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teen girl
Why cant women sleep on their belly?
General question

What ? That is the way I sleep. Ive never heard of that.

:)Believe ~ Love:)
* I do*

I do, and side too. Can't sleep on my back for nothing!

um yea hi
they can
i should know, im a woman and i do
but you cant if youre pregnant
but otherwise i dont see why someone would tell you that

Because I'm underneath?

Snoring that is

karen wonderful
I do but I have to put a pillow under me.

I can. The only time we can't is when we are pregnant

Who told you that??---I do it all the time---even when I was 9 months pregnant

yea they can i do

who says we cant, i sleep on my belly every night!!!!!!!!

It's the only way I can fall asleep...I'm a woman.

Judas Rabbi
They do

It's uncomfortable.

They can, but it isn't good for the back and neck as it causes an abnormal curvature of the spine. I slept on my belly up until I was so pregnant I couldn't. (I think if I'd have had a water bed, I would have kept on doing it even then!!)

They can!

wat kind of question is that? Ne body can sleep on there belly, u must b 2 afraid 2 try

Hadn't heard that one my GF does it all the ime


we can too sleep on our belly. were did u hear that from. THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER I CAN GIVE YOU FOR US NOT SLEEPING ON OUR BELLIES IS BEING PREGNANT.

i do it a lot only when you are pregnant it is hard

I love to sleep on my belly. I couldn't do it while I was pregnant though.

I can't. Don't feel comfortable and always get a sore neck :o

My girlfriend sleeps on her belly.

but when a woman is pregnant, i don't think they could... you know what i mean?

Yes they can I do

Warrior Princess
can you?

hwere in the hell di you hear that from?

i can, it's comfortable

They do.

That's not true - I'm a woman and I sleep on my belly all the time.

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