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Why can't I stop doing heroine?
for real

uhhhh its a thing called adiction.

and theres a place called rehab.

Do u mean Heroin. Coz u are addicted silly.

Ethan M
because it is the most addictive drug known to man. suggestion seek professional help dude, because it is either this or a whole lot worse from now on.

because you are self centered.
Before any one goes off on me think about it.
He is looking for the next high to be as good as the first time. It isnt going to happen. He is looking to satisfy his craving.
He doesnt care how much it costs, doesnt care who it hurts, doesnt care if it kills him, doesnt care who will be affected by it, doesnt care what he has to do to get it. He doesnt care about anything other then him and his high.
If you want off of it then get off of it. Stop thinking about yourself and that "next trip"...whatever.
I have seen drugs destroy people and have no remorse for those that do it. If you really care then you'll stop.
If you care about the dangers of drugs and WHO ELSE it will affect then you wouldnt be on here asking this question.
Get off of here and get on the phone, start making calls and get clean.

Because you went and did too much and now your body won't produce enough endorphins on it's own. That's why you feel like crap when you don't shoot up.

You've got three choices:

- Become a full-fledged junkie and probably die before 40
- Go to rehab - do the Methadone treatment (which means you're still an addict, just a Methadone addict)
- Quit cold turkey: this will be the worst experience of your life but will be well worth it. My advice would be to smoke plenty of weed while your endorphins are slowly building back up and whatever you do, DO NOT DO ANY COKE OR SPEED while detoxing. The cold turkey method can be dangerous depending on how far gone you are though; withdrawal can kill in extreme cases.

If you really cant stop you obviously know you are addicted.If you have been doing it for a while then your body is dependent and the minute you get a runny nose you fix as soon as you can.There are also mental issues to deal with. You may be afraid of going through the sickness. You may find it unbearable to deal with the real world without drugs. Maybe you just dont know what to do with yourself without it.
I speak from experience. I was addicted to opiates for three yrs and I have almost lost everything because of it. I have had a few friends die because of heroin just in the past year. I lost custody of a child. Almost cost me my wife and my freedom. I was on probation for an unrelated charge and couldnt pass a drug screening because I had to get high everyday. I was in jail for 4 months and came out clean as a whistle. I just got out a month ago. Now I hardly even think about it but I have to remind myself of what I could lose if I went down that road again.
What you need is a reason. A reason not to use. You already have one Im sure, you are just to wrapped up in this S$#* to see that others care about you or you should care about yourself. Bottom line is, the reason you cant stop is because you dont really want to. Not yet. But you will when you hit bottom. Lets just hope your bottom dosent have a trap door.

Its a very addictive drug, the best way to kick the habit is to go to rehab. i wish you the best of luck.

You won't until you find something you like better. Maybe your life.

ok if your doing this and you know you wnat to stop go into rehab,,,,thats the only thing thats go9ing to help you and God...do alot of praying he will heal you

because you like the high it gives you but if you really want to stop take the advice of all that said seek help because taking heroine is very adictive and i dont think you will be able to to this on your own, please go get help if you are serios and like to stop, have a nice day and i see some peoble, sorry not all who call you names, dont worry about that, thats the worst thing someone can do, we are here to help you and i dont like some coments made, iam not one to turn peoble in but this one is a troll and must be removed but please you get some help, i wish you the best of luck and with a litlle willpower you make it, so many peoble here ask you to get help and they are nice, thank you nice peoble

Angelacia baybeeeeee
because it's powerfully mentally and physically addictive...

it's not the only way to quit, but definitely the most effective, and that's to go to rehab.

good luck

Your an addict. Seek help.

Well, the easy answer is addiction.
The body produces thousands of chemicals to survive. Heroin replaces one of those chemicals. If you stop heroin the body needs to ramp up production of the chemical. The gap in between is withdrawal. But this is elementary. Please seek help. It will get worse.

you can't stop because you are addicted. go seek some help for your addiction.

David k
get outside help

U is for Uranium
Keep doing it and you may eventually OD. Be a man and seek help or someone will be burying you in the future. You make the call.

Because its highly addicitive.

Go and speak to a health proffesional they will be better suited to helping you stop than asking here.

maybe because you're weak from inside and take it to come over depression and sadness. you need to be strong . you need to think of your family and parents and stop doing it for their sake. get into rehab and make a fresh start. thats the best i can do my friend.
hope this helps
good luck

Beau R
First you have to really want to. Second you need to find a program to help you get off of the stuff. Third you have to stick with the program.

when you do heroine it releases some sort of chemical i think its called dopeomean (i don't know if i spelled it right) that give you a good feeling and you get addicted if you are tired of doing it and don't want to anymore the best thing to do is get help and go to rehab that is the only way i have seen people stop doing cause you wont stop if you don't want to and you need to get yourself out of the situation you are in so the temptation is not there and you can get the tools you need to stay off the drug. i hope this helped and good luck to you i hope you get clean.

Dr S
Your body is dependent on it; you are addicted.

Seek help!

very habit forming and you need to get help and seek counseling over it.

Go to the NHS or somewhere you can get professional help; you have an addiction

because thats an addictive drug for one. and u probablly keep hangin out wit the people that are doing it. if u could get away from the people that are doing it u can might get off of it. i know theres people i chil wit that do that and im trian to get them to quit it aint the easiest thing to do...
u just gotta work on it.
hang in there.

If you really want to quit, then go to rehab. They'll help you... You have to have alot of willpower though. No one can force you to stop!

Best of Luck

Heroine is very addictive. You really need to find help now while you have a chance. That stuff will really ruin your life.

Jamal , you need little help to stop , you cant do it on your own , trust me . if you try on your own , we will have this discussion again 10 years down the road again , if we are both alive , i plan to stay alive , do you want to do the same ?????????

Tony R
your addicted you need help

who cares anyway?
because it's a chemical dependancy.

get help

it's difficult, not only for you but for everyone around you. my father has struggled with drug addiction for years. it's a long road but if you don't take it, you could end up dead a lot faster than you think

Ya Tibya Lublyu
you-are-addicted. seek help my friend

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