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josh f
What time do you like to get up?
if you did not have to get up at a certain time what time would you like to get up at...

5 AM

not until about 2pm...i slept in last weekend since I didn't have to work.....but I usually have to get up around 630-700 to be at work at 9

12 noon

During the summer since school's out this is what I do:
I stay up until like 4 or 5 in the morning and then I sleep until noon.
I really am a night owl and I love staying up late and I hate getting up early.

it depends.Sumtimes i like to sleep in til' 3 or 4. other days I like to get up early at like 9 or 10.
(yes thats early according to me)

Stacie♫ fan
10:30 AM. Perfect-not too late, not too early. :)

I'd like to get up at about 9:30 AM but usually end up waking up at 8.

5am in the summer - to enjoy the whole day and get a good workout in before the heat. 7am in the winter - it's sooo nice to just feel cozy when it's cold out!

As late as possible...keeps me from spending money.

2pm is cool cuz it gives me enough time to pick up the wellfare check and cash it in for beer :)


exactly 7:32 am. LOL .every morning at that exact second

note: i dont use an alarm clock.

(most people my age wake up at like 12 but i think thats a total waste of my life. )

Heather B
I get up when ever I want except when I have to work I would say 9 am

I'd say about 10 a.m. That's some good sleeping in if you go to bed around midnight, but still early enough that you don't feel you've wasted your day.

10 AM


I like to sleep to about 9:30 am on the weekends, but I have to get up about 6:20 am in the week.

10:18 AM

Ashlee S


6 ish

Brown Sugga Jada
anytime early den 10:30 am

well i stay up all night 'till 12 o'clock...because i answer questions on yahoo answers all night. THEN my mom wakes me up at 6:00[sharp] because i don't have anything to do during the summer, so she takes me with her to work(she works in a dental office). and i HATE IT because i go to bed sooo late, and then i have to wake up EARLY in the morning when the sun is barely out!

so the certain time that i would like to get up at is 9:00 or later.

hhhmmmm....i wonder what time YOU would want to wake up!

before 8 am


7:00 am

Motocross girl
Oh, I am such a morning person! I try to get up around 6-7:30.

I right now get up at round 11:00. During school time i get up at 5:30 am. It is way to early.

i goto work at 2pm, i usually like to get up about 10am.

Green Tea Happy
7:40 am

yesac and yarb
when i opened my eyes. in the end we are all going to have plenty of rest.

i dont have to get up at a certain time i get all the sleep i want 12ish sounds about right for me

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