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Whats wrong with me?
its hard to explain but i feel like i have the most uncontrolable mood swings ever, when im on my own i am pulling my hair out i hate my life i resent everyone and i just cry about everything. then i seem to perk up when im with someone, because i know they dont want to hear my probs but then when they go i am fine again until the slightest thing,ie losing a hairbrush and it starts again. i feel like im no good at anything and this isnt like me im usually happy dancing round the house to music.
Additional Details
im 28 by the way so hopefully not menopause

Maybe you just need some lovin'.

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A reason behind you did not mention, please more explanation to help you..

Easy answer to say go to doctor..

[email protected]
Hey Rosie sounds like your depressed, and when people are around your able to put on an act but eventually this won't happen go see your Doctor pet.

i think you need is vitamin Bcomplex it helps to control the mood swings
the mood swings can ve caused by stress which can be tiggered by anything
you need a routine and diet
if possible look for "Ocimum sanctum Linn. / Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn. "
it helps in following
. Stress: Basil leaves are regarded as an 'adaptogen' or anti-stress agent. Recent studies have shown that the leaves afford significant protection against stress. Even healthy persons can chew-12 leaves of Basil, twice a day, to prevent stress. It purifies blood and helps prevent several common elements.

you just need to relax take you some time out for some me time find thing about yourself that you love learn how to have a good time by yourself

Go grab some pills from your doctor

Nothing is wrong with you. You have not given whether you are married or not. If married, counselling should be done jointly with your husband. If single, the recovery is in your hands only and what is required is an attitudinal change. Your strength and weakness shall be listed and weakness have to analysed for action to be taken initially, corrective ones and for long term with preventive ones. The obstruction in reaching a goal has to be overcome by what is known as compensation by you. Sometimes people completely turnaround by practising double compensation. The terms i have used are from chapters of frustration.

manic depressive. You also seem to be very lonely...do you have a boyfriend?? You need to talk to somebody, and get to the doctor for some antidepressants. I understand how you feel, I went to my doctor he perscribe me some lexapro. They seemed to work quite well, nut you should also know that pills do not work over night it will take a few weeks to get in your system. Good Luck and God Bless you!

No that's not menopause. It sounds like it could be depression or even bi-polar disorder. These are both treatable. You don't have to feel like this. Please go see your doctor before it gets worse. I have family members who have these symptoms and have been diagnosed with these disorders. At first they were embarrassed at having to take medication and see a doctor, thinking they should be able to control the way they feel. If it's not something you can just shake off and these feelings have been continuing for a while then you should really see your doctor they will be able to tell if you are just in a funk or if it is something more. Take care of yourself.

sound as though you may be suffering from depression. You should see your doctor & tell them what you just told us. Good luck

i think theres nothing wrong with u. i think u r just overacting over little things. u lack confidence in urself easily ie u give up hope everytime. u have to be in control of ur emotions not the other way round if u know what i mean. if u feel that dancing to music make u happy do that everytime u feel "i hate my life" sacarstic saying. overall ur 28 u should enjoy not dangling like it is the end of the world. from one view i feel that u r going through the phase of adulthood ie also stress etc..hope this does help u

u need to talk to someone u trust and get it off your chest.

Maybe you just hate being alone?? I get really mad like crazy wen i cant find something then get really worked up and cry about it! maybe u should consider seeing a doc or a phychiatrist!! good luck!!

Milana P
I feel your pain, sister- every tiny thing also sets me off. My question to you, though, is do the BIG things set you off too? If you keep your cool when REALLY bad things happen, then losing it over the small things may be your "coping mechanism". As long as it is not effecting your ability to function, I wouldn't worry. You've recognized the problem, now learn to take a breath, identify that you're over-reacting, and move on.

oh, sweet naomi!
sounds like you could be pregnant, go to your doctor, coz it could be manic depression!

David J
P.M.T. Job done.

I used to get like this. I was such a happy go lucky sort of gal, but then I would be so sad and depressed. I put it down to pmt and started taking daily Magnesium capsules. They really have helped to control it.

Its worth a try. If your situation doesn't improve then go to the doctor. Try and avoid medication if at all possible

Its ok. These things happen.

Sounds like you got depression or you stressed about something.
Why not go and talk to your doctor about it.

angie n
your 28 and very lonely, try joining a group go swimming take up a sport, you will soon have lots of things to take your mind of the boredom of bring on your own,this time of the year don't help darker nights and colder,book a holiday for the start of the new year any thing that will take your mind off your currant life style get your self out and about and be positive in all you do

Sounds like Depression go to the doctors they can help u, tell them what u have told us. Although u say u only 28 and hope its not the menopause a neighbours sister went throught it at 23 ! Go see your doctor to put your mind at ease.

Could it be possible you have bipolar? I would see a doctor. If you don't want to go down that route ask yourself a few key questions like:
1. When did this behaviour start?
2. What was going on at the time this started - i.e. possible triggers for the change on moods/behaviour?
3. Are you on any medication that could be giving you this as a side effect?
4. Is there something that's worrying you that you are aware of either consciously or subconsciously?
5. Is there anything odd apart from this that you are doing that you never did before?
6. Have you changed anything in your diet/lifestyle that corrolates with the time this behaviour started?

It could be like a manic depression - definately one to go and see the Dr about - how long has this been going on for? If its been 2 weeks or more then you would be viewed as having depression and possibly a medication or counselling suggested - has anything happened in your life before this started happening?

Graham L
you are suffering from clinical depression, see your GP, my sympathies, I have been there too

Dark Horse
Awww, hugs! Could be PMT. I turn into a monster every month with it.

has anything tramatic happened, could you be depressed, you need to talk out how you're feeling it will help. i was depressed a while back and thought i couldn't talk to anyone and it just got worse, when i opened up to my family it helped more than could have imagened. whatever your feeling and thinking please don't bottle it up. x

t c
I'm in the medical profession and here this often. Suggest you check out landmarkeducation.com. I've seen TREMENDOUS life changes from this. good luck!

patricia b
could be hormones or depression see your doctor he will be able to diagnose you better

stuart s
Rosie it does bear the hallmarks of depression. I got like that a while back when i had a load of problems that built up. Going to see a doctor is the best thing you can do.Once i went and saw mine he was extremely helpful and believe me they won't just write you out a prescription and dose you up with anti depressants. They will get you back onto you're feet and try and get to the bottom of what has caused it. If you don't do something about it, it will only get worse. I wish you all the luck in the world and please post how you got on.

Go to doctors - it sounds like depression. Is anything major worrying you or on your mind? Try to write down all your major problems (best to do this before bed) and one by one look at solutions to fix them. You should feel happier over time. But really you should go to the GP

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