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Why can't you urinate in the shower?

Chaya A
ya u can i did it wen i was young.

you can

I can.

I can and do... Where did you get that info? If you can't then I think you need to check your plumbing.

Urinating in the shower spreads germs and bacteria that can lead to serious health problems.

You can, of course, and it goes down the same drain as the toilet, but most people consider it to be somewhat unsanitary. Toilets are easier to clean than showers.

You can if you want too, you can do anything you want in the shower. The bathroom is about the only truely private place in the whole house.

Kayleigh Babes ♥
it is very natural for people to urinate in the shower. but faeces is like a bit nastiiii lol. who wants too walk all the way to the toilet
wet get the bathroom floor wet, risk slipping over and peeing and go BACK into the shower. so just urinate.

who says? and who doesn't???

Peaceful Warlord
because it turns ur tub yellow

As long as no one else is in there with you - pee away!

Janey Lyn
you can!

daniel s
you cant?

No reason. It's +your+ shower, isn't it?

You are only allowed to urinate in the shower if you only bathe in your toilet!

CS Dad
Because your wife says not to....other than that....Hey there's a drain there!!!!

Um, I do...

Well you can... I think your asking why some people find it unacceptable. I wouldn't like to think that people had peed exactly where I was standing would you? Even though there is a drain, water doesn't wash everything away (like bacteria and stuff). Do it in your own shower if you want but you should be a bit more considerate using a public shower or whatever.

The only reason people say not to is if you don't have very good pipe drainage and the smell lingers in your bathroom. besides that, it shouldn't be a problem. Urine and blood are the two most sterile fluids in the body. Another potential, yet far fetched problem, is the interaction of the ammonia in urine and bleach that could be used to clean your shower. Bleach and ammonia form a toxic compound that can be poisonous. But in order to have this effect, you need a LOT of urine. Gallons. So go ahead. pee away. lol

There's nothing physically stopping you from doing so. So I assume that you are basically asking an etiquette question. Well, that's pretty simple to answer really. Showers are community things even in an isolated environment. You and your family use the room to clean. So if you urinate in the shower, you've basically made it your toilet. And then your family comes along behind you and gets in. Do you wash your feet in the toilet? No. So there's the clearest reason. Its gross. Use the toilet for what its intended for and the shower for what its intended for.

I heard it prevents/cures athletes' foot!

You can, if you want. What's stopping you? hopefully it's your shower though...

Yes you can. just keep the water running, and please dont poop in there lol.

You can't? .. why ??

uh, u can

you can.

you can

The Controversial Question Man
you can!!!

Who says?

nAnCy iS oN!!!!
you can...

ahhh HELLO THAT IS NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT....that is what the toilet is for...HELLO

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