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( Except hot milk )...

marie t
Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?
I understand oh you might slip and stuff but cutting is better than straight killing yourself, and if you use scissors you cant slip because it wont go deep it just won't I've tried. I know it can get addicting so don't say that either. I just want to know why is it so bad? I've been addicted before but i stopped i started because the people that were helping me really didn't seem to care. They cut but stopped when i did and started up again but for no reason.

Cuts can get infections and it would seem like your sick if you cut youself because only dumb people would cut thier own body, flesh and bleed your own blood just to solve a problem which cutting can not solve at all.

mal apl
well its self mutilation, the name in itself sounds bad.
but also you're cutting your body open so therefore those cuts have a high chance of getting infected and you could die from that.

its damaging to your body and is saying you really don't want to live don't cut yourself because it hurts more than just you, but others and its just plain stupid!

If you cut yourself for fun or whatever you are mentally unstable and should seek help immediately and if you think its reasonable to cut yourself you should also seek mental help.

umm..... lets see.... you physicly harming yourself for unknown emotional reasons... it doesnt matter if you dont cut your self deep.... Basicly your trying to show people the emotional scars you have with physical ones......... so unless being mental un sane and physicly hurt is bad then nothing is bad about it...

dude, stop cutting yourself.

Sissy S
Been there, done this.:p
It's just not really healthy.
Going around hurting yourself physically [mentally too]
is just not what we were created to do.
I went to counseling.
Which surprisingly did help, even though I hated it immensely at the time.
But yeah. I think that you should look into another subject, project, or thing that will give you that release.
I went into physical activities...
i.e. running.
It's really good for you and gives you a "high" if you push yourself enough.
But if you're not into exercising, I recommend pottery.
I started that this year, and it's really relaxing.

You can really hurt yourself. Life changes and scars last forever.

It is showing that you are mentally unstable. A lot of people cut themselves for attention too, which is so sad. I'm not going to say it is dumb because hey... I don't know your life but really it doesnt magically make your mental pain go away when you physically harm yourself. Honestly you are just tricking your mind into thinking that is whats happening.

Your so weird you know.(:(drugs already affected your brain...

The Guy Who's Right
Because you can hurt yourself. Soon scissors won't go deep enough or you aren't bleeding enough so you keep going bigger and more dangerous until you do serious damage. Pain is the body's way of telling you that something is happening that is not supposed to happen. When you cut yourself, it hurts. That's how you know you shouldn't be doing it.

u can get infected from open wounds and you can get diseasess from blood lossage

☠ϑεηηιƒετ ßταçkεπ☠
Cutting is bad because it is self mutilation and is from an apparent severe case of low self esteem. Get help with it or find a way to boost your self esteem. Thats what I did and it helped a lot.

um. why did you ask a question when you answered it for yourself? that was kinda pointless.
the problem with it is exactly what you said....YOU CAN CUT TOO DEEP AND DIE

beacuse it lets your body know that you need pain. pain is a bad habit to get into. it you keep doing it, you might smoke later in life, or drink and drive. it's a bad habit.

Girl, it's just not healthy. If you are in such a bad mood that you want to cut, find something else to do that isn't as extreme. I know it's not as bad as killing yourself, but nothing is. You can't justify purposely hurting yourself that way. Ask someone to help you-just not one of your friends that cuts themselves too.

Honey you need to get yourself some help....kids now days talk about cutting themselves like its a new fashion. Please go see a therapist.

Cutting is bad because it is you trying to handle your problems in a useless way. It is a temporary fix that does nothing to get to explain or fix why you are feeling so badly. Basically it does not fix a problem but rather puts a band aid on it.
Another problem with cutting is that, similar to other addictions, it can take more and more to give you the same effect. This means that cutting can lead to more serious ways of hurting yourself.
If you are having a problem with cutting, please get professional help. Cutting does not mean you are crazy or sick, it simply means that you need to find other ways of dealing with your stress or emotions. If you need someone to talk to, please feel free message or e-mail me.

nothings really wrong with it. It's just that hurting you're body isn't good. Hit a pillow or something is all I can say.

I am not trying to be a smartass but what do you cutters get out of it?

John W
Infections are a concern, under the right (or wrong as it may be) conditions if you got an infection you'd probably try to treat it yourself because you'd fear asking for medical help as they'd question how you obtained the cuts and....yeah...you'd try to avoid that situation. So you have an infection, it becomes gangrenous and you lose limb, or perhaps life. That 's an extreme example, but it could happen.

Aesthetically, you can be left with scars, which isn't always pleasing. And the risk, even when you know what your doing, of cutting an artery is always there.

But the main reason people are against it, isn't because of the cutting, its what the cutting is a symptom off. Depressions, anxiety, suppression of abuse, whatever it maybe, people don't cut unless they are unhappy and if you can help treat the unhappines you should hopefully stop the cutting.

Because it tells you the person is depressed or some other mental illness and they need help for that.

Missy B
You're focusing on the physical act of cutting as being the 'bad' part, but it actually stems from self-hatred and similar feelings of worthlessness, which is never a good palce to be and can be overcome. Yes, cutting is better than killing, but neither is good. You're justifying it by picking the lesser of the two evils, but it doesn't change the fact that both are wrong and damaging to your life.

Ghost Kitty
I wouldn't say you're fully recovered from the addiction if you still don't see why it was bad for you in the first place.

[email protected]$$
Well, it can hurt you. You're setting yourself up for infection every time you do it. If you ever notice red lines coming from your cuts that go up your arm/leg, that's an infection and it's heading for your heart.

Cookie M
Good point... idiot

its just dumb :(

& there's always that CHANCE of killing yourself
why would you harm yourself just cause it "feels good"?
you'll be left with nasty scars.

Because your not facing your problems, your covering them up.

b/c it's a self destructive act. it often masks a deeper psychological problem.

kooks lover♥
Are you justifying why ppl can hurt themselves??? Most ppl don't want to cut themselves and there's something very wrong with them psychologically. YOU, on the other hand, sound like you do it for attention specifically or bc you think it's cool... This is a very dumb question....

Although cutting may provide some temporary relief from a terrible feeling, even people who cut agree that it isn't a good way to get that relief. For one thing, the relief doesn't last. The troubles that triggered the cutting remain — they're just masked over.

People don't usually intend to hurt themselves permanently when they cut. And they don't usually mean to keep cutting once they start. But both can happen. It's possible to misjudge the depth of a cut, making it so deep that it requires stitches (or, in extreme cases, hospitalization). Cuts can become infected if a person uses nonsterile or dirty cutting instruments — razors, scissors, pins, or even the sharp edge of the tab on a can of soda.

Most people who cut aren't attempting suicide. Cutting is usually a person's attempt at feeling better, not ending it all. Although some people who cut do attempt suicide, it's usually because of the emotional problems and pain that lie behind their desire to self-harm, not the cutting itself.

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