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Holly O
What to eat after vomiting?
I was violently sick yesterday evening from around 6pm till midnight, I haven't eaten anything since then and I threw up everything I ate yesterday. I have just been drinking water. I am feeling really weak and drained and I think I need to eat something but what should it be?? I really dont want to be sick again.

Saltine crackers and soup.

If you still throw up and want your throw up to taste better, drink Welch's grape juice.

You know what, after vomiting, stay calm and drink 2 teaspoon of LIME juice...

Doctor of Internets
Eat liquidy or semi-solid items.
Chicken noodle soup, toast, crackers, etc.
Drink water and orange or apple juice.
Grape juice may be too sugary and may induce (or further) a fever because your body suddenly wants to become ACTIVE!

something with bread..mostly saltine crackers and drink something a bit more thicker than water like milk ..it works perfectly

chicken noodle soup or any kind of soup that's not too acidy. drink sprite,water, or gingeral. try to get a lot of rest and keep a bucket next to you just in case.

Ritz Crackers. Only because they taste the same going down as they do coming up. Sorry but true, in case you get sick again. My doctor told me this once when I had the flu. Make sure you get plenty to drink.

paula p.
try a little chicken broth at first, then if that will stay down try some chicken noodle soup,try drinking some pedialite so you wont get dehydrated.I sure do pray that you feel better.

sierra the red cat
try chicken noodle soup with crackers in it. hope ya feel better!

I would stick with liquids for a few hours.If they stay down try some chicken soup.

Life ain't always easy
Try some bland soup, crackers, or something light. A salad without dressing might not be a bad idea.

Hope you get to feeling better.

The Great Gazoo
crackers and some soup.

Victor R
Pedialite, saltines, and Sprite.

I can only advise on what to avoid. Dairy products and anything acidic. I should try something like chicken and rice-both are 'bland' foods and in the past I have been advised to eat these. I have no idea if 'dry toast' works. Hope this helps!

Barb S
Clear fluids first to see if you can keep it down. Then try dry toast

Patrick Mc garry
try something really light like toast

you need t drink something to replace the electrolites you have lost. You can eat anything that has little to n taste, baked potato with nothing on it, toast with nothing on it, jello, chicken noodle soup, noodles plain, crackers, pouched egg. Just anything that is a bland food.

saltine crackers, and gingerale it always works 4 me.

soup. and nothing heavy like cream of mushroom. maybe chicken noodle or something.

#1 Due on 12/22/08!
crackers, toast without butter,,,Ginger ale, or sprite, chicken broth,,jello, just make sure you eat food that isnt greasy or spicy, this food i mentioned will get something in your stomach without making you sick again, hope you feel better!

♥ Trixie ♥
bread, crackers, something that is plain, and absorbant. just to be safe. take it easy for a couple more days, nothing too crazy.

Saltine crackers/#1 water/Gingerale/Sprite/be sure to eat slowly!

chris hansen
Eat saltine crackers and drink liquids like Gatorade and Sprite.

joyce m
either crackers or toast. nothing sweet or that has a high oil content. keep it simple. even plain bread will work. your stomach is going to feel weird for a little while.

if you try that and it stays down try soup broth like beef or chicken.

Try eating some crackers, like saltine.

If you have some chicken noodle soup, that should be light enough to stay down. Don't try eating anything too oily or too heavy until you're feeling better. Could you have gotten food-poisoning the night before? Do you recall what you ate and was it clean/fresh?


Saltine crackers are often a good first food after being sick.

You can eat saltine crackers, theyre pretty bland and usually help an upset stomach, although they won't be very filling

Try some saltines or chicken broth. Very bland.

clear liquids like sprite, or Gatorade and saltine crackers.

stick to the BRAT diet: bananas, applesauce, rice, toast. and sip your drinks, don't guzzle. that can make you more nauseus.

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