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What does it feel like when you faint ?
Do you have any warning or advance signs, are you in any way aware of your surroundings, does it cause you any physical discomfort, are you afraid of it happening again ?
Never fainted, just curious, hope its not too personal---thnx

hitting the floor LOL

Your on your feet and your being blown to the floor by the wind.

well basically you cant feel much of anything but it hurts at first cause you stop breathing and then you start breathing again. but really you cant feel a thing!!

Like you fell into a deep sleep and you do not remember anything at all. People say you fainted and you don't remember a thing.

I have fainted a few times; you get very light headed and your eyesight narrows drastically to almost nothing. Then things go gray or black.

you go blind and deaf and you fall. That is what it feels like.

I have only fainted once, but here is my experience:

I was on the treadmill for not even a minute and I started feeling very lightheaded. I had to grab onto the side rail, and at this point--everything turned black.

I woke up on the floor. My family says I fainted, flew off the treadmill, and had a seizure. The neurologist says I seized because of the way I hit the floor.

Upon awakening, I felt like I was entering a dream world where everyone's voice was magnified and all of the lights were incredibly bright around me. It was very trippy. I haven't fainted since it happened and that was 7 years ago. Whenever I feel the slightest hint of being lightheaded, I sit down just in case. I don't worry about it so much anymore... but it did take me a VERY long time to get back onto a treadmill!

Hope this gave you some insight. :)

its horrible. it happened after i had hormone testing. which includes have a drug called Clonidine. it makes u feel very sleepy and tired. I walked outside wen the doctor said it was time and i took about 15 steps and my vision went black. i said to my mom i couldnt see and she held on to my arm. she walked me to the corner when i rested my chin on the parking meter. she let go of me for a second to put something in her back and i crumbled to the floor. i woke up after about a minute of being knocked out. i hit my head on the street and had a big bump on my head. i was in the hospital for about 6 hours trying to get my blood pressure back up and i was hooked up to an IV.

its kind of like falling asleep but everything around you get really dark and the you feel like you have to go to the bathroom and then you dont remember anything and when you wake up it feels like someone put a sandbag over your face until you realize you are consious

. I felt dizzy and sick. I find blackness fills your head in splodges until your head is totally full of blackness and you pass out. It hurts when you come round because you hit the floor quite hard sometimes.....hope you never faint.....

You go unconcious and fall on the floor and get a horrible headache after you wake up.

you feel light headed and hope someone is close enough to catch you...

Wills B
I've fainted twice

Beforehand, i just felt real dizzy and lightheaded, then fell over =D

funnily enough, both times i've fainted i've hit my head off the corner of something, first time, a kitchen table. Second time, the corner of my teacher's desk =P that was funny..........afterward

although, it was weird suddenly looking up at the roof, without knowing why =(

Hott Doggiez
No control over it....just BAM, next thing you know you're on the floor!

10 out of 10
hope i never find out

I fainted once, you just kind of fall asleep on your feet, then fall over! There's lots of people looking down at you when you come round!

When I've fainted I started feeling lightheaded. You get a ringing in your ears. I got really hot all of a sudden and was sweating. Then all of a sudden your vision just starts to go black. And next thing you know people are around you, telling you that you fainted. And you're like, "o crap. how embarrassing." lol. I also hear stuff when I black out. Like one time I heard a scream. And turns out it was my grandmother screaming because I was falling over. It happens really fast. Its not like you're sleeping. You might be out for a couple minutes, but it feels like seconds to you. If you ever feel like you might faint. Just make sure you having something soft to land on. One time I fainted in the mall, and fell onto a rack of earings. With prongs sticking out everywhere. Ouch.
It might be different for each person. But thats how it is for me.

I use to faint all the time b/c of low blood sugar. After i while i learned how to stop myself from fainting. Theres warning signs... you seem to get EXTREMELY dizzy and your head feels like it weighs 100lbs. You seem to not notice whats happening around you. So no, you dont notice your surroundings.To me, everything looked white but there was a lil bit of color. Nothing hurts on you... except the discomfort of being really dizzy and your head weight "100lbs." I think you always fall on your back... I always fell backwards. After you do it you could hit your head and cause damage but thankfully that never happened. As i said i learned how to stop it... when i started to feel dizzy i would slap myself or pinch myself "back into life." It would work to.

I once fainted in the middle of walmart... it was so embarrassing. I woke up and everyone was surrounding me. That was my 1st time fainting. Honestly, i thought i died. I was soo confused what was happening to me.

I hope this answered your question.

Well, I fainted twice in my life, you feel it coming, it happens so quickly that you have to sit down. When you ignore it, you feel that you lose control over your nerves, you lose the feeling in your hands and your legs, you don't know whether you stand, everything will be black. Next thing, you hear a bang, and when you open you eyes, you lay on the floor, then you the can feel again.i.e. the pain where you hurted your head.
It happened to me when I was on holiday in Tunesia. It was so hot, and my body could not bear the heat. I asked for a coffee at the counter, and ignored the feeling of weakness and dizziness. Next thing, I lay on the floor surrounded by frantic waiters.

van kedileri
I black out due to low blood pressure. Just before it happens there is a light headed feeling

Sometimes i feel a wave of coolness before anything else.

i start seeing little dots in front of me -- like there were small insects.

except the little black dots get bigger - when it all goes solid black - I'm out of it..

strangely, i usually feel pretty good afterwords- just embarrassed at people starring at me.

You start feeling dizzy, your eyes begin to go blurry, and you feel like you need to sit down NOW!

You get tunnel vision, things go black, and you don't remember falling over, it hurts afterwards if you fell onto something... but for the most part you have no idea what happened...

Ariel B
Sometimes you can tunnel vision I think, like everything around you goes black slowly. It happened to me once, it was scary. Also I couldnt hear anyone talking, I could see mouths moving but thats it.

I fainted once. Everything started getting really bright. Like white instead of going black. The people talking around me started to sound very far away. I tried to speak but it was slurred. I slumped onto a nearby vehicle and slid down it. You feel really dizzy. I was only out for a few seconds I guess. And felt pretty good after. Everytime I have a panic attack I feel the same stuff.

Rich Z
You get light headed and dizzy and realize you can't stand up. You can even find yourself down on the floor and can get a major bruise in landing there.

I was prescribed a medicine that said on the bottle "Sit down while taking it until side effects are known." They did not mention that sitting down was to avoid falling down. That was the last dose of that one I ever took.

-everything gets dizzy
-everything starts getting black spots on it
-you get really lightheaded
-your chest gets Really tight and it's hard to breath
-you start to feel all tingley because you get really hot

it's really scary because you think you are just sick or something, and the next thing you know everyone is asking you if you are ok


Your Mother
imagine your entire body filled with the power of ten thousand hamsters. its like that.

Kyle R
From personal exp ive gotten really hot and a terrible headache. Before you faint you get really dizzy, your vision is dimmed, you feel weakend. And then you just blackout(like your falling asleep really fast). You can die from this its called Suspension Trauma effect.

So overall its not a great feeling.

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