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 How do I cure my infected belly piercing before Saturday or just really quick?
it's infected I've had it since april 5 of this year and i'm leaving to mexico this saturday and I don't want it to be infected, any advice?
Additional Details

 URGENT: help us and hurry?
okay me and my best friend are at the party, and everybody is drunk, but there are our rides, WE CANT DRIVE, and my fricken dad is here, HES DRUNK!, and omg he will TRY ...

i stupidly got into to smoking weed and straights and stuff like that and im only 13. its stupid i no but as much as i wanna get off it is as much as i like the feeling of just being relaxed. its so ...

 Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

 Why do I hate children?
I think they are annoying lil' sh!ts, and I want to punch their parents, why is this?
Additional Details
It's kinda serious ...

 I have problems getting to sleep any suggestions?
the problem with me is not so much in sleeping but it has to do with falling asleep ....once i fall asleep i am fine ...but I do not fall asleep easily and sometimes i go 2-3 days not sleeping ...

 How do i pass a drug test for a job?
thats it basically. how do i pass a drug test. im clean of everything except for marijuana. all help is appreciated. thanks....

 Omg is this bad?
lastnight i did 2 pills of e ( yellow n brown pills ), smoked alot of marijuana,and a little bit of cocaine ( or dmt ) i dont know what that guy was saying when he gave me some. but while i was on e,...

 What happens when you die?
I'm so freaked about dying! Does anyone have a SMART guess about what does happen? Trustworthy answers plz!...

 My Kidney's have hurt very much in the past three days what could be wrong?
I can not go to the doctors, because I just have no way to go, there has to be something I can do to relive the pain. Any ideas?...

 What is your favorite eye color?
my eye color is smoky blue with green in it too. kind of like marble. my favorite eyecolor is sky blue....

 Can swallowing chewing gum kill you?

 Why is smoking weed better then cigarettes?

 Whats the best way to get rid of hicups ?

 What is the meaning of my symptoms?
Dear friends, my boyfriend doubted me and he made me really upset last night when we were talking on the phone.He linked me with other men and kept condeming my love for him.He said I dont know what ...

 Do you believe that someone can die from a broken heart?

 Whats the most sensitive part of the body ?

 I need help falling asleep! Please help! I have school?
All summer i've been sleeping at 4:00. Now school is starting, And now I can't sleep early at all! Any ideas to help me fall asleep?

( Except hot milk )...

 Prevention or medication?
So far it seems we rely a lot on medication....

 What is the most painful thing in the world?

una ragazza siciliana
What would u do if u were told u were dying?

Lena R
live to the fullest

I'd eat as much cake as i could stomach

Gimme a hell yeah

Nolan Bilder
i would say u were lying

Shopping spree!

I'd cry and cry and cry some more, but then I'd snap out of it and hang out with my mom and dad, kiss and hug them and tell them how much I love them. I'd visit everyone I haven't seen in the past year. I'd spend time with my sister. Do all the adventurous things I've been wanting to do. Have one more glass of wine and one more bottle of beer and, see the places I've been wanting to see. Just live by the song.. Like I was dying.

Aren't we?

Underground Man
Quit job and travel.

exactly toga party! x3

I would spend all the money I could and give things away.

Get a second opinion then I would get a third just to be sure. Cuz ya know Im gonna just start going and Im nut turnin back, Ive wanted to travel and I will if I have to walk the whole way. Must see some things with own eyes, Grand canyon, NY NY, The south, Mardi Graw, The desert, pey odi? dont know how to spell it but ya get the point. Also gonna jump outta plane, bungi jump, white water raft, to old now to do the big one, Jump outa plane on a snow board above mountain, dambit Gumby. and if theirs time and streangth left I'll sail into the big blue and find Atlantis

Maria C
actually I wouldn't do anything differently than I am doing now, because I already live life to the fullest as if it were my last day here on earth:)

hellah sexxy
i would do everything i always told myself i was gunna do before i die and make the most out of the time i have left. and tell everyone everything i was always to afraid to tell them and try to make everything right so i can die knowing i lived a good life.

Quite my Job , tell everyone what needs to be said Plan a wonderful funeral , an take the man I love with me to Travel till I died.

Live life to the fullest and go to europe

cash out, buy lots of weed, plan lots of orgies, buy lots of food, buy lots of plane tickets... and go out with a bang.

Darth Vader
Buy more life insurance.

Mujer Bonita
The day you are born is the day you start to die

Lauren S
Hmmm, depends if its a good way or bad....

toga party

Nothing I can do. I would continue to do my normal activities until I die.

find my crush and kiss him before i go


go to Disneyland

go to yahoo answer.

id go sky diving rocky mountain climbing

Do everything I once feared; as there would be nothing left to fear.

live for the moment.

LA High Rise
plan a party for my funaral!

delete your question

Ms Betty
Buy a funeral plot and really hurt the person who gave me the bad news!

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