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‚ô†Stacie Jay‚ô†
Why am i always feeling so tired and thirsty?
I have never felt this sick and tired since i had my baby last nov.

i am always very tired and i do get enough sleep..my eyes will burn and everything cause i am feeling so tired

also i am get very light headed at work and feel like i am going to pass out

I am also very thirsty like i need to drink something or i feel like I'm going to just pass out

i have never been this way until i had my child and this has been going on for awhile now so i was just wondering what might be wrong with me and should i go to the doctors?

Some of your symptoms point to diabetes, but it is best to check with your doctor immediately. There are too many other things that it can be, as well as problems stemming from your delivery. Please call your doctor asap, even if its after hours. Better to be safe now, then sorry later. Good luck and congrats on the new baby.

sounds like you may be having problems with your sugar, you need to be checked for diabetes, and soon. You could actually pass out at the wheel of your car have a wreck and kill yourself or someone else maybe even your child. If you happen to know someone who is diabetic, maybe they will let you borrow their Little tester so that you can check it, especially when you are feeling so bad. but I would suggest getting to the Dr. ASAP, tell them your symptoms and that you would like for your sugar to be checked....you will more than likely have to go in during the morning hours fasting, and then eat something as you normally would and then return 2 hours later, or they may just order a glucose tolerance test......but get to the Dr. bf you hurt yourself or someone else

Just go to the Doctor,Suga...Get you a Check-up

sounds like you have the classic symptoms of diabetes, another sigh is if when your nany was born he/she was big. Could also be anything like iron deficiency. You should really get some tests done. Good luck.

I would go to the doctor and I don't say that lightly as I do not think they are often helpful. It sounds like you have something serious going on and not just a regular kind of being tired.
It could be anything from an infection to diabetes...since you do not know it would be best to see a professional. Remember they often only take into account the first few complaints so make sure you start with the most serious first!

I think you have diabetes

Jane s

The quality of your sleep is probably very poor. Waking up all the time. Bad positioning. Recovering from a baby is a lot.

If you are very thirsty. Drink more water. 64 oz. average person needs a day. How much are you drinking?

In the end, don't you think the best place to ask these questions is a the doctor's office?

Sounds very much like diabetes - if you drink a sugary drink do you feel better for a while? Definately go to the Drs and get a simple blood glucose check done.

Are you anemic??? You might have an infection, or glandular fever. Ive had it before and i was always thristy and light headed and i didnt matter how much i slept i was still tired. go see your doctor

You may be low on iron. Make sure you take your mulivitamins. But to be on the safe side, go to your doctor and have various tests ran.

Good Luck and by all means, drink tons of water.

Rachel S.
Get your sugar tested right away. It could be diabetes brought on by your pregnancy. Don't wait.

Well tiredness and always being thirsty are symptoms of your blood sugar being off...First off make sure that you are not pregnant...You may be anemic also...I would prolly make an appointment if it is really bad.

For my next trick...
Have you been checked for diabetes?

sounds like dehydration to me...get some gatorade or something else with electrolytes in it and see if that helps

Jeremy P
It might be diabetes you should go to the doctors

you really should seek medical attention immediately, could be anything

Well a baby is bound to keep you awake and you are probably dehydrated and exhausted! So drink lots of water and healthy drinks and if it doesn't get better go to the doctor.

crystal m
maybe your low on iron, i get like this during that time of the month! ask your DR. but an iron pill might do it???

Just to be on the safe side I would as the doctor to check you for diabetes because that is some of the first signs.

are you peeing a lot too? you might have diabettes.

yes you should go to the doctor.

u might be dehydrated

Baby Gyrl
it could be diabetes. Get a blood test to be sure, yes you should go to the doctor's

DEFINITELY go to the doctor and get a full check-up. Sounds like diabetes, which can be FATAL if untreated....Good luck!

If you're peeing a lot also sounds like Diabetes.

Yes go see the Doctor... Could be diabetes. Could be a change in the need for when and what you eat. Could be west nile, could be nothing...go see a doctor.

Please get checked for diabetes !

Of course you should go to the doctor. If you're child had those symptoms, wouldn't you call the doctor for your child? You need to take care of yourself, you have a baby to take care of. Call the doctor.

It's Just Me
go to the doctor maybe diabetes

cheesey :)
having a baby can change your body chemistry, what you are describing sounds like diabetes, i am diabetic, and after my first child, mine worsened. my mom's blood sugar never bounced back after she had me. you should absolutely no question go to the doc, or find someone who can check your blood sugar for you. until then, try to stay away from carbs and simple sugars. good luck and get to the doc right away

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