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 YAWN!! How much sleep do we need?
How long can we go without sleep before death sets in?
Additional Details
And somebody poked you with a pointy stick whenever you started to nod off?...

 Do you wash your hair and then your body or vice versa?
just curious......

 What does this look like? (pictures included)
Sorry the pictures are not that great. Those are the best i could get.

 Why do boys and girls fart?
well at my school lot's of boys fart and some girls do but they said on t.v. why people fart is because they have bacteria in there body is that why boys and girls fart?
Additional D...

 How do you get taller?

 HELP I don't know what's wrong with me.?
my whole body is shaking, and is sore everywhere. it feels like I have worked out every single muscle in my body. like my face, neck hands and feet. i've never felt like this before....

 Any cure for depression?
Apart from loads of tablets that literally turn one into a ...

 Can i get a clean urine test in 14 days if i smoke marijuana?
drug ...

 What are some ways I can get to sleep fast?
I lay in bed wishing I could get to sleep for a long time usually. Isn't there something I can do?...

 Loosing my virginity...?
My boyfriend is ready, I am not. I'm not planning on loosing my virginity until I am married, but I still would like to know the following:

What happens "down there" the ...

 I have to pass a alcohol blood test to get my driving license back.can anyone suggest anything?
Was banned for stupidly driving while under the influence, and am allowed my license back only if I pass a blood test which shows I have no alcohol misuse in a year.do you know if there is a detox ...

 Are you addicted?
to anything, oi doesnt have to be booze drugs or smokes....

 Quick survey for the ladies present...........?
Men with any type of facial hair, Whether it be long, short, bushy or bumfluff.

Like or Dislike???...

 Why do girls get dilated pupils?
why do girls (supposedly) get dilated pupils when talking to a guy they like? and if you notice it does it mean they like you or can other things cause it?
Additional Details

 Is it bad to fart blood?

 Does anybody know if eating beets can cause you to pee red??

 Would you rather?
Live knowing you killed someone, or die knowing a murderer on the loose?
Additional Details
Well a lot of people are askling why. A...

 Did I overreact here?
I was visiting some friends this past Saturday night. We were sitting around a table drinking and talking. I was drinking a bottle of wine. For some reason, as part of a joke, one of the guests ...

 Why is it that people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair?

 I know this is a very gross question, but i need some serious answers!?
these both have to do with human waste:

1. what are the consequences of holding in your diarrhea??
2. if you hold in your diarrhea for too long, will it turn into vomit??


Who in here smokes?
If you smoke please give me your Yahoo! ID that you used the most and add this Yahoo! ID:
Additional Details
Who in here smokes cigarettes?

no way, ziggy's are for people have no confidence, so they need that stuff to keep going.............bummer

i don't smoke, smells bad!!

hey you should really consider quiting before it gets bad.try going to concealing or therapy or maybe just rehab.and try drinking lots of water.

f*a*g get a life

miss clueless bout Life
not me

[email protected]
You Don't Date Much Do You?

Smokes what?

smoke what?

why do you want it???

you are gonna try to send me some crazy cancer facts to try to save my life and make yourself feel good inside no thanks buddy your a nut

just gave it up 8 days ago

y do u need 2 no? and no i don't

It's MEEEE!!!!
i dont smoke

not me

what's the purpose of your question???

Why do you need it?

Quit in 1994. Thanks.

Only when I'm on fire!

Hell yes, about 2 packs a day. Love it, will never give it up, dont care if it kills me.

Use another nickname
how old are you? 10?

So, you only chat with smokers? Is that like the "cool kids" club at school? The smoker's click?


i smoke, but dont really want or have the need to chat about it. you make your friends on if they smoke or not? that must be some interesting conversation....... weird...!!!

eeew not me.... smoking is DiSgUsTiNg!!!

i'm AlLeRgIc To ThE sMoKe! AHHH *CoUgH* *cOuGh* *AcK* *aCk*

*passes out*

What kinda stupid question is that? I do not or never will smoke anything, have you heard what it can do to you?!

elizabeth s
I do not somoke

no... im even allergic to the smell of smoke

I've been a smoker over 20 years. Don't plan on quitting, but I will defend your rights to the death to not to have to enhale my smoke. Yahoo ID mjmojaz

Eric N
Hell yeah, I smoke! About 1 1/2 packs a day.

Drill Master
Only thing we smoke is cricket giblets in dried Aardvark drool.

smokin cancer sticks this moment

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