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 I have an all nighter coming up and I have never done it before any tips?
i can not take "naps", once im asleep, im asleep
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I am doing this as a contest with my friends,...

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 Do you ever lay awake in bed at night replaying embarrassing moments in your head and cringing?

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Thank you so much for your answers :)...

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 What is the best thing to do for my daughter? She is 5 and has thrown up 6 times in 3 hours.?
I tried after the first two times to let her have a few sips of cold water, but she got sick about 10 minutes after that. So, I tried letting her eat 1 or 2 crackers and that made her sick too. Then I...

 Is it possible to have naturally blond hair and hazel eyes?

What don't you like about your face?

it's darn oily

Some of the places its been! Yikes!

$parkling Diamond$
My nose

i think my nose is too big. :P..

It looks like Yoda.

A scar on my cheekbone that looks like a division sign.

♥ Callie Ann ♥
my eyes...and lips, my nose is kinda cute

I have this one dark, little, black freckle and people are constantly telling me that I have something on my cheek...and they are always trying to scrape it off.

I don't like my nose. People tell me I have a cute little nose but when I look at pictures of me I feel like it's a little big. It's not a big deal though. Just answering your question. ♥


I've grown accustomed to my face...but it's getting older now and that is taking some adjustment on my part.

I don't care for my nose; its kinda big

Just Gone
well lemme look in the mirror right here,
I see a cute little girl with a cowlick curl,a coupla big blue eyes, a perky nose.....
nice lips, no wrinkles....

OH, I know...
I hate the UNI- brow!

The gray goatee that grows on it

Overall I pretty much like my face. Is that weird?

Yes, sassy is right. I am comfortable with my face.
Some of the firmness is gone now, but we make up for it in other ways, like a wonderful maturity.

Chicken Boyâ„¢
Nothing. It's just two eyes and a beak.

it's usually got this sh*t eatin grin on it...........(imagine that)!!

it serves no purpose

High forhead

I always thought I had large eyes, but I just noticed the other day that they are actually small...crap.

My peculiar eyes. :)

I have freckles.

My eyelashes are too light.

That I never get to see what it really looks like to other people. I "know" what my face looks like to me...but I haven't a clue what it looks like without my own internal perception of it.

my chubby cheeks


what i don't like about my face....hmmmm......it's on this stupid looking body of mine !

baby cheeks

my nose.

Mr. Sky
I read this question and immediately thought of at least a dozen flaws. I wrote them all down, added, crossed out, carried the 1 and mulitplied by 4.

Then, I sat back, sipped my wine, and read what I wrote. *swishes her wine glass, takes a strong sniff and sips it gently*

Having thought it over, I tore up my list.

I would have to say, the one thing I don't like about my face...the honest to goodness one thing...is the fact that I can't hide any emotion I feel. They all find their way out through my facial expressions. Every single, freakin' one of them.

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