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 Do you think that students with AIDS who are attending public schools in the US be....?
identified to their teachers and their fellow students?

Why or why not?

I am doing a debate in my speech class and and doing research for this topic. I will not know if I am ...

 Eating Boogers?
I am a grow man who still likes to eat green slimy boogers & also my eye crust. I even eat my boyfriends boogers and eye crust. Is there any health issues with doing this?
Additional D...

 How can I die what is the most painless way?

 Im 13 and i need to gain weight what should i do?
i only weigh 68 pounds and i want to gain some weight and i want to try an do it as fast as possible any ...

 Why can't you urinate in the shower?

 Okay i have pretty much the most random question everrr..?
i have always wanted to be left handed. i dont know why, but i always thought it would be better to be left handed better than dominant in my right. anyway, since now i have summer vacation and a lot ...

 I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?

Additional Details
by the way i'm a girl....

 Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?
Foolishly i was in the sun for too long yesterday without sunscreen.. and now im burnt. really burnt. luckily not on my face cos i had foundation on.. so thats created a barrier as such.


 I am being bullied in school. does anybody have any advice for a 14 year old?
This has been going on for years now. I have been sent to all karate places. But i dont want to fight people that really annoy me. And i feel bad for my mom and dad because them always worrying about ...

 Uhh how do you make yourself throw up?
im not bulimic or anything
but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

 What should you do if an elevator starts to fall while you're on it?
Say you're so many floors up. Elevator breaks, malfunctions, etc. What should you do so you'll live through the collision with the bottom floor?...

 I like taking baths in bleach, is that bad?

 Whats wrong with being an 'alcoholic'?
im not an 'alcoholic' but people call me one cuz im nearly always drunk n put vodka in a water bottle for during the day. i still get on with my life tho so whats the problem????...

 Resuscitation or not? What would you want in this situation?
If you were really ill and the doctors and nurses had been trying to treat you to the point that you were enduring uncomfortable interventions but still struggling to make any sort of real recovery. W...

 Is drinking my own urine bad for me?

 Why do I want to smoke when I know it's bad?
I'm only 15 and I just really want to smoke a cigarette. I've never tried it before. Whenever I'm around people that are smoking, it makes me just want to smoke even more. I know it...

 Can you donate blood if you have a tattoo?

Additional Details
oh and for everyone who's dogging on me because i have a tattoo, it is a very special thing to me and it has ...

 Why do mosquitoes bite only me?
Every summer I have mosquito bites. I sleep in a room with 2 persons and the next day only I'm covered by these bites the others have not even one.Why? And is there something that can prevent ...

 Do you prefer and shower or Bath? and are you male or female?

 Can you fart and burp at the same time?

Why are you still awake?
whats keeping you up?
Additional Details
Sorta aimed at people from the UK seeing as it's 1am here :)

I'm used to working nights...so it's hard to get to sleep at the weekend.

the fact that its only 6pm where i live :D

but normally if i am awake late at night it is because i am really excited, sick, or had energy drinks during the day

Why are you up??

i am keepingmyself up...can't sleep atm,...been havin problems sleeping for ages now...depression an stress

Uhh. Cuz its like only 7:52 pm where I'm at.. Please shoot me if I start going to bed before 11 on a weekend..

I'm listening to audio commentary on the DVD for the film 'Contact'. Go watch it it's an amazing film.

It's 7:55pm right now here in Albany, New York. I'm not ready to go to bed yet, maybe around 1am. : )

Watching Mon Lisa Smile dvd, plenty of vodka and peace .............loving it

Well, I heard you might be around so I stayed awake specially.

julie w
My boyfriend snores like a big fat pig... Its not that late here, only about 1.a.m.

my brain.. has an irritatin habit of never shuttin up

Just going to bed.GOODNIGHT everybody.

Funky Munky´s back
1, I'm still drinking.
2, I'm still watching tv
3, I'm still on Y/A
4, I'm not tired
5, It's saturday night.

Um, because it's not really late yet?

Carolina B
sometimes whe we have too many thoughts...debts...problems at work/school/family/marriage....so many thing can keep us awake a good thing to do to fall asleep...do some sport or physical activities it drained energy and you will sleep like a baby

My 2 year old keeps me up all the time! If its not him then its my computer because l love surfing the net & researching interesting things!

fork you.
it's only 8 o'clock....
i'm waiting for cops to come on...

phone, computer, music

I bought a load of dvd's from Amazon, so have been sat here fiddling on internet and watching horror movies.

Just watched evil dead, am now watching halloween, then gonna watch hellraiser. Then off to bed.

because i havent gone to bed yet

Im doing things at the same time as YA answers. I don't really have exact times i sleep, i just sleep when i want to.

umm..my family their so loud!

♫♪▓♥ςωεετ & ςοϋr♥▓♫♪
well, the fact that it is almost six o'clock pm is one, and im havin energy drink all day

ON msn to Boyfriend

Candy Kisses
Listening to some music

I'm sleepy, but i just don't want to....it just feels that i'll waste time if i go to sleep

so i'm wasting it here :)

Sunshine keeps me up.

thinking about all the problems throughout the day. Life is to stressful sometimes. And my mind just won't quit.

it's saturday night.

its only 1am the night is young ;-)

yes...its only 7:53 PM here....I still have to watch my favorite shows, and then some more of yahoo....

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