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What is the purpose of the rib cage?

I wanna help
to protect you inerds and to prove that your super skinny if they show...lol

The rib cage protects all the organs inside your stomach. It essentially "cages" your vital organs so they are not easily damaged.

isnt it to like protect your heart and lungs and all that junk?

Protection for vital organs, specifically heart and lungs. The body is a well refined machine.

To protect the heart and all the other organs in it of course!

keep your organs together.

Karay R
To protect your organs. Its also a component in your respitory system.

To protect the heart form getting smushed?

it protects your guts and supports various parts

are you serious? well it protects every organ in your midsection

Protects your heart and everything else...

the purpose of the rib cage is to protect your lungs
and other internal organs

Michael S
Yes it doe provide a protection for the organs but more importantly, it provides an anchor point for about fourty sets of muscle pairs to pull and contract. without this attachment they couldnt work. The intercostals between the ribs expand and contract the rib cage to allow expansion of the lungs, the pectorial major and minor attach to the ribs, the psoas for bending and rotating attach to the ribs, so many of the upper back and neck muscles also need a place to hang onto. You would not be able to do a lot of basic movements with your body without the rib cage


to protect

to protect the organs

keep it simple
The purpose of a rib cage is
1)to protect your vital organs in the upper torso
2)to support the mussel structure that weaves a round your torso
3)supports the spinal cord

hecla 1
to protect internal ogans, lungs, heart, liver, etc.

protect your organs

Lexa Reilly
Protect your organs and give you structure...

to protect your vital organs. DUH

to protect your lungs,especially your heart. Imagine if someone hits you on the chest, and you don't have a ribcage? you willl definitely die.

c4 the alien
protection of internal (& VITAL) organs

Sgt. Pepper

I'm no doctor, but i think it protects all of your vital organs from being smashed and punctured.

John B
To Protect Your Organs Like The Heart, Lungs, And Stomach.

The purpose of the rib cage is to protect your heart and lungs.

so i can hug u....2protect the lungs

so the ribs don't escape

To protect your organs

to protect the heart and lungs from any trauma...just like the skull with your brain. Also to provide structure...without bones we would just be a sack of skin!

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