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 Why am i always feeling so tired and thirsty?
I have never felt this sick and tired since i had my baby last nov.

i am always very tired and i do get enough sleep..my eyes will burn and everything cause i am feeling so tired


 Is your tap water safe to drink?
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 I am tired but i can't sleep any suggestions?

 How can people smoke cigaretts when they know the truth?

What is a good way to release stress?

medetation and writting

Open space like a park............and scream yer head off.

yoga is the best way

Texas Cowboy
Ha Ha

I run laps at the local track. 10 seems to do it for me

i think the best way is to go to a quiet place, and just sit down and turn on some music u like and relax!!

I keep a box with old glass in it like drinking glasses, old vases etc.. I take them out back when I am really stressed and I throw them up against the wall outside, safely of course but the sound of the glass crashing into the wall and shattering is very calming. You can use all the force you can and just let go!!!!!

Watch a sunset

IRock Haha u Don't
Relax step out have a moment alone think about what your haveing stress about and why think of a way to release it maybe go have fun a little talk with friends have a romantic dinner with your husband/ Boyfriend

A walk or an old black and white movie.

Laughing. Excersize is a very good way-it releases the good feeling endorphins.

What is matter does not matter. What is mind is all there is!
In most cases the stress is menatl-emotional. If you cannot remove yourself from the cause do not give it too much meaning.

Most stressful relationships are ego driven projecting the problem onto another. You allow this to stress you by giving it meaning. Learn that the 3 poisons are expectations, which ruin all relationships, conditions and most of all attachment. True love is devoid of all three. Whatever we feel at any moment, we caused it. If you email me through Yahoo I shall send you copy of how to obtain inner peace.
Peace & happiness,

Exercise is probly the best way to relieve stress.
Reading, listen to soft music, meditation, junk food, Xanax.

Get an aromatherapy massage session, it helps reduce stress greatly, and at the same time, it may resolve the root cause of the problem causing the stress :)

Mediate is a good way too, but the results may be MUCH slower as you need to get the basics correctly and much more :(

Do I Really Need To Explain It To Ya ?

hmmmm a pedicure works for me

Shedra M
A way to release stress is by taking a day off and going out with friends or family. you can also go some were that you always wanted to g.

William E

Primal scream therapy.

Just Bein' Me
read a good book and get your mind off of whatever is bothering you.

Trip S
Guided imagery.- hot bubble baths, and a nice massage.

paige g
Massage therapy.. Change of environment....change the noise level and lighting. get fresh air...go for a run outside.
Talk or write down what you are feeling and you will become aware of things that are bothering you that you didn't even realize. reduce caffeine and say no to some of the people that are making demands on your time. Take the bus or walk instead of drive. Get enough sleep and don't drink alcohol. Get a pet dog...people with pets live longer. RELAX BABY (Austin Powell)

One of the nicest ways of releasing stress...is to have a nice warm bath in your favourite bath soak.....and forget about the world for a while....

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