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What is the meaning of my symptoms?
Dear friends, my boyfriend doubted me and he made me really upset last night when we were talking on the phone.He linked me with other men and kept condeming my love for him.He said I dont know what is love and he keeps linking me with other men when i only love him and have him in my heart.LAst night, i went out with my sister to the shopping mall and i had to park the car. He called me to my mobile and i had to talk to him fast and hang up the call.When I called him back, he kept breaking me by telling me that i was with another men and the whole night he was criticising me and inflicting pain in me till at one point, I just crashed my mobile phone on the floor and suffered from difficulties in breathing and i was suffocating. He was talking so low abt my love to him tht i cudn't take it.I was breathless for nearly 20 minutes till I went outside the house at 5a.m to get some air.this is the 1st time i'm experiancing this.What is this mean?thanks for helping me.

Anxiety attack!! Be careful it is dangerous.

you were breathless? did you feel like coughing alot? is it your first time? It could be asthma.. thats my guess. You better see a doctor if it happens again. ok?

Sounds like a panic attack. If this starts to happen more, talk to your doctor. They can prescribe something to prevent this from happening.

Wow, and after all of that you are on here, instead of the hospital? Sounds like a Lifetime movie.

Sounds like stress! Life is too short!

Anxiety. Get rid of the boyfriend he is the one causing it.

Anxiety attack
Stop talking to him, he is hurting you and doesnt care and never will and you cant fix him.
Deep breath, that should do it.

Snow Baby
It sounds like you might have been hyperventillating. Sometimes this happends due to Stress. It could also be a minor anxiety attack.
It sounds like you and your boyfriend need to sit down and talk. Ask him why exactly he feels this way. Not just to give you 1 or 2 reasons but to give you many. Be prepared for the conversation, emotionally speaking. If he starts getting like that night, repeat to him that you are not attacking him or anything, to calm down. Try and explain to him that you are confused, don't understand what is going on with him, don't understand why he is feeling this way, and also tell him that he needs to be careful with his words because you are not feeling that good, health wise.

It also sounds like you should go get a check up. Your symtoms don't sound like a big deal but you never know.

Also,keep in mind that lots of times when people accuse you of cheating or not loving them is because they are reflecting their own feelings on to you. In another words it might be that HE is doubting his feelings for you or he is cheating on you.

Good Luck....And try and take it easy...both of you.

Anxiety attack. You need to move on and get over this dude before he causes you some serious health problems. And it sounds like he could become violent. Ditch him and fast. You feel much better after you do.

move on

christopher d
i might be wrong..might be anxiety attack. check with your physician.

just calm down you must really love him i'v ehad things like that happen and I felt like that some boys are just stupid hey maybe he's not ready for your love thats why he doubts it give him space and just space yourself sweetie this is not good for yourself.

saint with grenades
possibly a panic attack. it happens when people get really upset.

Okay, let me assure you that your symptoms are probably not related to some sort of physical problem, but they were most likely a cause of the sudden emotional and psychological trauma you experienced. Well it wasnt exactly trauma, but i think you are probably very in love and attached to this guy, so whatever he said to you must have really hurt you and therefore the physical symptoms you experienced were compensating for your emotionality.

You need to take it easy. Realize that nothing is permanent and everything is temporary. And frankly.....life isnt meant to be perfect. If he doesnt trust you, then you know what, let it go. that is his fault. and i know it must be difficult, but do you really want a guy that doesnt trust you and what you do? and to me, he seems overly possessive and controlling to. trust me you do NOT want a man like that. have some confidence in yourself and realize that your a woman and as a woman, you dont always need to rely on a man to keep you happy and that you should be strong enough to stand on your own, if you need to. You deserve somebody that trusts you and if this guy doesnt....leave.

Easier said than done, but its the truth hun. Best of luck

It sounds like you were having a panic attack caused by anxiety and stress. Your chest gets tight (it almost feels like someone sitting on it) and you have trouble breathing. You may feel tingling in your hands and feet and feel lightheaded and nauseated.

In my personal humble opinion, it sounds like your boyfriend is looking for a way to make you break up with him. He keeps accusing you of things that both of you know are not true. It sounds like he wants to break up with you but doesn't want to take the responsibility of ending the relationship. Do both of you a favour & end it for him. Then, you can move on to someone who is worth your time and who loves you and wants to be with you and you alone.

you definitely had a panic attack. Very scary. I believe that your best bet would be to drop this guy fast. He could cause you to become quite ill and that would be a bloody shame. Too many panic attacks could cause heart disorders, stomach problems, etc. Be brave and drop him. You only have one life so enjoy it.

Just me
You can find better. Do it!

*Larry P. he's for me*
When someone accuses you, that strongly, of cheating, he/she is usually guilty themselves. This person is not worth you having a panic attack over. What would happen if there was a serious, committed relationship, with rings and kids and all?

They mean you need a new boyfriend

Kirk Handsome
it means you need to grow the f*uck up!

Do I know you? ya right LoL

Panic attack. He is abusive and will become more so and you won't be able to be ourself or do anything without feeling like that. Dump him immediately and find someone who will love you with trust!

I think you're a lunatic.

Phil and Sue O
The sickness is called , whatever the name of your boyfriend is... my Rx for you is : A quick incision remove the ugly growth and toss it !!
Get rid off that right away before it starts affecting other body parts with long lasting effects!!!!

Diane D
Sounds like you were hyperventilating due to stress. You should ditch him if your relationship is that stressful and if he is that untrusting.

Most people who are that jealous of their BF or GF are actually cheaters themselves. That's why they can't imagine that somebody would be faithful to them. A truly faithful man will not have cause to doubt you.

This guy is a LUNATIC. CRAZY.

Nobody rants and raves like that and goes off on somebody for no reason, unless they are nuts.

Sweetie, you do not NEED that s*** -- dump his a**

By the way... the breathless stuff is called hyperventilation.
Anybody would have a similar attack if they had to listen to that crap for that long. It's a symptom, not an illness, and it will go away right after that moron gets out of your life forever.

When guys are insisting that his girl is cheating it usually means that he is cheating.

it means it's time for you to find a different guy

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