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Jimmy Crack Corn
What should I do when I see a young kid smoking cigarettes?
This kid in my neighborhood makes a point of smoking while he's walking down the street. He's probably about 10 years old. I do not know his parents, so I don't know if they are OK with it. Should I just ignore his behavior, or should I say something?

knock that little menace out

Call the cops non-emergencey line

Not your kid, not your business. Besides if he is 10 and smoking, his parents are probably the type that would set your lawn on fire and throw bricks through your car windows if you interfered!

Call the cops and explain it to them. They will be happy to put a little scare into him.

My opinion is that you should find a role model or important person to him and see if they are the ones reflecting this behavior on him or you can also just try to talk to him.

Ignore it. It's not your place to parent other people's children.

Let it go, and don't follow his example.

justin f

Night visions
you should say something

Slap it right out of his little mouth, the d*mn little b*st*rd. Then go beat up his parents and kick them where it hurts.

Just let the police know what street he is smoking up and let it go.

Ask him " Hey kiddo, gotta light?"

I'm afraid I'm one of those who has to say something, even if I get a mouthful of abuse. At least my conscience is clear and I know I didn't just walk by and say nothing. I would just say (being a smoker myself) It's not as easy to give up as you think you know! And would think up some new statistic to tell him every time I saw him. I wish someone had done the same for me.

Sunny H
give him some Cocaine or marijuana ,,he will quit smoking !

I'd probably mind my own business unless you know him and have spoken to him before. If you know him enough to say "Hi"... I'd mention how smoking really is horrible, especially when you are growing, how it stunts your growth etc, and how all the cash ppl waste on cigs could buy some kickass cool stuff, like video games, music, dvds. I don't know if I'd rat to his parents or not. They could be real asshats or something, and I’d hate for you to get into a bad relationship with his parents and have to live with the consequences of being hated by the neighbors. If you are truly concerned, you can try to get to know the parents, and keep this tidbit of info about their son under your belt, until you feel them out a bit and conclude whether divulging his smoking habit would be appropriate. I'm sorry, but it really is a play it by ear kind of thing in today's world. Too bad we don't live in a world like "Leave it to Beaver"... all would be resolved with little drama. Good luck to you and mad kudos for actually caring about a kid's well-being. You are obviously a very sweet and caring person.

NO parent with half an ounce of sense will LET their 10 year old son smoke.......I would politely tell the kid he shoudn't smoke and explain briefly why.......If I saw him smoking again I would make note of where he lives and speak with his parents.

You can't sit back and do nothing; It takes a villiage to raise a child

First of all, if you see him around the neighbor a lot, then confront him or his parents (if around). If not, then the next time you see a kid smoking confront him without any 'what ifs'. Other than that just leave him alone. The most important part that you did was, caring about his well-being. That's the best feeling you can get. If you meddle around with things then, you'll probably get hurt. So, stay out unless your confident, but if you really want to help him then say to him,"You know that is bad for you lungs." or if you see him around and you are also outside and he passes by you then wave hi and when you guys kind of know each other ask him if he can be your friend and if you are friends say that you will come over to his house then if he lets you go, then tell his parents.Hope this helps a little.:)

well its illegal possession so you could say something...what if he were pushing drugs?...do you have a kid in the area? you want him pushing to your kid...contact cps...even if the parents know about it its child abuse and if they dont then now they will and you can stay anonymous

You should ask his parents if they would allow a ten year old to smoke and if not, then tell the parents. But the real question is, where does the kid get the cigarettes

redneck girl
I hate seeing children smoke. He's probably getting them from his parents.
If you are uncomfortable with talking to him, try posting anti-smoking posters in areas of your neighbourhood he'll see them.

The parents most likely know, but you want to do something and I commend you on that.
Does he go to a local school ....If so why not help the school out and help start a information program for children and smoking . if you live in a big city or near one their are grants to do just this. I know it would take more effort than you wish to spend but you can make a difference in more lives WOW what a good feeling.

Or you can, see if you can find where they are coming from. It may be a local store selling to anyone or a group of kids hanging out by a store and charging to get them .
Don't go to the store and ask them to stop go to the local police department and tell them what you think, they can handle them for then on.

Troy S
Mind your own business

You could just hint that it is not cool to smoke and that you are not impressed by it. Often they think they are tough when lighting a cigarette and most of the time they don't even like it. Just image and attitude. Break the attitude and the cigarette's gone, unless he is part of some group of course. Then other rules apply.

Mind Your Business !

if his parents are "OK" with it, then they are committing a crime. he is a minor and should not be given access to cigarettes. more than likely they are unaware. next time, i would surreptitiously follow him home and ring the doorbell. ask to speak to the parents and let them know what is going on. without coming across as a stalker, having a picture you have taken of him "in the act" is also going to help your case. (not more than one though and relinquish it to the parents and let them know it is your only copy.)

Yes absolutely you should say something.

try asking your neighbors if they know the child, if they do, take a picture of kid smoking and give it to the parents, if no action is taken contact cps [child protections services] and report it. surely some one knows this kid and can tell you where he lives or try to follow him home and contact the parents

I think you should say something. The kid shouldnt be smoking. hes too young. If you say somethingm there is at least a slight chance he will listen, and then also you wont have to worry anymore because you tried.

Tell the parents while the kid is young enough to still be scared of them.

Starting that young, he'll have a very difficult time kicking it byt he time he's 16.

If it were my kid, I'd want to know. I don't want my kid dying of Emphysema or Lung Cancer when she's 60.

bum one off him, ask him where he lives.. and then tell his parents.

i would ignore it- he's not going to listen to you anyway. But, if you feel strongly about it, follow him home and then tell his parents.

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