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 I want to smoke meth today ive been clean 4 months but tonight its overwelming me?

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What is a good way of cooling yourself down when your mad?
Im really mad right now and i want to calm down whats a good way to do it?

4 Tha World
THry not to think of what is making you mad or upset. Go to your happy place.

Ellen J
Put the focus outside of yourself! If you focus on the needs of others, the anger should dissipate.

Anger is usually a sign of a blocked goal. Try to figure out what that goal is, it the solution might become apparent.

Lock your office, pluck in your laptop and go to Yahoo answers.com .....


I tend to break things....usually on accident, or because I'm not thinking at the time. Maybe try throwing something that WON'T break.

read a good book. it really helps me....to get lost in someone elses life and problems :)

Philip T
Stick your head in a toilet bowl and flush. Wait till it fills up and flush again. Do this until all the crap in your head has been flushed away.

Ashley B
take some deep breathes and maybe eat somthin or go do somthin else like watch a movie or somthin ...works for me, hope it works =]

Try to think about funny thing and Laugh out loud.

Then you will feel nth else matter.

MOre importantly is to know how to control your mindset.

Take it easy !!

D puerto rican kid
sing some songs out loud...... listen to some music doesnt matter how loud it is and go to ur room and punch ur bed or ur pillow and or cover ur face with the pillow and scream very loud hope this helps....

I usually go for a drive and blast my favorite songs and sing at the top of my lungs...I usually opt for something by Staind..

Daniel B
Wash your face off with cold water. Get a fan, I do that when I'm frustrated since my face gets hot.

Put your face in a pillow and scream as long and loud as you can. Did you ever see Lilo and Stitch? :) It really does work. Do it multiple times if you have to, but don't hyperventilate and pass out.

Take a walk, take a shower. Get away from what is making you angry.

youve made the firs step
call someone who is willing to listen or text someone
go do something like shopping :P
or eat some good stuff and have a ciggarette :D

Ice cream and computer games.

do you smoke? lol. but try holding your breathe for a couple of seconds and keep taking deep breathes through your lungs and breathe out til your out of breathe pretty much, or go for a walk or listen to some music you can sing to really loud that often helps me

Sing to yourself`? ring a ring a roses` a pocket full of posies` atchoo atchoo all fall down`??

racer 51
get of the computer and take a brisk walk. listen to music while you're at it. that should help.

Take several deep breaths, slowly count to ten . then again if you still feel mad. By the way are you mad at someone or yourself?

either taking medication or trying to understand your madness and wait for bed time. :)
you dont want to yell too loud for too long. You might lose your voice amongst other reactions.

When I get angry at someone, I just remove myself from the situation for awhile. I'll walk out of the room and go do something else for a few minutes. Try taking a short walk outside, it will help to clear your head and get your mind off of why you were so angry. When you get back, hopefully you will see the situation from another perspective, and have a positive way to work it out.

get completely away from the situation and pray for knowledge to accept or change the problem

this is a public place but hop into the sack and use your imagination

listen to some really easy going music. maybe even some music that will make you dance, anything that's fun for you...do.

I blast music an run on the treadmil..lol

I wish I could help you. Since I always cry whenever I am so mad...and when I cry I feel okay.
My friends told me that when we are mad, we became irrational, so just keep your cool. Don't say anything to someone who made you mad, since you are not rational this time, better leave the place for the meantime, and when you are cool, that's the time you confront or talk to him/her.

Depends what you like doing... try listening to music, writing, venting to a friend... or just punching your stuffed animals or blankets :-)

Sandy B
Go shoot a couple rounds.

punch something soft and scream and go run sprints and scream

Jonathan R


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