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This has been going on for 2-3 days.

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 Is it healthy to sleep with various people but using protection?

 Do you use public Bathrooms?
I hate going to a public bathroom and only them at home unless I really have to go....

 How do i make myself sick ??
iv tried fingers down throat but it didnt work and it made my throat hurt , iv tried salt and water and it didnt work and it tasted awful and made m stomach hurt so does anyone have any ideas ??

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 Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

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 HELP! My baby has just swallowed furniture polish! What do I do?
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 Should smoking be banned completly?
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- ღ Princess ღ -
Whats the most sensitive part of the body ?

John C
ear lobes?

All your boy answerers have said there senstive parts. But out of woman and men it would have to be your feet. Have you ever stepped on glass or a tack with your feet? Some people have even got nails stuck in there feet and yell like there being killed. I hope this helps....

Your temples on the side of your head.. enough pressure can cause the nerves to shock and hurt the brain, so it can cause some serious damage.

the foreskin. 20,000 nerve endings alone


This Crush Ain't Going Away★

except the obvious..... i would say the eyes

No Stress
The feet are the most sensitive part of the human body with all sorts of nerves.


The cornea.

There are millions of pain receptors distributed around the skin, muscle, bones, and internal organs. Some of these special nerve endings are more sensitive to pain than others.

The cornea of the eye, the thin transparent layer that covers the pupil, is the most sensitive part of the body. A nicked or torn cornea can be excruciatingly painful. We tend to develop protective calluses on the parts of the body we regularly put to rough use, such as the hands and feet. Thicker skin has fewer nerve endings and is less sensitive to pain.

The sensitivity of internal organs is somewhat curious. In the operating room they can be cut, crushed , or cauterized (burned) without causing a patient pain. But they are extremely sensitive to distension, spastic contraction, inflammation, obstructions, ruptures, and bleeding. Internal tumors tend to cause pain when they grow large enough to push organs out of shape.

The least sensitive organ of the body is the brain. Although the brain constantly processes pain signals, brain tissue itself has few pain receptors. However, the meninges, membranous sacs that enclose brain tissue, are highly sensitive to some kinds of stimulation, particularly pressure.

The ********.

No one has the same sensitivity, but most will say the soft parts under the arm, behind the knees and the ears.

its the lips. i learned about it in psychology...lol- but its true

Purple Pear
The bottom of your foot according to Trivial Pursuit. And who wouldn't trust the makers of this great game? :]

the perineum


Dave J
just phoned Stephen Hawkins... again.... he's not happy with me u know!

Apparently the most sensative part of a human body are your nerves which contain pain recepticles.

At his suggestion i stuck a pin into different parts of my body - and do you know what.....

the eye??

Rachael W
The mouth..It's the most sensitive and the most fastest to heal

Bill Nye The Nazi Spy
The friggin nut sack

the tounge

My heart

the lips and the fingertips are the most sensitive. the least are the calfs of ur legs. and the bottom of ur foot.

old rubber lips
bell end

the fingertips have the most nerve endings

The lips

I think its your eyes. But in my case, it would be the melons.

The wallet.

The mind

The cornea of the eye is definitely the most sensitive part of the body, when a person is thought to have died, the doctor after checking for pulse and breathing etc, will as a last test, touch the corneas with his fingers, no reaction, Amen.

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