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[email protected]
What can i do to get my teeth clean without a toothbrush?
i'm a broke college student so i have been using things until they fall apart to avoid spending money!! i just realized my toothbrush is beyond gross and there's no way i'm putting that thing in my mouth! i'll go buy a new one tomorrow but what can i do until then? thanks!

lives in the stars
supposedly an apple is nature's toothbrush. lol.
but put some tooth paste on your finger and brush that way for tonight.

Helen Scott
Put some toothpaste on your finger, and rub it around on your teeth. It's not going to clean them extremely well...but it'll help hold you over until tomorrow.

Or, if you have any hotels in your area, pretend that you're a guest and go to the front desk and ask for a toothbrush.

If you eat an apple it works almost as well as brushing your teeth, i read it in Seventeen a few years ago and i tried it one time and it totally felt like i brushed my teeth after i ate an apple!

James O
Baking soda on the finger.

toothpick? Mouthwash? toothpaste and finger?

rinse a lot and floss but you could also scrape some stuff off with your nails

uhm; just wait till tomorrow[;;

use a hairbrush;


marty r
Use baking toothpaste, baking soda, or salt and your finger.

Use Mouthwash and your finger.

Gargle Hydrogen Peroxide - Don't swallow, rinse with water & don't be startled by the bubbling.

If you have none of these, use a warm washcloth and gently wipe your teeth.

I also agree with the person who recommended boiling your toothbrush.

Eat an apple.

if your that broke then you could really use some help you know get a clollage job, like a waiter you get tips....but anyways, for a day you could almost go without or use a damp washcloth and use your finger as a toothbrush. Not anything with bacteria on it! Oh and if you have not brushed your teeth for that long i would see a dentist after.

Put some toothpaste on a clean cloth and brush with your finger, then floss and use Mouthwash. Or you could boil your toothbrush to ensure that it is sterile and use it one last time. Be sure to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

Get off your lazy butt and go buy a new TOOTHBRUSH!!!

Well...waiting until tomorrow isn't going to instantly make you a candidate for a root canal...but you can use baking soda to clean them for tonight.

In a small dish (tiny really) mix a tablespoon of baking powder and add warm water a few drops at a time until it's a paste...if you have a face towel, get a corner of it wet and you can dip it in the baking soda paste and rub vigorously...

I assume you have toothpaste, but the reason I suggest baking soda is the grittiness which will help clean and polish without the brush bristles...in a pinch you can use salt - for the grit factor, but it won't do much to clean, just polish and it will kill some bacteria...

my BEST suggestion is to use Mouthwash, floss and just wait until tomorrow...

good luck

You can rub salt or baking soda on your teeth with your finger. Floss. Or use Mouthwash (Listerine).

aly l
boil your toothbrush to sanatize it then it will be ok for one more day...2 minutes at a rolling boil

you can floss to remove plaque or chew gum. you can also use like a tissue and rub it aginst your teeth to get plaque off and use Mouthwash (actually use Mouthwash after all these things)

Gargle peroxide DON'T swallow it. Just gargle and spit it out they sell a huge bottle at walmart for 94 cents.

I think you can use your finger if you are in need other wise maybe a cotton ball or a washcloth well i hope that helps and good luck with your money issues

Candi P
wow that's kinda gross. but you should just use your finger...and stock up on toothbrushes tomorrow

The Robes
Use any floss, Mouthwash, or tooth-pick that you might have. Hydrogen Peroxide works as a good Mouthwash as well, but you have to be sure to rinse with plenty of water afterword as it will foam up.

Other than that, I hate to say it, but in desperation, get a washcloth or towell to wipe any extrior parts clean(er), and the end of a straw squeezed together, or a piece of paper folded in half works ok for getting between the teeth!

Greg M
Use your finger?

finger, borrow toothpaste, borrow floss, and borrow Mouthwash and there ya go :D

brush it with your finger... assuming you still have toothpaste.
if you don't have any then go to your friends house or ask for it from your fellow friend.

you have Mouthwash? use it or eat an apple (it'll help sweep plaque away).

strawberries are a natural way to clean teeth or eating cheese removes tartar (doesn't make ur breath smell too good though) using ur finger with some tooth paste is better then nothing.

devastated detergent
If toothpaste is too gross for you, finger and baking soda.

Baking soda was one of the key components in early forms of toothpaste. :)

You're getting one tomorrow?

I've gone days without brushing (Unfortunately.)

You can probably stand one day without.

Or get a tiny bottle of Mouthwash or something.

Rinse with water often perhaps.

Or use a finger, though that's not very good for getting everything.

It's the brush, not the soap that gets the dirt off.

But again, one day won't kill ya.

a rag and baking soda

toothpaste and a wash cloth or just your finger

use your finger with a clean piece of fabric over it...dont forget to floss!

Jadzia Riker
Use a piece of string to floss; you can pull one off an article of clothing. Rub your teeth down with a rough towel. Use a spoon to scrape the gunk off your tongue. Ta-dah!

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