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 How do i stop constant feeling of having to urinate?
For a while i have had a feeling that i have to urinate constantly, even after i urinate. and if i go and then try to go a few minutes later i can not. my doctors have said that its stress but told ...

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 Why is it when I smoke?????
why is it after every time i smoke a cigarette i get really tired and feel like i need to lay down and go to sleep(half the time i do fall asleep)?
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i have tried ...

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How can men be more dirty or gross as opposed to women?...

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 I eat every 2 days ,what would happen to me if i continue that way?
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and i dont work out but stressed enough to ...

 If size doesn't matter, why do we care?
That goes for everything in life. What is your personal preference?...

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 Why does my body hurt after a fight?
i had a fight yesterday morning and the girl i fought lost the fight. i punched her and everything and she didn't get the chance to hit me. but im wondering why does my body hurt if she didn'...

 How many hours to you sleep during the night?

Additional Details
Myself 8 or ...

What do you think are signs that you're are an adult or getting older?
For men, I think its making noises whan you bend/sit down. Also becoming fascinated by tool kits

Angie A
A sign? If your Driver's licence says you are 18 or older?

Depending on what country you are in, this shouldn't be hard to figure out.

If you cannot vote, you are a kid.

lol...wa bout wrinkles?

For women the sure sign we are aging is that we don't give a hoot what anyone thinks of us anymore,, we just go round being happy all the sudden!

i love rock n roll
for me, and im only 23, i actually enjoy sitting at home with my cat and watching tv, relaxing, i work so much that im too exhausted to be trying to run around all over town and party any more, i also like sleep, alot!!

Being adult is when you realise that the world does not rovolve around you and being old means that it did not matter at all to you that the world did not revolve around you. And still not. LOL.

A good sign is when you have more answers than questions.

Becoming an adult is simply growing up. Getting older is exactly that, it don't stop till we die.

Realizing that the "hip" song on the radio is by some one that I don't have a clue who they are.

Signs of an adult - Age of majority card. Signs of an aging adult - droopy draws.

When you get a checking account and start paying your own bills.

Ways to tell men are getting old...
They have to unzip their fly to scratch their chest...LOL


Refusing to admit that I'm getting older!

haha! For me it's realising that I can't always get my own way and I've learnt to compromise- though it is hard. I also stand up for what I believe in now, when I was younger,I used to just agree with my friends,which in hind sight was so silly. I like being "grown up" but I still have the odd.immature moment ;)

I've seen 2 year old boys do that.

Join the armed forces, own a house, rent an apartment, get a tattoo, etc.

[email protected]
having to pay for your own stuff

When you can't remember, what, you were....um....what was the question I need to scroll back up.

You think about consequences before you do something.

comparing my photos LOL

little aches & pains I am not willing to admit are there, but they are.

As a female, I am finding myself not caring if my clothes are not just so, my hair not perfect,etc. That is one good thing about ageing. No one cares what you are wearing or what you look like. I do have problems getting up when I squat. Can't see worth a hoot.

fine lines

When you start to become like your parents....:-)

ragdollfloozie needs a brushing!
In the words of my Dad, when you think
that you are truly grown up you're probably full of shi t.
I am a middle aged adult and while I find that there are some physical signs like the noise thing and your attitude to partying will change a bit (it hurts to much to do it like you used to)
you are basically the same person.

one of the majors signs your getting old is your memory starts to act up.....you can't remember a damn thing anymore and could care less about it!!!

Hmmmm... not that Im talking about myself, but, maybe for women, "those 3 hours straight of soap operas don't look half bad"!!!!!!!!

when you stop wanting to **** a girl,and you just want to love her....

When you start taking responsibility for your own actions, and stop saying "It's not fair!" or blaming others.

When you realize (at gut level) that the answer to "Why me??" is "Why not?"

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