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Who thinks the smoking ban is a good idea?
I do because then smokers will realise that it harms other people, not just themselves
Additional Details
oh yeah I'm a 12 year old. Some people round here should realise that smoke and secondhand smoke is potentally harmful to children!!

Having lived with the smoking ban in Scotland for over a year now, here is my take on it all. Firstly let me say that I consider myself to be a considerate smoker. I will never smoke in someone's house who doesn't smoke. I don't believe in exposing non-smokers to my second hand smoke. Having said that, the way smokers are being treated is disgraceful. It could all have been done in a civilised way, but the government have managed to find a way to make one part of the community social outcasts. It would have been better to have separate rooms with proper ventilation, i.e. not a little explair fan on the wall - proper ventilation. That way the smokers could have gone and had their smoke without bothering anyone.

The effects of the smoking ban in Scotland has been interesting.;
1 - People go out less, particularly in the colder months.
2 - People's body odour is more distinctive, particularly people who go for a drink after work.
3 - People tend to do their socialising at home, unnecessarily exposing their children to an increased level of second hand smoke.
4 - Non-smokers tend to congregate in the smoking area for the social interaction. (smokers tend to be more sociable)
5 - Arguments start because the smokers can't get into the smoking area because of the non-smokers.
6 - Arguments start because smokers are not allowed to leave their company for a smoke without a lecture about their habit from the non-smokers.
7 - Non-smokers are always quoting facts and figures about smoking, but they hate the statistic that the revenue from tobacco pays for the entire national health service many times over.

Enjoy your parentalistic smoking ban England

david f
I do not think its a good idea and i think it will cause a lot of trouble outside nightclubs and some pubs. This is just another controlling tool by the jack boot, oppressive rule mad government, whats next? Drinking? The music we listen to? The clothes we wear? It seems that governments wish to control the behaviour of the people. It will use the law enforcement agencies to force its will on the poor people, when the rich can escape and do so all the time. Enough is enough. Wake up people, this is just the beginning.

No I dont
I dont fall around outside pubs late at night. I dont abuse people.I dont keep the police from fighting more serious crimes I dont end up at A&E at a weekend and abuse the great work our doctors and nurses do.
I dont go to pubs as I dont drink.
All i want is a quite smoke and thats what i am going to carry on doing

Amanda M
i am in too minds as a non smoker i agree with the ban but also as a smokers point of view it is supposed to be a free country and now we are being told what we can do and what we can not. Also i have just been to a shop there and all outside on the floor is full of cigarette ends which i think looks disgusting if we are banning non smokers we need somewhere for this to go.

Andy W

smokey and the bad habbits
i am a smoker something that I'm not proud of and i intend to give up WHEN I'M READY and not because the government wants to save on the NHS purse i think its a disgrace this government wastes money at a alarming rate (millennium dome need i say more?)i think there is alot better ways to increase founding and leave peoples freedom of choice alone i appreciate that non smokers don't want to inhale secondary smoke but a sensible guide line in place instead of a ban would have been a better option they could have give business's the option of either enforcing the ban or if they chose not to then they would have to by law dedicate minimum of 50% of there premisis to be smoke free zone then every ones freedom of choice is not being withdrawn and to all you non smokers out there please try and remember this ban was not about you or your health it was about MONEY nothing else!

I do think its a good idea and I am a smoker, but i do disagree about having to go outside a pub maybe on my own at night but thats the risk i will take for my addiction. Also I am sick of hearing non smokers banging on about their rights what about our rights? I pay tax and NI just the same as you lot do and no I dont smoke at work either. Non smokers who moan about cigarette smoke are often EX smokers. Why not ban cars? They pollute more than the average smoker ever would!!

Many places had a no smoking policy anyway...like offices, shop, hospitals, any food 'shop' ie cafe, take-aways etc trains,taxis and buses...where you were not allowed to smoke inside. My local cafe havent allowed smoking inside for a very long time now but admittedly they do have an outdoor (partially enclosed) area where we all sat and now we cant even do that. I feel the ban on lighting up in a works area carpark and works vehicles has taken it to far tho...and I believe people are wanting a total ban on all drivers/passengers smoking! Madness! Whats next?

Yes it will be nice to sit in a Smoke free Bar,also it will stop the smell of Cannabis.(may even stop it on Buses)
If it cuts down on youngsters Smoking its a good thing.
When Smokers learn to go without for an hour or so they will see how much they will save.
It will reduce the amount they Smoke in a day (it may be tough to stop)but it will encourage them to quit.
Specially when the Weather is WET/COLD.
The Irish got used to it so get used to it.
Just smell your clothes after an evening out from now on.

i think the smoking ban is a very ban idear the govorment are just trying to control us well it wont work with me because i will still smoke where ever i like they can stick the ban where the sun dont shine and it every other smoker do s the same there s no thing they can do

Emma B
No i dont, I think that there should be an element of personal choice. I agree that smoking in restaurants, work, transport etc is bad but allow landlords the choice whether or not to impose the ban in clubs and bars. If there is a choice of smoking and non smoking establishments then who loses?

Patrick M
The smoking ban is a good idea however, It should not alienate people, a choice should have given to pubs, clubs and bingo halls where separate rooms could have been made possible for smokers, yes it is harmful and harmful to others, smokers have become outcasts, a syringe out or cut your powder on the table and no one bats an eye, it because the feeling is that it is only hurting them, no it is not, it effects hundreds of people from their actions. You can drink drive and kill and get community service, but light out a cigarette and you’re frowned upon.
Yes it was possibly harming others, the freedom of choice was taken away from having pubs and clubs with smoking rooms, it would have been their choice to smoke and it would have been your choice the choice of the none smoker it they went it that room.

Nigel C
First of all yes I am a smoker and will not quit through dictators Blair & Brown.
All you none smokers don't think your getting off lightly, if most quits like the Government wants us too, you can bet in the budget that income tax will have to rise along with VAT for the tax shortfall.
Be warned, one ban always leads to another and the next one might and could affect you!
So smokings bad eh? But does a smoker fight and vomit in the street like drinkers do every night?
Don't say I've warned you, it's only time before drinkers are next!

the ban would have been ok if it did not ruin our local pubs.
its nots so bad stoping us smoking in shops and public buildings
but the pub is our social gathering and we choose to go there
knowing full well that there are smokers
whats next prohabition

barbara c
I do.

Essex Boy
Smokers aswell as non smokers have a choice, if a smoker could choose not to enter a no-smoking property then why can't non smokers do the same, if every where had to display outside smoking or non smoking then where is the problem ?

Re effect strain on health service, the taxes raised on ciggies goes a long way to providing funding for the health service. I am a non-smoker but do not believe in blanket bans. What next? Ban overweight people because they really do cost the NHS a fortune.
Smoking and non-smoking pubs would have been a better idea. Here in Scotland the councils have jumped on the bandwagon by imposing a £50.00 fine for stubbing out a ciggie on the street while totally ignoring the masses of discarded fast food containers and the offenders.

andre p
Definately not a good idea. The ban seems to have caused a lot of ill feeling among smokers in general. Designated smoking sections should have been strictly monitored prior to the ban to see if this worked.

Since it is now against the law to smoke in certain areas and the law falls under government legisaltion, why wasn't a referendum held for or against. That way the general public could have had their say in the ruling.

Social trade will definately suffer from this ban.

ben d
Its completely wrong. People say that second hand smoke harms people which might be true but where is the evidence?
People can no longer smoke on public transport or in most public buildings. The pubs and clubs were the only places left.
People don't seem to realise that their cars pump out more poisons then a smoker ever could and just think about that next time you drive through a town. What your car fumes are doing the lungs of the children that live there. Put it simply if i lock my self in a room with a car engine running the fumes from that are going to kill me quicker than if I'm in the same room with a smoker, a lot lot quicker. I'm not saying ban cars all I'm saying that its hypocrisy at its highest.
A ban wasn't the right way to go better ventilation or separate areas would have been a better choice.
So i say congrats to all you smug people that have got smoking banned in pubs. Maybe one day you will go out and get laid and stop being the bunch of miserable intolerant fools you are. The government will soon turn on the drinkers of the world and get that banned. Surely a pint and a smoke is better than nothing at all. (also hats off to anyone ignoring the ban)

Michael T
I have never smoked and I work in a pub. At least my clothes will be clean now. The next thing is a ban on binge drinking


It's a bad idea,i'm all for people having a choice.I'm a non smoker myself.but there should be pubs for smokers too.Taking peoples rights away is always a bad thing.it's a matter of choice.I got to places where people smoke and i've never come home "stinking like an ashtray" Odd that it's ex-smokers who always complain about that?

Yes, secondhand smoke does harm other people. It is a disgusting habit too, I agree. I am a smoker who quit for 3 years but then started smoking again, and I have been thinking about this from as many angles as possible. We live in a society of double standards, deception and GREED. Behind every thing that is bad for us is the money factor. The media just seem to play mind games with people. In front of a lot of movies they have that ad with hundreds of people dying in the streets, is that deterring smokers from smoking; how could it when after that ad, the movie has people smoking away in them??. Then you have the pictures of diseased lungs and people with tubes in their throats to breath, that doesnt help. So you can see how addictive this is. I once saw a triple bypass patient chain smoking after her surgery. Then you could smoke in the hospitals, in the offices etcetera, so maybe if smoking was banned it would help. but then did it help with prohibition? Good question for thought, question is banning smoking and selling tobacco, it is a contradiction. Would it be enough to make people stop smoking would depend on the psychology of the person. Most people are just too selfish to think of the whole, and no ban or rule can help that.

rebecca g
i think its a good idea im a smoker.
i dont smoke in the house tho cuz i have 2 kids and have wanted 2 give up 4 4ever but my down fall is gettin pissed and every1 smokin round me.
now i have brought my self some patches and ive gone all day so fingers crossed i can keep it up so its worked for me. just think how many others have had the same idea!!!!

You do understand that the way you just worded that question makes you sound like you are about 8, don't you? In answer to your question though...Not really. I think it will make the smokers hate people for stopping them from doing something.

Forgive me for being cynical, but if smoking was so harmfull, wouldnt the goverment ban it. Also perhaps one of you could tell me of an accident and emergency unit that has ever admitted anyone for binge smoking or being incapable of driving through tobacco intoxication.

I am a non smoker myself, but I think they are taking it just a little 2 far, the country won't get every1 to stop smoking, it would most probably just cause more anti social behaviour.

I must admit, I do like not having to clean ashtrays - it is a horrible smelly job.

Christina J
i think the smoking ban should be banned.
how many people do you get who end up in hospitals after smoking on friday night, not half as many as those injured through excessive drinking.

why should we be dictated to by the Government? they never listen to us

I think that any ban, for any reason, imposed by the government is a bad idea, and ahould not be tolerated by the public. This is just one more example of dictatorial control of the people by our government, and one ban just leads to more.
Smoking is no doubt bad for not only the smoker, but others that may be in the area, and although I smoked for many years, I would absolutely advise against it. It is my opinion that if the government was serious about smoking, they would make it illegal to manufacture and sell the product, but we all know that will never happen because that would be killing a good "cash cow".
My youngest brother died in January with copd due to smoking, and I suffer lung damage also, along with calcified asbestos. but I stll am opposed to government control.

Rod T
Yea it is a good idea as a smoker myself it may help me to quit, and I agree it does harm other people.

Now that Ive got that off my chest, lets ban all alcohol for that does as much damage as smoking and also harms others with these drink drive idiots.

I think it is!
What annoys me is when smokers quote their human rights. Yes, they have a right to do what they wish to their own bodies, but I say "Please do not do the same to me when I choose not to pollute my lungs with cigarette smoke". After all, non-smokers have human rights too.

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