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What was the most pain you were ever in?
I have to say labour was agony.
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And second to that I once had indigestion that was like a heart attack!

dream theatre
as i was passing a kidney stone i was on all fours i was told it was a similar pain you ladies go througfh when you are havin a baby so believe i no how you feel

Jay A
when i got run over - got hit by the car, rolled over the bonnet, put my head thru the windscreen, rolled off the other side, knocked the wing mirror off & then hit the road. Lots of stitches, lots of bumps & bruises, a bit of blurred vision, lots of pain! Ouch!

1) Being shot at point-blank range (by accident) in the knee with a rifle on a range- massive trauma, very very painful, both immediately and also in the months following as my knee was rehabilitated.

2) Slicing my finger off with a hedge-trimmer - wasn't too bad initially, just torniqueted it while I scoffed sunday lunch, was painful for about 3 weeks afterwards, once the doc had done his stuff - a constant dull ache, a bit liek tooth-ache, I guess, but increased ten-fold every time i knocked that finger on my desk, phone, gearstick etc - felt like it had burst open.

I strongly suspect that childbirth will be the winner though (despite all the epidurals, gas& air etc - my wife went thru hell with both ours, the eldest nearly died after 28hrs of labour, as did my wife, who then haemmoraged badly, youngest not so bad at 16 hours - I do feel for women going through that.)

2 masked men came in my home,and broke my leg my arm hit on head with hammers and axes.

An awful childhood.

definately labour ooohh yeeesss ouch!! id do it all again tho!

laura k
The pain was when i was playing football and my kneecap twisted

Mentally....when I was dumped by gf 6 years ago
Physically...Severe toothache years back

Jane Eyre
Kidney infection - very painful
3 Broken bones - very painful
toothache -very painful
LABOUR - Don't even go there. Can't think about it. Agony doesn't quite seem to describe it clearly enough. Only people who have given birth can understand. When you give birth, you seem to join a club of understanding.

p.s. I'm so sorry .....I just read Emma's answer and now feel shamed and pathetic.

well I have had 5 children, & also a heart attack { not related I have to say , ha, ha, } but I have had a slipped disc, & trapped nerve & I have to say this is the most awful awful pain I have ever had, still in pain since boxing day, but getting better,

labour defo the first, but a close second was an inner ear infection that I had to have drained...now that was baaad!!!

Food poisoning, without a doubt.

Being on the inside on the Waltzers with two people bigger than me on the outside crushing me. I thought my ribs were going to cave in, was screaming in pain.
The ride operators thought i was screaming to go faster. I thought it would never end!

food poisoning....oh my god that was exruciating stomach pains :(

When the missus was in labour, her squeezing my hand was excruciating. lol

Charlene M
getting hit full force with a solid cricket ball on the face with like a Scottish champion, right on the jaw

when i fell on my face broke my nose i saw stars

labour was blooming agony but not that bad

and when i shut my finger in a car door and the guy drove off, will me running along side it, seeing it wide open i dell on my face again, I'm so clumsy

i think pain of a broken hearts bad too

I was in the most pain when i had to go to my grandmothers funeral. We were so close and it really hurt me. That was 5 years ago and it still hurts me alot now just thinking about her.

Lucy M
Going through two weeks of labour, not knowing i was even pregnant let alone in labour, the doctors telling me that it was just a strained back and at the end giving birth to a baby that was no longer alive.... thats what i call real pain, especially the sffering after it :(

when my boyfriend died

Northern Lad
A back injury at work - I was 18 weeks in hospital on traction and if it had not been for the medication to stop the pain I would have gone totally insane.

Barbie Girl
The 2 that stick in my mind both were early 2006 (I had a bad start to last year!!)

1) I got gastroenteritis and got so dehydrated that I was doubled up in pain. I honestly thought I was dying, as did my hubby, got rushed into hospital and put on morphone or something as strong for the pain, now THAT was bad

2) I then got a cycst in my yoo-hoo, on the lip, and it swelled to about 4 times normal size. I couldnt sit, wear knickers, wee.....I was in tears for about 4 days until the hospital ... well I wont go into details, but it involves a scalpel!!! OOooh ouch!!!!

BTW reading the labour descriptions is one of the reasons Im of the 'elective Cesaerean brigade'!!! ;O) xx

Rob E
I was in a coma for just over a month, and awoke to find my head in agony - I'd been run-over by some careless driver. I had all the drip feeders etc and a ventilator. My whole head was in the most intense sheer total pain, even though I was on Morphine or something like it.

My head was so painful, after having numerous brain surgery operations, and losing part of my skull. I didn't even get a second without a headache for over a year.

I can't get labour pains, I'm a guy, so can't compare.

Good luck! Rob

when my appendix ruptured. child birth doesn't EVEN come close!

I got kicked in the balls once, dam that hurt, could not walk for a few days!!

Gary c
Listening to Robbie Williams complaining about how **** his life is..********!

sorry, this does compete with losing your wife aged 49 to cancer. it happened to me 19 months ago.

I had a urine infection that 'almost' spread to my kidneys, I honestly feel for anyone that has experienced it spreading all the way! And listening to you all say labour pains, I don't think kids are on my agenda now!! Lol!! xx

GLH (male 48 UK)
Passing a kidney stone the size of my thumb.

Women who have had kidney stones AND given birth tell me that the degree of pain in both is about the same. All I can say is that it's amazing that any woman has more than one child...

The day my 19yr old daughter died, my heart broke that day and will never ever be repaired. Labour pains, headaches and such can all be cured, but a broken heart can't.

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