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Asia J
Why do I hate children?
I think they are annoying lil' sh!ts, and I want to punch their parents, why is this?
Additional Details
It's kinda serious cuz I have nieces and nephews and I always want them to go home! And I shoo the kiddies away at family reunions. When I am at the store, or some other public place kids are always whining and begging and their shoes are always untied, and teenagers are terrible too, oh and don't even get me started on babies! I know I was once a child and a teen but I have a hard time believing I was that anooying and inspired hate from others. Their should be like seperate countries or something,so we don't have to interact with them.

Kids can be annoying and a handful to handle. Seems like you do not have much patience. No matter how annoying kids can be they are little angels for their parents. Parents need to discipline their kids but that does not mean you should hate them. Maybe when you have your own kids you will not hate them so much.

maybe your just a really irritable person, see a shrink, kids can be annoying but i love them

Well I hate little kids too. You probally don't like them because of their poor speech, the way they act, and how they look possibly.

I have two little sisters, and now I hate all little kids.

Tatjana V
You just don't have that mother instinct!....Don't worry,it happens to me also...I have a little annoying brother and i hate him...And my little sister....OH,DEFINITELY!!!She is one little B**CH...nvm...:))))

you're probably frustrated that they don't know as much as you and they're less mature. remember u were once a kid...

my uncles like that hahaa hes like dont bring any sprogs back 2 my house :L

idk u just naturally hate em thts ok

[email protected]
That is sort of sad, I think. I am not saying kids are perfect, but they have a lot to offer to the world.
That, and actually you were one.
But you certainly are not odd if you don't want to be a parent. Lots of people don't!

~*Lollipop*~ ~*~*~*~
omg! that's mean

eat cookies. and pretend in your head your choking them.

Due Date Oct.26 2008
1.maybe it's because you weren't that spoiled child
2.You can't have kids
3.You just hate them

everyone does!! iluv little babies when their asleep, but when their awake, who doesn't hate them!?? especially after they hit puberty!! OMG!! they turn on their parents, do w/e they feel like, i don't want any kids!! :(

i dont think you have a good temper for mistakes and poor disipline. Which is why you dont like kids

If you really hated children, you'd want to punch them, not their parents.

Nancy F
is it all children? i mean, some kids are hell, but there ARE sweet kids.

its because you are smart. i hope you`re young and learned this.who needs little curtain climbing ankle biters anyway?

Bos K
i am with you bye

I don't know. Perhaps if the parents knew how to raise them properly they would not be that bad. It is very rare nowadays.

no patience...
I have the same problem...I chose NOT to have kids and I STILL stay away from them and I'm over 50...
It's OK not to like kids...there are LOTS of 'us' out here.

kids are little s h i t s...... have 6 of them........

I'm the same!
Kids annoy me.
Teenagers annoy me.
(and I'm a teenager)
actually tbh, with me, PEOPLE annoy me.
you just need to accept the fact you hate kids.
I bet, when you get your own, you wont feel like this.

I'm sure they don't like you either with that attitude.

killing is making a choice
Not everyone loves kids.

If you have kids, you'll probably just love your own...like me.

origninal rocker
most ppl do its mostly cuz there annoying but u have to remmeber that was u one time

La La La
cause they are annoying lil shits
thats why

God's Child.
Sin will make you it's slave. You have to master it. Do not give in to that temptation. You resist the devil, and the devil 'will flee from you.

maybe you had a bad childhood or maybe you just are one of those people who get annoyed easier than others nothing wrong with that but remeber not all children are the same.....

t j
Well, maybe you've only known children who have been raised without
structure, and you are directing your frustration toward every child and every parent.

If you were raised as an only child, it's possible that you simply never had the chance to develop tolerance.

Simply Put
I hate kids, but it's not their faults.... it's the way parents raise them these days. Snotty little shitheads that are out of control.
back in the days our parents didn't coddle us and smacked our asses (not beat) to keep us in line and let us know who was boss... these days too many parents try to be FRIENDS with their kids...
The day my kids act like a punk to me or anyone, including other kids is the day I will lose my schit.

Foxx Mulder to you
i hate em too. and the parents of some of them do deserve a good punching

Its okay. I hate it when people say you used to be a child too. It doesnt mean that you have to like kids just because you were one too. Im sure someone didnt like you when you were a kid either, but who cares! I want to punch their parents too. I see so many bisbehaved kids this day and age. I dont blame you for saying that they are annoying. Parents need to take those tv's, computers, and video games away until those kids are at least in middle school. What happend to kids learning good manners, playing outside, or reading? Education, excersie, and etiquette has been flushed down the toilet with kids these days. There are plenty of lousy a** parents out there.

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