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Whats wrong with being an 'alcoholic'?
im not an 'alcoholic' but people call me one cuz im nearly always drunk n put vodka in a water bottle for during the day. i still get on with my life tho so whats the problem????

the fact that other people are calling you an alcoholic is the clue. you have got no insight into how you are funtioning whilst drunk so your statement that you are still getting on with your life is somewhat incongruous.

the problem might not be how you are now but how you might be if you continue like this. If you cant stand to be sober that shows a problem. and even if you go on functioning fine it will do damage to your liver in the long run

There is nothing wrong with having a drink. I drink during school just to get me through the day, don't listen to them but when/if you start loosing friends and lifes seems to be getting worse then you need to work out what you treasure more.


The problem is your ruining your kidneys and probably hurting the ones that care about you most. Not necessarily physically but there bound to worry about you, aren't they?

Sides, whats right with it?

Brett L
Your kidney can only take so much. If you drink all the time you will become fat, get cancer and die.

If you go to parties and get drunk that's one thing but if your drinking all day every day you will hurt your self and others around you.

just because you cant see it, does it mean that its not there??? Just because you cant see or feel the earth spinning, does it mean it isn't? Ok so you're not hurting others but the damage to your internal organs is what reli matters!! think about it!!

I may be young but i know the facts! Hope this helped!

Ask your liver

Joel T
im just reposting cause it was said so well the first time

Newsflash - you are an alcoholic, just in denial about it.

Alcohol is a safe drink if you dont get smashed drunk on a daily bases. If you drink it once in a while it is ok. but if you do too much you can cause all kinds of health problems. it may not seem a problem to you but to love ones around you it can affect them in ways you may not see. Thats why it is a problem. plus if you drove drunk it is a danger to every one.

well first things first you could actually atract more risk of you dieng and also wrinkels and it could wear you down and cause dramtic affect when ur sobber.

The problem of being an alcoholic is when it takes over your life. Or when it takes your life away.

supersonic stevie wonder thing!!
things will get worse if you dont try harder m8y.

Hold my paw please
I don't think there is much more wrong with it than smoking or having the odd line of Cocaine, a hell of alot of people do these days, i mean it prob isn't good for you but not much is these days, fatty foods, pollution, theres equally bad things out there, i am the same as you i drink quite alot every day but i don't think i have a problem yet my friend who hardly ever drinks but smokes 30fags a day and eats takaway every night keeps reminding me every day im an alcoholic and im going to die!
i think if you are single and have no kids and are not hurting anyone being a so called alcoholic is ok as long as it isn't stopping you from doing your every day things

James C
nothin, walking zombies do not know who they kill, when they are always unconscious

"alcoholics" go to meetings.
im a drunk

the fact that you need alcohol to get on with your day is the problem. non alcoholics can do that normally without problem.
not to mention health problems, and the affect on the people surrounding you.
plus smelling like vodka all day is disgust.

Your an alcoholic. If your 'nearly always drunk' then you are definitely an alcoholic. Its unhealthy for you, you'll live a shorter life, etc. Your not only ruining your life but others who are close to you. Get off the booze!

do you want the problems it can cause to your body or the problems you can cause to others? Does everyone else think you can function or just you? I hope you are not driving!

ξήĢŁĭŞĦ ŗǾşξ ©® ღஐღ
shall we be better to ask, what is right with being an olcoholic

its an addiction that can kill you, thats whats wrong with it
its a dependancy, if youre happy to admit being dependant on voddie, ?? the docs dont like treating self inflicting patients either

You think you get on with your live but you never seem to ask why so many people are of the opinion you're an alcoholic?
Denile is the first sign that a problem exists.

Justa Bloke
Hic.... beatsh mee!

yeh right, your not an alcoholic

sounds like you are a "functioning" alcoholic. its a problem because you are abusing a substance and you seem to need it to get through your day.

Dad's found yer scoo'er
It's very expensive.

Laurz x
it can destroy ur liver!
plus my dad was an alco he was really violent

Newsflash - you are an alcoholic, just in denial about it.

The only problem is what damage alcoholics do to the people who love them around them. That is not funny.

Your liver and kidneys....they can only cope with so much alcoholic before they begin to break down...

If you rely on the alcohol then I'm afraid you are an alcoholic. The problem is yours my friend.....

You are a high-functioning alcoholic, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I'm tryin' to be positive and all I get is thumbs down...there sure are some hateful, ugly people on here.

Drinkin' everyday is good for you...go ask you Dr.

It's only binge-drinking if you stop.

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