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contessa g
What should you do if an elevator starts to fall while you're on it?
Say you're so many floors up. Elevator breaks, malfunctions, etc. What should you do so you'll live through the collision with the bottom floor?

Liya J
everyone is just praying....you just need to remain calm and hope for the best even though its falling ....sit down on your back with your knees to your chest and hold on tight...gravity pulls you down.

Put your head between your legs and kiss your *** goodbye!!!!

light up a cigarette and enjoy my last one.

Pray there really isn't anything else you can do. The jumping thing is a farce!!

flap your arms really fast,..then step off of it right at the last second before it hits the ground floor..bugs bunny has had success at this several times

Get down on the floor.

I will not have time to do anything because I'd probably faint!

Don't know what I should do but I would press as many buttons as I can. Then, pray and hope something will stop the elevator. Don't think there is time to do anything else.

the usual thing is to panic and scream like hell.."lay down on floor and hold head"

Mallory Knox
Although surviving is pretty hard in that case, there are a couple things you can do. If the elevator has a pole running along the walls to hang on to, grab on to it, push your back straight against the wall, and bend your knees so taht your legs will act as a cushion and you won't break your back.

well u should hit the emergancy stop button

Sit down.

i'd close my eyes and think about all the good things life gave me.

I saw this on the net. it said to get your back against the wall with knees slightly bent with hands against the wall to cause as much friction as possible to slow down the abrupt stop.

Points whore
I doubt very seriously if there is anything you can do. The impact from that far up will kill you.

Sassy OLD Broad
OK...think about your options here. They are sort of limited, right? Things like this happen seldom and when they do you don't have any time to think about what you should or shouldn't do to live through it. If you have to calculate every move you make in your life, including worrying about the elevator breaking, you'll never go anywhere. I knew a person who had an airplane crash into his house...he wasn't home, thank God...but the same applies here..."what do you do when an airplane crashes into you home?" Life is wayyyy to short to worry about things like this. Just be kind to others as you go through your life and things will fall where they may...no pun intended. Godloveya.

It just does not fall due to changes made by Otis in the 1930s. But, if you want to plan ... stand with your knees slightly bent.

For those who said lay on the floor -- there would be big trouble with nothing to break your fall -- your body cavity would be crushed into the floor. With bent knees you may break your legs but that would protect your internal organs and you would have a higher probability of survival. I could arrange a demonstration for the willing.

xzone fan..
the best way is sit in the cornner because the medle will fall dead center.

learn to fly and pray, because more than likely you would be going to meet the big guy in the sky, but don't worry, they do all have a failsafe on them, it's not going to fall other than in a movie,

push door open button...just kidding. get down and hope you make it through

And Relax , they say when the body is relax received less contusions in accidents.

Lie down flat on your stomach will give you the best chance of surviving. You don't want to lay on your back because the impact could harm your spine.

Lay flat on the floor. I would assume laying on your back would be better. Other than that, there's really nothing else O_o

Jumping up and down doesn't do anything.

I doubt you would survive.

This was actually shown on Mythbusters and jumping before an elevator hits the ground would not save your life...because you would have to jump at 57 miles per hour. That is not humanly possible.

Lay down on the bottom of the elevator on your back so you will absorb the impact. Then sue whoever owns the elevator. :)

All new elevators have free-fall safety brakes on them. It is almost impossible for this to happen, But if it did I guess you were either picked for 1 of gods solders and just some really, really bad-luck

I would say hold on to the side rails if they are any in the Elevator and start praying.

you would get f'd up no matter what. Mythbusters tested that one.

Put your head between your legs and kiss your as s goodbye

Thank God that I listened to my mother and wore clean underwear.

Big Feet
C'mence to praying, my sister.

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