and body. lets face it, are u gonna look twice at somebody who looks grotesque??? :)

they have money and money gets them everything! Trainers and workouts, its their jobs to have perfect images. Teeth - It's their job to have perfect teeth and skin, distributors and spas... they are well taken care of, thats for sure. Kinda makes you sick huh?

They can afford to get the best hair and skin products, and have dental work done that a lot of people can't afford. They can afford the best hair stylist also. Plus, some people are just prettier than other people.

Because they have people who help them look good to us, if you saw them in their natural look it would be a big difference.


becasue magazines airbrush it in later to make them seem perfect

1. They have a crapload of money and can spend all day at the spa
2. They have a crapload of money and can eat organic foods and us organic makeup and healthier things that us normal folk cant afford
3. All their photos are airbrushed and fixed up with a computer.
4. Even in the movies they can airbrush things now.
Its all fake. If you saw them on the street they would look like a normal human. Its all gloss and is not real, so dont worry too much about being perfect cuz no one is. Love yourself. It makes you glow. :)

Make up artists work on them for every public appearance, and all their publicity shots are airbrushed and touched up. Not to mention they can afford to correct anything that isn't perfect about them.

Their pictures are airbrushed.

Its not real. They get like nose jobs and stuff.

lots of money, lots of trainers, lots of stylests, lots of airbrushing. LOTS OF MAKE BELIEVE!

Good makeup and good lighting!

becuase they have personal trainers && lots of plastic surgery!! && probably lots of proactive ((jessica simpsons commercial)) lol [=

They absolutely are not perfect! You have to see this website--www.fluideffect.com --it shows before and after photos (after digital retouching) of celebrities. You will be amazed at how different they look in the before photos--they have the same flaws as everyone else.

Their photos are airbrushed.

They have perfect makeup, perfect makeup artists & perfect amount of money to spend on these superficial items

random woman
airbrush, scotch tape, and crest whitening strips baby!!!! Plus, I heard that when you wipe your a$$ with money wrinkles magically disappear.

2 reasons....

1-They were born with great genes and got the luck of the draw with being perfect.

2-They have a lot of money invested in a great plastic surgeon.

teams of people help them apear that way thats why they call their time in public AN APPEARANCE

funkytown girl
they can pay for anything so that look so good.

It takes a LOT:

a Lot of $$
a Lot of time
a Lot of plastic surgery
oh yeah, I almost forgot.....


lots and lots and lots of makeup.

When Brad and Jennifer were together they bought a shin care product called Kinerase...By the case!

Mizz Know It All
They are not perfect, they hire really good make up artists. Check out the link

You stated it yourself... they SEEM to have perfect everything. Photoshop is an amazing thing.

make-up is the word.

Their photos are touched up by the best.Some of them do work really hard on keeping themselves up.I don't know why the stars are there.I can't get rid of them.It is supposed to say hard at.

They have the money to be fake

[email protected]
they have the money to pay for it

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent in good shape they are just anerexic but they arent really healthy at all so some advise that i have is dont follow in their steps by starving yourself eat healthy and exersise (your doctors and teachers probably tell you that all the time) but it is true im in fact going on a diet thing and i have been feeling great so that is my advise for that! Hope it works if that is what you are looking for! Take care of yourself and good luck! Bye.

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