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kate k
Why do boys and girls fart?
well at my school lot's of boys fart and some girls do but they said on t.v. why people fart is because they have bacteria in there body is that why boys and girls fart?
Additional Details
i am in high school well i know only one girl that farted and mostly the boys farts stink badly.

Mandy M
Uh... It's just a natural thing.

Because of the sugar you eat is then again eatin in your intestines by other bacteria and when those bacteria eat the sugars it produces gas...these sugars can be found in beans and other stuff.

seven twigs(go OIC!)
boys and girls?
r u like 5?
why don't you say humans?
it's natural and normal
why are you even asking you can find it on google in a flash
poor unfortunate soul

they eat fast food.
oily food
to realease gas
it's natural
because they just do
on purpose

If we didn't fart, our body would be dirty inside. A fart realease gases (methane) out your body. And it cleans your insides.
Nice question thou. lol
Have a good day. bye

Kelsey G
unwanted gas in your body needs to get out some way, so it is your booty and your mouth

Yes dear, everyone farts! Cats fart, Dogs fart, Cowes fart and almost every animal out there that has a digestives system farts. Bacteria breaks down the food in our system along with gastrick juice. Gas is just undigested food.

Luke G
its to release the gas inside you you can end uo in hospital if you hold your farts in

Michael D
Yes somthing like that


Its called passing gas. A natural thing. If you didnt, you might blow up.

yes it is

So do adults. Diet can have an effect.

Your releasing air from inside your body. When you eat you take air in too. good luck

Isn't that like asking why the sky is blue? IT JUST HAPPENS!

bacterias in your intestines that process the food expel gas, the gas accumulates and has to be ejected somehow...

Some people like you to hear it because they think its funny but it is natural

here is all you need to know about farts.
enjoy :)

Its a natural way of releasing gas, like when you burp. Its because of what you eat mixed w/ stomach acids


John K
only boys fart

girls poot and queef

Tonie-ann T
because there are unwanted gases in the body that need to exit the body and we therefore fart!!!

yes, we build up toxins and food digestions in our body so we need to release it or else we get sick

Denise M
partially digested food from your stomach will enter your intestines, and it will start to rot, creating a methane gas. The gas bubbles collect in pockets and become painful, then they are pushed out of your body by the pyloric waves, and simply sometimes by your abdominal muscles pushing them around. If you eat smaller meals and healthier meals you can lessen this. Your own body will tell you what gives you gas the most, everyone is different with their digestive habits, there's almost no way of figuring it out across the board what's going to make everyone pass gas. Flatus, Farts, whatever you call them, everyone has them, but some control the release so it doesn't make noise, or if they are conscious of a smell, they will be polite and leave the area and not make everyone smell the contents of their intestines.

Borden's Wife
Girls don't fart, silly!

Ok people don't be rude her age doesn't matter that has nothing to do with her question. Just anwser the question.

Although it is a natural bodily function kids tend to think its funny. The gas in our intestines comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas seeping into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reations in our gas, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts.

It's ok for boys and girls to do it b/c there kids but when your an adult people expect you to know better than just to let one loose at any given time.

Yes. Digestion is a form of decay which produces Methane gas.

I dont know, all i know is, is thats its normal and human...to fart. actually i got to fart now

Read this explains alot about flatulence


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