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 Is smoking a cigar once every 2 weeks bad for your health?
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please tell me why and how???
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 Should smoking be banned completly?
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 Butt stuck to tolit seat?
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 Is it bad that my hands are cold all the time?
like i would have enough clothes to keep my body warm, but even in the house im warm but my hands and usually my feet (with socks on) are always cold. am i lacking in iron or something? im a skinny ...

 I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY? is this normal?
Why can't I take naps?...

What is the most painful thing in the world?

Physically? bamboo shoots up, under your fingernails.

Mentally? losing a loved one, before your eyes

Dustin M
getting kicked in the balls or child birth

physical pain- having a baby!
Emotional pain- losing someone

Dr. William Cosby
Women would say natural childbirth.

Since I'm not a woman, and wouldnt know...I'd have to say....4 more years of George Bush(or McCain)

i would say to lose a loved one one or even worse your own child

sorry...im not level two so i cant thumbs up the frist answer
but i agree with him

losing your child

kidney stones!

James Y
sawing off a limb with a pocketknife, it happened.
and the guy was a real trooper, took him 3 hours (cutting through bone) uuuugh...

People might say, broken heart, sick, or whatever other things, which is true, it's painful, but for me, personally, it hurts the most when you don't know who you are anymore.

Carolina Gentleman
Losing a son

Child birth

physical or psychological? If physical than giving birth. If psychological a death of a loved one child or not.

dawn z
physically-natural child birth-kicked in the balls

mentally- i would say losing a loved one,family,friends.

if you're a parent, losing a child.

if not, losing a parent.

losing someone very dear 2 u

Laurence B
Personal experience!!!!! Physically? Having a No6 Molar removed without anesthetic! I have a huge pain tolerance, but recently found out that im intolerant to local anesthetic as well. That was 1 hour of hell, especially as the root kept on breaking nearer and nearer the jaw bone!!! Mentally? Losing a loved one.

Loving someone that does not love you.

depends on the person

Sharing a cell w/ a big dude named Bubba and being his boyfriend....

Physically: Going through chemo and surviving cancer.

Emotionally: Losing a loved one.

~*~Ky Mom~*~
physically - the birth of your child
emotionally - the death of a loved one

death of child before that of parent or parents

Miley Cyrus

Anthony Spears
Witnessing the tragic and painful death of your child due to cancer.

Losing a child, especially when you didn't even get to say hello.

I lost my first and only grandchild (she was stillborn) in August.

losing a child

every one had experienced his own pain so it depends on you and your own body

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