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What food or drink is good for constipation?

Additional Details
I am on antibiotics and it is causing it to happen.

Susan Yarrawonga
In the Search for questions slot type in constipation + "natural remedies" and you will get at least 26 results.

I hate it when that happens. :(

Drink lots of water, eat high-fiber foods like oatmeal, and if necessary you can use something like Miralax to soften your stools and help you stay regular. You just stir it in your drink or soup or yogurt or whatever, it's tasteless.

Olive oil. It has mild laxative effects and will not cause any type of allergies. It is also great as a skin/scalp moisturizer in addition to all of the benefits it provides when consumed orally.

Trust me...use a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and you will be fine. = ) It has always worked miracles for me.

drink lots and lots of good water

prunes or prune juice

coffee, fiber

Raji the Green Witch
Oatmeal is good as is any other high fiber food. Juices like prune juice, apple juice, Bluebverry juice are all good for releiving constipation.

Raji the Greenwitch

Caffiene and Potassium.

Any dark vegetable, because it will help remove toxins from your bowels. Bananas, though they are healthy, are actually bad for constipation.

jim beam

pears and pear juice it has been doctor recommended

Definitely anything with fiber. Try eating an apples or broccoli. Things like that should help a lot.

PRUNE JUICE! or michael jackson in your window AH!

take yakult or vitagen

Lady Morgana (((love LB)))
you got it. prunes are the winner, no butts about it

hee hee I couldn't help it

Prune Juice. Drink lots of water all the time. Go for a walk on a regular basis.

I am a firm believer of prunes and prune juice.

A nurse 4 u
Increase your intake of fluids, for starters. Prune juice is supposed to be a good laxative. Increase your intake of roughage (cruciferous vegetables) and fibers.
NurseMom :)

elle d
fiber, bread, greens, GOOD HEALTHY FOOD

rusty shackleford
anything with plenty of fiber

in addition to all of the above, you can also try beets
but it's about fruits and veggies in general

Prune juice but it is terrible. There is a vitamin called Acidophilus and this will help you get back to normal naturally and it takes about 1 day and it is a lot easier than downing the prune juice

Raisins, prunes, prune juice, dates, raisin bran, and apple juice.

Miss No-bubby
anything pruney. like prunes or raisins.

Yi H
vegetables and fruits.

Prunce juice is good, but might give you the runs. I would try any kind of fruit. If constipation is at a point where it is really bad, dont wait, try a suppository instead of a pill, this will relieve the constipation with out causing cramps and loose stool.

james l
Prunes or prune juice should do it.

Bubastes, Cat Goddess*
Lots of Vitamin C or Orange juice and onions.
This should give you gas
and the acid should make you go.
If you don't like Orange Juice,
try tomato or V8.
Just stay close to the restroom,
because when the time comes,
you'll need to RUN...fast!

Prune or apple juice. Drink it warm followed by a full glass of water.

Fiber foods.... broccoli

Prune juice, bran cereal, any of those fibre powders that you can dissolve in water, grapes etc etc

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