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yeah so
What does this look like? (pictures included)
Sorry the pictures are not that great. Those are the best i could get.
I have had this for about a week.. it looked like a small bug bite the size of a pin head. It wasnt itchy or anything.
Then it started to hurt and got bigger. and now it looks like little burn blisters. its pretty painful, and now its really itchy.
I thought poison ivy but i havent been any were were it would get just in that one spot.

What do you guys think it looks like?
Anything the would sooth the itch and pain?

if it gets bigger over the next few days i will get it checked

It also is on my tat but u cant see it in the picture because the tattoo is black.
Additional Details
My tattoo is 4 years old...

Bee stings do not have small blisters and neither do mosquito bites

maybe its bed bugs

just letting it all out
Dont worry about it, stop scratching and it will go away.Probly mosquito bite.

calamine lotion could stop the itching and some of the pain... by the way i really like your tattoo.

arauca m
wow i think you have to go to the doctor becuase it can be a dangerouse sign it can either be poision in your tatooo or it can be a really big infection.

duy yek
could it be a bee sting?

Get it looked at as soon as you can. I don't know what it is, but if it's getting worse, it could be pretty serious. I can't tell if it has a white blister in the center, but if it does you should go to the emergency room as it could be the bite of a brown recluse spider.

Please be aware that the images at the site I have listed below are graphic pictures of such an injury... but you might want to read the information if it fits your symptoms. Do take care!

~* ☼ ♥ Summer Babii ♥ ☼ *~
Hmm. It looks like an allergic reaction to something. Any new products you have? How long have you had the tattoo? It might be that. It might be poison Ivy still, but have it checked! We're not doctors, but I hope I helped a little!!

Just ME
for itchiness you can try after bite. It looks like a large pen. But it really does soothe the itch.

Maybe just a bug bite or a spider bite the way it welped upped.

It looks like a bug bite and use cortizone to sooth-It. I dont think its anything to worry about but go to a doctor if you are really concerned

it looks like a bug bite, like a bee or something like that, however, if you believe this is unusual, and have never experienced it before, it could be a skin problem, try aloe vera to soothe the itch/pain. and try to see a dermatologist, they usually prescribe some cream that usually works, if it worsens or doesn't get any better.

~ Mutts Are Beautiful ~
um a bug bite.
Benadryl anti Itch =]
or calomine lotion

chris brown is cute

Steph D.
if its like a perfect circle like it look likes, you have ring worm.
you should probably go to the doctor before it spreads, if you don't get foot fungus cream.

Maybe its a bug bite

Miss D. Jade
There are a few things it looks like;

A welt
A rash
An allergic reaction to something
A pimple not yet "ripe"

it looks like a rash. or if u find 2 little dots then its probally a spider bite. i would go to the doctor and see what they say but it looks like a rash to me

That is a fire ant bite. Do not scracth it, it will leave a scar. Its going to hurt for about 2-3 weeks. Good luck

prince kwame
go get it checked out cuz it looks nasty nice tattoo though

It looks like a misquito bite but I am probably wrong. ^.^
Ask a doctor,I'm sure he'll give you prescription for it :D

It looks like a rash, you might be allergic to something. Have you been scratching that spot a lot? But if it's only that one spot I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it still doesn't go away in about a week or so, I would go see a doctor.

Paige W
a allergic reaction of some sort. if your tat is new it could be related to that

Maybe you are allergic to your laundry detergent? Lotion? Soap or shampoo you use maybe? I would definitely get that checked out! Good Luck!

I could be a spider bite, which could get pretty nasty. Give it till Wed or Thurs, then maybe see a docter. My buddy got bit on the face by a Brown Recluse, and it took a month for the swelling to go down.

Good luck

Rick M
Looks like you have a spider bite ... they can lay eggs under your skin ..get to the doctor soon it happened to my dad a month ago and it looked the same but was on his chest

Sophie S
It could be like a mosquito bite because usually they get red and they itch and they start to swell. I have one right now! It looks like one, but if you don't think so then i recommend going to the doctors to be on the safe side. To stop the itching you could go to Walgreen's or a pharmacy and check out some creams they have to stop itching! Good Luck =)

i honestly don't know but no matter if it gets bigger or not you need to get it checked out. It could be skin cancer =(

yeah get it checked out it could be a spider bite, they spread. or worse if they look like blisters it sounds like u need to get tested for stds. on ur back i know how ridiculous for me to think it can be an std but as anyone who watches ultimate fighter saw the guy that got kicked off the show for having herpes on his neck

Mommy of four
It could possibly be an allergic reaction to a shirt you were wearing, a specific soap you wash with, best to get it checked.

Well, I read ever answer posted before mine and I have made a few conclusions. It is probably either a bug bite, infection, virus caused rash, or something else. I dont think that you are going to be able to get a clear diagnosis on here. It is obviously not a STD or some of the other crazy things people have said. As for those who said "It definitly looks like...", your pictures are not going to give a definite answer.
I recogmend using an over the conter itch cream, not itching, and covering it with a band aid. If you are worried or it persists for a long time go to a dermatoligist. Good Luck! I hope you get well soon!

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