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What do you do when you have absolutely NO energy?
and a total lack of motivation?i could REALLY use a few ideas.thanks:)
Additional Details
thanks to everyone so far!i feel i should add that i slept 8hrs last night,i have had both coffee,and a huge energy drink,and i cannot sleep because i have to go back to work.

I take a nap. it revitalizes me.

Brian Da Dog
crack....first one's free....after that we'll talk.....

a big fat line

Miss. Misunderstood
Candy bar, and music!

Try changing your sleeping habits

go for a walk and get your blood pumping.

robert p

Absolutely nothing or sleep, depends on if my mind is still active or not.

drink a cup of coffee or a can of Coke...

sleep, thats what we penguins do

Tony T
go hang out at the mall. You'll find motivation there.

your tired, get some rest

i sleep..or i play on my guitar in lyeing on the bed

Massive Hussein Mann
I go back to bed....Gotta be better later!!!

i would go out with my girl... dont even talk just to see her...

I know exactly how you feel!! depends why you have no energy...it make be because you are stressing too much or not enough sleep...or too much sleep. If you find the cause of why you have no energy try and change it. the feeling of no energy is awful! I try and drink something with heaps of sugar, and make myself do chores around the house


[email protected]

You could always sleep, or lay back and watch a movie.

Yukon Sally
I have the same problem and I know it comes down to lack of food (healthy, not junk), sleep (enough), exercise and a consistent daily routine of all of those things. Now the problem is finding the motivation to change all that....

Danny Tanner Owns You
Nap time.

well if you dont have any motivation and no energy then youre not going to be doing much .

find a reason to get some motivation first. then build on that.

Working out even a little will actually give you more energy throughout the day. Hardest part is starting it. I have 2 kids and run them out of energy before I get tired. also if you get to the point to where you actually feel like you cant move and about to fall asleep even when you've slept enough and ate enough you might want to get your blood sugar checked.

watch tv, browse computer, watch movies, read, write

Big R
drink a Monster drink !

Sleepy Shona

I lay on the couch or watch TV or read a book then I go to sleep.

Kick back on my sofa; have my wife make me ice tea and snacks; watch ON DEMAND or movies I recorded on my TIVO; fall asleep during the movies and keep on rewinding...

When I need to do things, and have the same syndrome described by the questioner, I go to the gym and work out.

Whether it is 20 minutes or two hours, just going to the gym gets me pumped and motivated!

It happens all the time. I take a break and then I just try to power through and get whatever I can get done.

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