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 I know this is a very gross question, but i need some serious answers!?
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What are some ways I can get to sleep fast?
I lay in bed wishing I could get to sleep for a long time usually. Isn't there something I can do?

Chillin'In Bklyn
Try drinking some warm milk. It's not the best tasting but it works. Don't use Cocoa or chocolate syrup. It has caffeine in it.

Common Sense
Take a couple of benedryl anti-histamines before you go to bed.

go outside and run around your house 10 times.

just kidding. do something relaxing before going to bed: take a bubble bath, listen to soothing music, read, meditate... t.v. doesn't count - it stimulates rather than calms.

It's MEEEE!!!!
ever tried sleeping pills or try working out before or try take a bath before bed

Try to stay awake, it always fails you end up sleeping.

I've always heard warm milk does the trick, but I can't say this actually works because I've never tried it in this situation.

Turn the radio on low and lay there with your eyes closed. Sooner or later you will fall asleep.

Get LOTS of exercise as early in the day as possible so that you are physically tired. Take a warm bath and set a regular bedtime schedule. If none of this works (and it is a routine), see your doctor for more ideas.

buy something called melatoin at the walmart near you. This is a substance your body makes when it starts getting dark outside. It is a natural sleeping pill your body makes it self.
Take it like the bottle directions say to and it will help with no morning hangovers.

take drugs

Close your eyes, turn your fan on, listen to muusic and think happy toughts.....or get help!............

or wake up the whole day and a little during the night and when you get tired youll fall down and sleep.

i hope you catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs!

Take some Benedryl (that pink antihystemine), count sheep... really it works...or imagine yourself laying on a peaceful beach in the sun (or soemthing of the like). If that doesn't work... then go see a psychiatrist... mine gave me sleeping pills for my insomnia.

Carol H
Count sheep!

He he he,
Really? Oh well, you could read. I have an amazingly boring astronomy book that would put a speed freak to sleep.

Order Fioricet over the Internet. Or, have a fantasy that you like to imagine and think about that while trying to fall asleep. I never get to the good parts, I'm always asleep by then.

Get off the @#(!$*! computer.

yeah try to medicate a half hour before sleeping or even meditate in bed and your soon to fall asleep before you know it.

Start flexing every part of the body starting at your toes...hold for 10 seconds...toes, calves, ham strings, but, belly, shoulders, back, arms, fingers, face, neck etc...guarantee this will put you to sleep...if by some odd chance this doesn't work for you read a book that always does the trick...sweet dreams

crystal h
there is this natural stuff called hylands calms forte you can get it at walmart on the vitamin aisle for less than 5.00
if this doesnt work for you i would suggest seeing your doctor and asking about abein cr it helps you go to sleep fast,stay asleep and wake up rested

close your eyes

I think watching tv before bed usually works.
Even darkness puts me to sleep haha
You have to not force yourself into bed,do it when you're brain automatically tells you to..

Read a book it works for me.

try watching a boaring tv program OR read any history book,it works

d s
ambien great meds

I use a sound machine. They typically play looped sounds like ocean waves, rain, white noise, etc. Helps to numb the silence that makes my mind keep running. If you want to drug yourself to sleep, Benadryl will do the job. Also, you could try Melatonin-- it's the natural chemical that tells your brain it's time for bed. You can get it cheap at the supermarket in the vitamin aisle.

Steven L
Try a sleeping pill, or an orgasm..sorry but it works, at least for guys :)

it's the life
hi amanda you can listen to a music or any romantic song it will let you to sleep

A natural support for restful sleep.
Melatonin, 500MCG
chewable Peppermint flavored.
REMEMBER always read the WARNING BEFORE use!

dont drink caffeine before bed...think pleasant thoughts


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