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Why do I want to smoke when I know it's bad?
I'm only 15 and I just really want to smoke a cigarette. I've never tried it before. Whenever I'm around people that are smoking, it makes me just want to smoke even more. I know it's really bad for you but that doesn't change my mind. Why is this?

I don't know, but don't do it. It's a bi**h to get over, my lungs still hurt like hell when I run but I notice a huge difference from hawking up **** previously when I did.

Nicole R
don't try them, you could get addicited. just think about something else to get that off your mind.

yea u shouldnt smoke cause if relly fu_cked up my friends life
cause he was really cool and shi* wen we were yunger
but sum as*ho*e started to get him to smoke ciggarettes and then weed
now i dnt even talk to him az much
and every time he got money he juss had to buy weed

Alex R
because of peer pressure. you will have the curiousity to do bad things for all of your life but you have to realize what is good and bad. dont give in to something that is dum

You are normal. It is very natural to want to smoke. I suggest that you try it and see if you like it. Until you actually smoke, the urge to smoke will only get stronger! Fifteen is plenty old enough - kids as young as 3 have been known to smoke!


you want to fit in. youre insecure

Just dont.
it will cause even more problems, sinceyyour so young.

dont try to fit in with the crowd, because the crowd is getting addicted to Nicotine.
hang out with non smokers, exercise more and respect your body, dont pollute it.
you only get one body in your lifetime, so try to take care of it the best you can !!!

Talk to a theripist you are way to young to smoke. And even if you are older you still should not.

Maybe you want t o see what it is like to breathe from a hole in your neck. Or cough so much that you start to cough up blood. If you feel like you don't fit in now, try these on and see how well you fit in.

On a less serious note, maybe you want to see what it is like if a cute guy/girl rejects you because your breath is funky and your clothes and hair smells like an ashtray.

If these are real possibilities for you, then light up. All the information you need is available, plus like you said "I know it's really bad for you."


I know you've heard this everywhere, but don't do it. whatever you do, don't smoke even one.

My advice is don't hang around those people as often as you do already. Also try to convince those people to quit. It will take your mind of of wanting one.

I know both of these are hard, but whatever you do, DONT DO IT!!!!

Dont become another statistic. Read this article NOW. Before you do anything else, read it.


Also, so it to your friends. Maybe it will change their minds.

Cause you want to be cool and its like per pressure even though you dont think so. But don't start smoking DO NOT!!! And just keep telling yourself its bad cause it is. And don't give in belive in yourself

It's either a cool factor, or by breathing in second hand smoke, it has affected you. Nicotine does make you calmer.

If you do, you WILL be addicted.
And if you continue, you WILL get lung cancer. And die.

Don't do it.

>>Never think the worst will not happen<<

tat's equal to slow death. Is tat wat u want?

little miss awesome
u r around people who smoke 2 much.... try being around it less. maybe that will help

yeah if you do it you WILL get pregnant and die!!

People will kill me for saying it, but you won't get addicted for trying it once.

I was the same when I was your age. I tried it for about a year and then it hit me... it made my breath and clothes stink, cost me a fortune so I just stopped and put the money I used to spend on cigarettes into a jar and when I passed my driving test I bought a small car. Now that WAS good.

James T
Your addicted. kidding. But the smoke can be addicting.
And being around people you look up to that smoke will encourage you to wan to smoke.
Nicotine is a hell of a drug....

Alvaro R
U want to smoke because u probably other people doing it and they think its cool.

Smoking is bad for your health over time and it can kill or give cancer when u start at young age.

Your young and you want to try something new and break a rule or two. Your at the age that many people pick up smoking because the know it is bad but they want to rebel against what people say and show them that at 15 or 16 they know what their talking about. Stay away from them. I started smoking when I was 16 and I let it ruin my chances to play big time college ball because I was so addicted that I couldn't run an entire play without weezing. Stay away from them.

Ryan O
dont its truely disgusting...
i cant stand being around someone who smokes

That was the same with me, but I was 12.
If you have parents or someone in your family who smoke you get use to the smell, and it actually starts to smell good.
You could try it, it isn't like you'll die if you take one puff.
It's good to try things, even once. Just don't start smoking all the time. It really isn't good for you.
Also, when people tell you that you get addicted after your first try, they're not telling the complete truth.
I tried it, and I didn't crave it like a mad man. My other friend who tried it with me, now smokes half a pack a day.

So try it, but make sure you don't breathe out your nose! it burns.

i hope i helped.

You think it's cool, which it's not.

Also, if you are around people that smoke all the time, you could have taken in enough secondary smoke to get you addicted to the Nicotine.

Stop hanging around the smokers.

cuz you see other people do it so you think its kool but DONT DO IT!!!! my ex boyfriend smokes and thats y he became and ex smoking is gross his breath always smelled and he just stunk i hated being near him cuz i would always get a head ache

peer pressure
NOW, go spend one hour in a cancer ward..and see what you can look forward to in your future IF YOU SO CHOOSE
It's not a question of IF< but of WHEN...eventually you will likely die from a smoking related disease...
People with lung cancer die a HORRIFIC death...

You want to smoke because you want to fit in. Just remember when you want to smoke, think of the causes, you can get cancer, and other horrible diseases

DONT DO IT... you will screw ur life

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