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Nat V
What can help me go to sleep?
I've been having trouble falling asleep lately, what's something that can help me go to sleep? I'd prefer not to take drugs, so what natural ways can i help myself? If there aren't good natural ways, what over the counter drugs can i get?

The best
i have some troubles like that too it takes me like 30 min or 1hour to go to sleep so normally i just think of thinks like (imangining some cool stuff and watching comic books) it really helps me to go to sleep or count 100 with a sheep

reading a book

Just eat alot of food, and listen to nature music. Always helps me. I used to sleep around 11PM and now i go to sleep around 7PM.

watch tv or a boring movie that always helps me

Amit K
the best i think for you is that you should be doing some running every day.Not much.

Drink warm milk! Tylenol PM.

Good luck! :)

You can purchase sleep aids like Tylenol PM, but you can go to a health food store, and ask for a natural product such as Kava Kava, and take a warm bath with Lavender and Chamomile. Some people say turkey is a natural sleep Aid, but there was a study conducted that proved that you would have to eat almost an entire turkey to get that as a result. Also make sure not to drink caffeine at night. I can't drink it after 4pm or I have trouble falling asleep.

with questions like this we need to know how old you are and how long you have had problems?? Can you remember just what had happen that caused this to start.??

look at your "normal" daily routine to see what is making you tense..are you bring it home from work, driving, tension at home...
Take time to yourself, go for a walk, nice warm shower..not hot....If married or room mate see about a massage, neck- shoulders......nice cup of green or red tea.....not coffee
Medications act as a crutch, you depend upon them ....best to find the cause if possible....

good luck......

kim s
Some herbal teas are natural relaxants. You could try Peppermint tea, camomille tea, or Green Tea to help you fall asleep. Foods like Celery also have a natural chemical in it to help people fall asleep.

Robyn D
melatonin is over the counter and helps you sleep restfully

try talking to your physian maybe i suggest Remeron it dont cost much and it dont make you groggy in the morning if not for over the counter try tyonal pm

Hmn, i suggest you may take Calcium tablets. I have read about it's subfunction is good to promote relax in muscle..thus good for sleep. ..something like that. Instead of taking sleeping pill, you may try this, no harm. Afterall, we all need Calcium to have strong bones. I often take it before i sleep.

Another common way is to drink milk. Milk contains serotonin which promoting calming effect... read that i my psychology text book.

Sheckler Property
fall asleep to tv

It depends on what you're doing. I suggest you wake up earlier each day, that way, you get tired earlier. If you have a TV or computer, it doesn't help. It does something to actually keep you awake longer.

Heres a link that may help you fall asleep http://www.hermansherbalstore.com/product/overview/Melatrol_Sleep_Aid/

some herbal teas can really help if you like hot tea... other than that some things not to do are: Dont take a hot bath/shower right before you go to bed, it raises ur body temp and u cant fall asleep (take one a couple hours before you plan to go to bed, it will help you relax and ur temp will go down before you try to sleep). Dont read to fall asleep, you're mind becomes active and you'll find it harder to fall asleep. Sleep in total darkness and have a continuous background noise that isnt too loud, like a fan or even static from a t.v turned down low to drown out other disruptive background noises.

Try this drug free remedy.

Get any novel. One you havent read or are interested in.
Get comfy.
Open the book on the last page and start to read it word by word backwards without trying to make any sence out of it or understand the story.
You will be asleep before 3 pages.

You said no drugs and then you said over the counter ones are fine!?!?! Smoke pot, there are less side effects from that NATURAL way of sedating than any over the counter junk!!

Gentle stretching helps. Yoga can relax you.

Many herbal teas can help. Chamomile, Hops, Passion Flower. Good mixes on the market.

When I really need to sleep I take Valerian capsules. OverTheCounter herbal capsules. Nature's Way is a good brand. There are lots of brands.

Prefer not watching tv or being on the internet but reading a book/ magazine, listening to music, dreaming

Your brain is too active if you can't fall asleep and need to be in your bed away from distractions so that your brain can rest and soon be off to sleepy town.

I've also heard if you drink a cup of warm tea it helps also

Good Luck

[email protected]
Do you drink pop or coffee? If so stop around 5 or 6:00pm don't do any thing that gets you over stimulated. Take a warm shower or bath. Watch TV or read. If you have lots on your mind write it down and set it side for the morning and forget it till then. If all fails ask your doctor. Good luck.

Reading a book, watching a funny tv show before, having a comfy pillow, having the window open and hearing the breeze outside, counting backwards from 100, counting sheep...

Take a hot bath and go right to bed, also drinking a glass of milk before bed works.

I find taking an hour or so before I go to bed really helps me. Read a book, listen to some (calming!) music, have a mug of tea or something that you like, even watch tv (as long as it's not a long show!! I find the shopping or weather channel works well for this). Muted lights are also good. Pretty much just do anything that usually relaxes you, something that you enjoy doing but isn't too ambitious. Something comforting.

Give yourself some time to wind down from the day, then maybe it'll give your mind enough of a break to help you fall to sleep :)

Or, if all else fails, maybe talk to you doctor. He/she might be able to give you some other alternatives that we can't.

Hope that helps! Sweet dreams

warm milk and a good book and pray

Do not drink anything with caffeine in it, like sodas or coffees. Even if you drink these at 3pm, you'll still find it working while trying to sleep. Don't eat any sweets either. If you can, change your diet to a more healthy and wholesome one. Fruits and veggies, cut down on the processed foods, and cook a meal rather that fast food or take out. Paying attention to your diet will not only change your sleeping cycle, it'll change every aspect of your life.

take a hot shower and read my biology textbook....you're gone instantly

Chamomile tea before bed or warm milk.
Don't watch any tv or use your computer 1 hour before bed.
Try not to eat atleast 3 hours before bed.
Spray Lavender on your pillow (there's a really good spray from bath and body works).
Take a warm bath/shower before bed.
Exercise during the day so that you are plenty tired by bed time.
If your mind is racing try meditation as a general life practice.
Sleep in perfect darkness.
Try a herbal supplement like Valerian.
Listen to hypnosis tapes specifically for insomnia.

Try drinking warm tea. The best is "sleepy time tea"

Its just a tea that relaxes you naturally. it works for me!

Hope I've helped!

this is gonna sound crazy, but it works for me....Think of a place that is relaxing to you, for example, the beach. Think of how the sand feels on your skin, how the sun feels on your face, its warmth, feel the cool ocean on your toes and hear the seagulls and the sound of the waves crashing...nothing else...focus completely on your senses of what relaxes you....most likely, you'll get so relaxed, you'll just fall asleep :)

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