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What is the average weight???
what is te av. weight for an 15 year old girl...that is 5'2

Lynx that is tottally wrong i am 134 pounds and i am 13 and my doctor says i am still not overwieight. u are fine

bender the offender
probably like 100 lbs

5' 2" 108-121

there are different averages for different frames

Your healthy weight range for 5'2 is 109 - 125 pounds.

But you are only 15 years old, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.


109 pounds

I'd guess about 110 lbs. give or take a few pounds depending on your bone structure.

100 -110 pounds, possibly, depends on the bulid.

75000 kg

girl, enjoy being a girl. dont worry so much about the weight. you are 15 yrs old. you are still going to continue to grow, and weight will go up and down.
you have plenty of time to think about that is the future, just enjoy the present.

47-50 kg

a good weight would be about 110, probably between 100-120

there is a formula, but i am not sure. I think it is age divided by wt into 100. Remember to make sure whether ur calculating in pounds or kgs.

Depends on your bone structure too.

semper fi guy
80 pounds


maybe in kilos 55, 60


110 lbs.


Average weight depends on height, age and the body frame.A chart specifying the same is easily available in the market.

110 to 125

I would say around 100 lbs. My theory is if you are happy with yourself why change.

go to yahoo health and find the bmi(body mass index) calculator, it will tell you your ideal weight. but also remember that muscle weighs more so you should take that into consideration.


PD Cruzer
for u 108 i am guessing. Good luck


90-110 is the averge

jason d
Small frame, very slim 38kgs minimum
Medium frame, average 45kgs
Large frame, curvacious 55kgs

So b/w 38 and 55kgs is acceptable i guess.
check out a healthy weight range graph babe, there's plenty online. My figures could be way off.

Sharp Marble
the optimal healthy weight is 100 lbs for 5 feet and 5 lbs for evey inch after taht, so 110 lbs. add 10% for big bones.

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