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Steve W
What illness have I got?
Okay in the last four weeks I don't appear to have been free of illness. I've been tired, sneezing, coughing, had a sore throat, headaches and generally feeling crap.
Additional Details
I'm 23 years old.

Megan M

The Great!
aids definetly

probably just common cold

take a day to rest, drink some juice and lie down

black horse
general fatigue

the flu......

tainted canvas

you sir have a cold...

best answer please?

Try influenza (The Flu). If it's not that, check with a doctor.

Flu is going around -- it lasts a while.

Sounds like mono. How old are you? you can still get it if you are 23 but symptoms won't be as bad like the ones you have right now. It lasts for months so I hope you don't. have you been sharing drinks or kissing a lot of girls?

i spy...
the flu i guess.

the flu?

those are symptoms of alot of things.

Gamer Kid 360
Flu, Cold, Maby Pregnant

Sasha L
Nothing much.
you are just starting a stomich virous in a few days that means.
but i love your icon!

sounds like allergies

LoVeS CoNfUsInG ♥!!!!

there's been a flu and the cold going around.

Sick Of Your Ish
You may have the flu or pneumonia. Go to your doctor and ask for the Z Pac. It will totally knock it out of you in 2 days. I promise you will feel better.

Because its lasted so long, my first guess it that it's allergies, but you could have had an upper respiratory illness that turned into what's called walking pneumonia. It lasts a long time, because you don't feel bad enough to miss school and work or go to a doctor but you do feel crappy and really tired. It turns into pneumonia because you don't feel bad enough really to go see a doctor and just keep going, which wears you down more and more until pneumonia sets in. Even then, most people just keep going "walking" because they don't seem to feel quite bad enough to go see a doctor. If it is this, you do need to see a doctor. If it's walking pneumonia, you need treatment or it'll just keep getting worse.

On the other hand it sounds like it could be the flu, which is viral, and for which the doctor will only be able to give you symptomatic relief, which means you'll be told to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eat normal regular, healthy food, with the emphasis on REST.

I think I'd try staying in bed for 3 days, just to catch up on rest, and drinking plenty of water, and OJ is OK too, and eating real food meals, and take a Multivitamin every day. If you don't feel a lot better after 3 days of that, go to the doctor.

flu maybe? or if you are feeling really tired maybe mono.

swept away in hopes
sounds like a cold but if you have any green flem (mucous) it is a upper respiratory infection. Get some Alegra D which helps alot

Rachel H
I think I've had the flu for the last week, and those are the symptoms I've had too. Just drink lots of water and eat good and rest up and you should feel better.... take some vitamin C too! Otherwise, maybe you should go to the doctor.

that happens to everybody once in a while
the truth is almost every sickness has those simptoms
could have the frikin' plague
my advice...
don't go to yahoo ans. dot com for this sorta stuff
people could say u have like cancer
go to a doctor

u might have a cold or maybe the flu, or even a fever

suga Hunii
flu. c a doctor

pamela d
lt sounds like the flu cause lm feeling the same way. drink alot of fluids

short qt
there is an upper respiratory virus going around it could be that.... it lasts for approximately 1 month

Could it be mono? Have you had any blood tests run, checking for white cells, etc? Perhaps it's time for a check up as you sound too young to be having such a time with your health (unless you're a 40 year old virgin). Hahaha. Anyway, there are a number of things this could be, some serious and some not - see your doc.
BTW, flu is way more than a cold. You are basically nonfunctional with flu but lots of folks are overly dramatic and call a cold the flu!

chances are you have a bad cold or a fever.
it is hard to tell the difference but i recommend getting anti cough medicine and some Tylenol. Make sure you get sleep too =]

hope this helps,


Four weeks may be time to call the Doctor, but there are plenty of viruses going around this time of year including the flu, mono, ect. Could even be a bacterial infection.

cold... :( drink some orange juice

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