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Whats the quickest way to get rid of a hangover?

stay drunk, lol also binge drinking doesnt exist cause u never stop no but a pint of water after ur finished ur drinkin session if u remember to do so................

A hangover is mainly caused by dehydration. The best way aviod a hangover is to have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you have or drink at least 3 big glasses of water before you go to bed. This isn't always practice but is really worth it.

The next morning try a can of coke and some rice pudding. The coke replaces the bloods sugar and is a good pick me up, and the rice pudding is good for absorbing excess alocohol.

Before you get drunk also try and prepare by having plenty of food during the day to absorb the boose. Pasta and bread are good.

Lucozade sport, 2 paracetamols, a banana and 2 packets of Doritos.

The Doritos will help to absorb the stomach acid, and give a carbohydrate boost. Paracetamol will kill your headache. Banana will give you a Potassium boost. Lucozade sport will help with putting fluids back into your body.

Horse mineral and vitamin supplements. Seriously, I know a load of vet pharmaceutical reps that used to take them after a late night. I didn't believe them until I gave it a go. Disclaimer: I'm not qualified to offer a mediacal opinion or prescribe drugs - you definitely take these at your own risk!!!

Get lots of water and fluids down. It is the dehydration that causes most of the problem.

To help avoid a hangover, before you go to bed and pass out. YOu need to drink a large glass of water and some aspirins. I usually start drinking water an hour before I am intending to leave the party. That way I have a head start on getting the fluids back up. Take this time to drink water and you'll feel much better in the morning.

Also take some B vitamins if you have them on hand.

James K
Neurofen, alka seltzer and lucozade sport, be careful this combination works so well it actually becomes addictive its so good cos it works but this encourages you to drink more, however that will leave you needing a new liver before long and those aint cheap!

dream theatre
hair of the dog i e another drink i have never tried it myself but they say it works

big fat reefer, can of coke and a good ****

Cormac C
Have another drink

Basically all the answers are correct. You need water, Zinc and Potassium. Lots of water, Fresh fruit and some type of pain killer would do the trick. Then into a shower or go for a jog or some other such thing to take your mind off it until the water fruit and pain killers can get to work.

Simple eh?. The hardest part of all this is of course getting up off your Drunken A** and doing something about it.

Hangovers were invented by Wives by the way.

Drink lots of water before going to bed- at least a pint. A sachet of rehydration salts added, such as Diareze, also works wonders.

stick to one drink, so if u start with tequilla, stick with tequilla.... "hic"

there are no quick ways, a hangover is dehydration basically, so lots of water and orange juice etc... a bloody mary is also supposed to be good as a hangover cure, never tried it myself.

The easiest way is to drink water or tea or my favourite... ice cream and tea, straight after youve been out drinking. The sooner you start filling yourself up with liquids after you drink the better. Even a drink of coke or juice with your alcohol is good.

Happy Hangovers!

Sometimes prevention is better than a remedy.

I tend to make sure I have plenty to eat before I go out, such as toast or pasta, I then always make sure I drink some Red Bull or Recharge or some other energy drink.

I found that if I drank a can or two of an energy drink say an hour before I went out I was perfectly fine compared to nights when I didn't drink an energy drink.

I used to suffer killer hangovers but by having a can or two of an energy drink before I actually go out now means that my day-after-the-night -before needn't mean me staying in bed or me looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. It's worth a try.

roger m
the only cure for a hangover is another drink (hair of the dog), but only have a couple of beers. drink lots of water before you go to bed can stop a hangover from occurring.

! Coffee enema, first thing in the morning, hold in for 15 minutes.
2 Swedish Bitters juice or water 2 desertspoons.
3 Epsom salt bath-- with 6 mugs of epsom salts in, stay in for an hour.

Try and drink water before you go to sleep after drinking - lots of water the next day, juice to replace salts and sugars, food - a little at a time though in case your stomach cant take it, I try not to take any pain killers unless you REALLY need to as your stomach will be delicate and your liver and kidneys have enough to deal with. a good walk and some fresh air to get your blood pumping and blow away the cobwebs, an early night !

Joe M
have a massive poo, force out the alcohol through your craphole

h e
a big hearty breakfast, Aspirin,wanky,sleep and lots of water

chris m
To those people suggesting Paracetamol STOP !!! This is the worst thing you can do, take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for your headache. Paracetamol reacts with the alcohol still in your system and this reaction causes 4-5 times more liver damage then the alcohol alone. Most cases of severe liver damage and disease in the under 30's is caused by this combination !

Heather F

Amy T!
I would say drink plenty of water, frink a detox smoothie and get some fresh air even if u dont feel like it!!

also if u just need to settle ur stomach, i always go for a maccy d's so settle it.

hope this helps andur hangover gets better!!

Smoke plenty of bud and smash 2 litres of Creme Soda. Shazam.

its best to drink as much water as possible before going to bed, ideally 2 - 3 pints, also take an alka seltza as well, then take a piny of water up to bed with you incase you get thirsty in the night. Vitamin C tablets are also good for hangovers, as is orange juice.

Crazy Diamond
Drink plenty of water, rehydration is the key. I drink lucozade hydroactive, it has salts in it that replace the ones you lost drinking. That along with some extra sleep. Stay away from caffiene too.

Don`t sober up!

laura l
Work it off! Have a coffee, drink plenty of water and do something energetic like walking, jogging, shopping, anything that keeps you moving. I woke up with the hangover from hell on tuesday and as soon as I was out in the fresh air walking into town, I felt so much better than I would have done if I had stayed moping around in bed. Also, take some Ibuprofen. xx

two Aspirin and drink plenty of water
you are dehydrated.!!

perry c
go back out and do it all again

Hannah T
Something really greasy...like Mcdonalds breakfast....

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