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When your best isn't good enough, what should you do?
I'm trying my best at work and I still feel like a failure all the time.......

just keep trying you will eventually get better and your best will be good enough good luck!!:) -aubrey

You are not einstein..and nobody is perfect.
Just give as much as you can.
And if you still feel like you cant....
Either that job isnt for you, or you just need to get a little bit more of experience and time to get used to that job.

Usually as a starter, people mess up and feel like failures.
In the long run with time, You will get used to it, and become and feel like a Pro.
So dont worry about it.
Just dont do more than what you can do.
Cuz you could get really stressed, and that's not good for your health.

Relax and enjoy your work, then you will improve.
Good luck.

(a) You are not a failure.
(b) You are not a failure.

Maybe you have unrealistically high expectations for yourself. It is not true that everyone is confident and successful. Those who appear so are the ones that are best at hiding their insecurities.

Try to be a bit more relaxed about your work. If you really were failing at it, they would let you know about it yesterday.

Thirty-five years ago, at the interview for my first job, the boss said: 'Don't be shy: act as though you owned the place!' I didn't realize at the time what sound advice that was. Have confidence in yourself and the good results will automatically follow.

Your ability, dear Lady, is limited only by your self-perception.

Hire the 'A' Team.

TRY HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet sexy san
it's all in your mind, if your boss doesn't say anything why should you.

Sailor Jupiter
Are you talking about a job or schoolwork? Either way, whatever you're trying, I seriously doubt it's something you enjoy. Maybe lack of enthusiasm is making you unconsciously do worse than you could? Or maybe you are doing well, and just don't feel good about your work. Try to make a list of reasons to feel good about your job - if it constantly makes you feel bored or unhappy, quit. Or learn about other possibly better jobs, and once you've secured a new job, then quit.

If it is something you once enjoyed, or if you feel depressed even when you don't have work to do, you may be suffering from depression, and should contact a doctor about treatment.

If you feel you're failing at school, ask a teacher or counselor for help, and see if there're any clubs or different classes that you could enroll in, to help you feel happier at school.

If you have the money, and feel you need to get advice from someone in person, contact a professional therapist for help. Or (and this takes courage ;) ) you could even talk to your boss (or teacher), and see if he feels that your work is lacking. If he's a kind boss, he'll help you work things out.

You've asked a question so many of us have asked ourselves. In my experience, it's usually something of a personal nature that carries over into every aspect of our lives. No matter what we do, it's just not good enough.

I wonder if your performance evaluations reflect what you feel about yourself. You're still employed so apparently not. Employers aren't keeping employees on the payroll these days if they are not performing to their expectations or meeting the requirements of the job. You are able to "keep" your job so you are therefore doing a very good job.

You must remind yourself, if something didn't work in another area of your life, it doesn't make you a failure. You only discovered what you were doing had come to an end. Or, who you were with was no longer the person for you to give of yourself and all you have to offer. Change is growth if we apply lessons learned.

You are being your worse critic. The mind is a battlefield for negative thoughts. Recite affirmations about your worth and capabilities. You interviewed for the job and were hired over others. You have not been fired because of inadequacies or poor performance. You are succeeding. There are no failures only poor choices. (I say succeeding because we are all a work in progress.)

Please stop this negative thinking about yourself and reject it coming from anyone else. You are an awesome woman! How do I know this? You are created in God's image and in His likeness. God does not make junk! You are a designer original who is capable of doing whatever you choose to do! Do it with confidence; if not in yourself, with confidence of who you are because of Him!

*warm hug*

If you are giving it your best that's all anyone should expect. If this isn't ok with employers then they have the problem. If you are doing your best you are never a failure. Please do not think you are. Society's expectations of perfection is over inflated and that's where society is a failure.

Try a new job....maybe this one isn't for you or as glamorous as you thought when you started. ....or did your performance change? ...are you burnt out?......or just going thru the motions every day?.....

you can't do any more than your best. Hopefully your boss will see the effort you put in and appreciate it!

paul c
Keep trying!! who says its not good enough? get some help with you job a problem shared is a problem halved.
if at first do not succeed try, try and try again!!

Buzz s
Talk to your boss about this. If s/he feels that there are problems, it is to the boss to come up with solutions to the problem.

Calm down....you have tried your best.
Identify your aims ,objectives , methods. Be clear.
Find out where you went wrong. You may not know but its important.
Talk to people you know ...very important to discuss.
Discussion often brings clarity.
You will surely make a difference to your life and others may even look up to you.


well try better at what you do

be oprimistic

ask someone you trust at work about your performance. trust yourself mostly though. Keep trying and if that doesn't work...burn that mutha down!

your problem is you are consontrating to much on how good you could be try consontrating on your work then youll do better and dont compare yourself to anyone else

Jean R
Don't give up. Maybe get extra training at work. You could learn something new and maybe transfer to another department and feel better about yourself. JUST DON'T GIVE UP.

Devi! At the Disco <3
Then give up. Or do what I do. Just keep working harder until u and ONLY u r satisfied. Other peolpe shouldn't tell you what ur best is. Only you can truely say what ur best is.....

Pigskin Princess
Figure out what your strengths are and pursue them. Don't get down on yourself! You are always harder on yourself than anyone else. I'm sure you aren't a failure!

Your avatar looks sad. You sound depressed to me. Someone must have convinced you a long time ago that you were not good enough. Don't believe it. Maybe your job is not the right one for you. You need to be happy at your workplace. If you feel this way, find another job. Then maybe your avatar will look happier.

Be proud of yourself for doing your best & just keep up the good work. Maybe your being to hard on yourself.

as the cliche goes, dust yourself off and try again...

do your best walk away

daljack -a girl
Talk to your boss and ask for input on your job performance.

Don't you get yearly evaluations?

That should tell you how you're doing.

alec c
try,try again

try a different path.......lifes too good to waste worrying about work. :)

Re-assess your skill sets, re-evaluate your interests, go back to school and get a different career.

Also, don't believe the hype that everyone enjoys their job. A lot of people don't smile like idiots every hour of every day at their job. Maybe to reset your expectations, too.

Simon K
You might not look like a failure though. Try to get some feedback.

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