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Why am I tired all the time?
I have a good diet, I dont take any medication or drugs. I have been tested by the doctor for everything she could think of but everything was normal. Please help, I feel like a zombie!
Additional Details
I am not anemic, I do not have a calcium deficiency, I have a job and a boyfriend. I try to exercise for at least 30 mins a day.

Is there any chance it is down to TOO MUCH caffeine?

u might be needing more oxygen that's in case u don;t drin enough water.try to ask for some multivitamins too.i'm sure these 2 will make u feel better

sleep and exercise my friend, always good for you

Were you tested for diabetes?

Ask the Chef
If you are sleeping enough, then it is your diet. First only eat good carbs, Oatmeal, Brown rice, fruits and vegetables. These are your energy foods. No pasta, white rice, or bread. Eat proteins and carbs at different meals, Oatmeal for breakfast, protein and greens for lunch, and a piece of fuit for a snack. Your body is a machine and this method will help keep your metabolism fueled all day. Your body produces enzymes that break down proteins and carbs, when you eat them at the same time they cancel each other out and you are not getting the benefit of the nutrition. So intead of energy you are getting tired. Though not an expert I have a good understanding of fitness and nutrition. 3 meals 2 snacks 3 hours apart, Greens can be eaten with protien , but eat fruit alone as your snack. This will give you the energy you are missing.

i do jordans workout
and trust me that is really exhausing
i reckomend byeing it and tryin it after doing spend
an hour just seting down relaxing

Try to drink a lot of water, it will flush out all the toxins and revitalize you. It really works!

stay away from the boyfriend

Special K
could try to exhaust yourself one day and see if you can get a good night sleep. then hopefully, you will feel not so tired the next day.

maria bartoninfrance
Are there any other symptoms? eg dry Skin, feeling cold, loss of appetite ( or difference in appetite) because it could be your Thyroid. A simple blood test is all it takes to find out, but many doctors do not go down this route until they have exhausted all the others!
Good luck.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?????????

Have you been tested for Lupus, or MS? Both of these will make you lethargic and very tired.

bringmesunshine is back!!!
B vitamins. Put some Marmite on your toast at breakfast.

make sure you get a good night's sleep - have a bedtime routine, have a bath, read, and then write a diary of what you did that day and what you have to do tomorrow to make sure you go to bed with a clear mind and wake up feeling refeshed and awake.

also, try a bit more exercise during the day - exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel upbeat and happy - and AWAKE!!!

do you have low iron? or anxiety, sleep too much or too little or depression. try exercising. good luck and i hope you feel better!

you don't get enough sleep. simple!

You have a good diet but, is it an organic foods diet? I would try it if you look at my blog you will see why. I feeds and blog rolls and there is a lot of info on what is in our food these days and a lot of people feel just like you.

Exercise and fresh air will help you sleep better and improve the way you feel.

I wish you well.

rabble rouser
Do you work too much? Go to school too many hours?

Sometimes you are just tired because you need rest...
And I don't mean "sleep"... just a day to relax and take it easy...

I just quit my job that I only work at for 20 hours a week because it was the most stressful 20 hours of my life! I am applying at a coffee shop on Saturday... more money for less stress...

I'm a zombie too and I don't know what to do.

I think it's too much time on this website that is wearing me out.

If I get away from this computer radiation for a couple of days, and get some sun, maybe I'd have more energy.

[email protected]
Exercise. Stay off sugar.

Ann A
it could be an iron deficiency. try taking an iron supplement

get off of here and go to bed

your maybe bored or somthin do u sleep alot or no u need to get 8 hrs of sleep ok..!

Peter B
Did doc check your Thyroid? My wife's test results were "high in the normal range" But this was enough for her to be greatly effected by this gland. Fine now with treatment.

New ♥ System ♥ Lady
Something as simple as drinking more water can give us more energy. Why not try that?

It could be due to other factors (ie age, hormones etc)

Hey, i feel the same way. You need somethin new in life, something exciting. Take on a new sport or hobbie. Hey get a boyfriend or somethin you look forward to.

never t
may by you are depressed have you been check for that i know because i an depressed and i am the same way as you

u could be despressed this is one of the signs? did she check ur blood sugar level? i was like that and it was my blood sugar level

Sleep apnea??? My mother was tired all the time, constantly taking long naps... almost falling asleep at work and the wheel. Turns out she has sleep apnea.

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