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 Can you breathe out of your nose and mouth at the same time?

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Brandon G
What would happen if I blew my nose and used the same tissue to wipe my rear end?

Tom Tom
it could be worse . you could have done it the other way around


But I wouldn't make the same attempt the other way around.

Then you wiped your *** with the same tissue you blew your nose with!


Sherry's Husband
you could get a very rare disease with that...

scientist call it "RUNNY ANAL"

and stay away from people with colds, you don't want to change you trousers always, do you?

Your rear end would sneeze!!!!

I think you may belong at the funny farm for asking that question.

Apple :)
Could possibly give you an infection. Bacteria from your nostrils entering your "waste hole" ? Definitely wouldn't be too great.

Mrs. James Dean
Why don't you just try it and find out!!! Then let us know!!

nothing. You would just have a snot ridden butt. But seriously, i guess in a rare rare case you could get some type of disease on your rear end.. but its very very unlikely

ew. thats gross. you'd get poo in your snot! gross...

<3... ♥ ...<3
ew. why would you want to! I don't know maybe a lot of bacteria could be passed


redd headd
It makes a difference in what order you did these things in.

As long as you blew your nose first than wiped your butt, nothing would happen. .... but why???

Stephen K
Make sure you do it in the proper order, OK?

LOL, Help I´m choking!

moist wipees?

You would get snot in your crack.

Umm.Eww. Why?

alexes o
sick man sick

Recycling :)

hahaha. do it and find out!

u would offically be discusting =S


You would be an idiot

that would just be so ******* gross why would you something like that your disgusting

our rear end would b slimy!

I would consult a doctor first...

you would be a buggar butt =)

brown noser?

You'd be snotty. The other way around would be much worse.

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