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When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?
I mean,i would'nt care,i'll be dead so i wont feel a thing. Coffins are so expensive these days so imagine one made out of cardboard that would be cheap and save people money,what do you think?

John V
my people have the oldest and largest primitive cemetery in the state.of S.C.they settled that area in the early 17 hundreds.My grandfather told me how when his grandfather died they put him in a wheel barrel and hailed him up the hill. wrapped him up and put him in the hole and covered him.in 1894.I plan on being buried the same way. in the family cemetery.. just a hole dug. and me put it in. nothing fancy. they have river and field stones there as grave markers.a person can be buryed still that way if its a family cemetary.my parents spent over 15 thousand dollars to bury each of them. everyone has there on way about things. Peace

They are already being done mate.


Doesnt say how much they are though!!
Arrrrhhhh, another site £50, not bad. Like the idea of a wicker one myself though.


Rowan D
You're right. And no coffin at all would be even cheaper still!

I am convinced that most coffins are made of rigid cardboard, especially the ones used for cremation, they look good but cost little to make so the funeral director makes more money by using them instead of wood.

Larry m
there are strict laws about it environmental wise. So the funeral people work it to the max. grieving people make excellent money targets

You can in a humanist ceremony!! Wouldn't it be better to be buried standing up less space just down further!

Either way a funeral is a ripoff

thats just sick, that is a families personal choice on what they want to hapopen to the body of the person that they loved that they have lost!!!!!!!!!!

bo nidle
They do use cardboard for incineration. But what about using a cardboard tube and a post hole borer, a 20" diameter hole would be enough for most bodies, and just think how many you could get in the average grave plot.
PS this was written as a morbid joke but thinking about it I found I couldn't face up to the idea of putting them in headfirst, silly isn't it, it would make no difference.

Personally, I want to be compressed into a diamond. There is the technology to do this. I hope it becomes more popular as time goes by.

I agree; I'd much rather the money be spent on charity.

yes i so agree. my wife died last year. although we was seperated for 2yrs. To actually see her being buried in a huge heavy box was very weird. I wish it was done like the native americans. Send the body out on a canoe or small boat then shoot a flaming arrow and allow the flames and smoke take that person to heaven. The thought of someone still in a big heavy box. still underground laying there very very slowly decaying due to the size etc of box is so wrong.

Have you ever been to a funeral in your life you uneducated feck

Wot you want to put ppl in a cardboard box

Have you tried carrying something heavy in a cardboard box ............... you want wot therefore for it to cave in halfway down the church

MaryC O
I think it is a matter of what you want or the person left to bury you wants to do.My b.i.l got annoyed with me cause I said I didn't want flowers at my funeral.If I cant get them when I'm alive forget about them.

Hunny Bun...
well the population can always opt for a green buriel which consist of a coffin made of a material just like cardboard but stronger, do you think it will catch on.

Dawn L
it would be an average funeral costs around £2000 these days ive told my kids to stick me at the bottom of the garden it will only cost them the price of a spade

I think to each their own.
I, myself, totally agree with the less is just as good idea.
I helped my father make his arrangements and he wanted as little fanfare and cost as possible. I plan on honoring his desires when the time comes.
I plan on doing the same with myself.

Neither would I, but wouldn't it be embarrassing when the body fell out the bottom of the coffin?

Saralili R
The ceremony is for the ones left behind. My friend died recently and was cremated. He did have a coffin or (berth) made entirely of bamboo and rush. It was dignified and beautiful and totally sustainable and ethical. A cardboard box is just insulting. When you die, you may not care but spare a thought for your family and friends (assuming you have any that is).

Money is there to be spent in accordance with one's wishes so even if coffins become so expensive, people will try to give their dead a decent burial by sending them off in expensive or affordable coffins and cardboard ones are not the best alternative.

mrs. dtjb
they actually do make one that is made out of a cardboard substance, but it's reinforced and kind of fancy....it's a lot cheaper but it still looks nice!

its not about how much costs but how much you love them. they want to give the family member a good send off. would you want to be buried in cardboard or something a bit more substantial

Bruza 17/uk
do you have know respect for the dead?

the cardboard would break when the coffin is lifted, and it won,t be a good respect to the person who died. when a person dies, he or she needs to be treated with respect, bathed in nice smelling perfume, buried in a nice coffin, because it will be the last time you will see that body, so you better treat it nice as well. a cheap coffin will depend how much money, the status etc of the decease. we do not expect the queen to be burried in a cardboard coffin like an ordinary army soldier who died while fighting do we?

you can do it already, google eco funerals. I will have it done, well either that or i'll be stuffed and left in the front room as a constant reminder to my wife not to meet anyone else

You can have a 'green' funeral with a biodegradeable coffin

It would, but how would your loved ones carry you?

there are cardboard coffins. people generally have respect for the dead tho.

it would fall apart and you would fall out of the box at ur funeral...thus scaring the **** out of ur whole family

you can get enviromentally friendly ones. i know someone who was buried in one and believe it or not they are a lot stronger than you think

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