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tory43...*RF @ 17 mo.*
What are some good ways I can let off steam instead of crying, cutting, or killing myself?
I am bottling it all in and I need some help, any help? I want to cut myself, I am trying not to do it. Please, I need help. What can I do? I need to do something now or I will hurt myself. And not see a doctor, cause that won't help me right now since I am at home and it is 8.

Buy A Punch/Boxing Bag! They Really Help (:

Do Not Cut Or Kill Yourself!

Get your mind off your situation....do something, like watch TV or read a book...

Scream into a pillow and then go out for a run/walk. Try to get some exercise into your life- especially when you are starting to feel like you need to let off steam. It helps, I promise.

Keep asking questions on yahoo answers.

1.Go for a long walk or run and when you get home have a relaxing bath.
2. Find a big open space where not many people are and scream it out
3. Listen to music

Purple Monkey Refridgerator!
Exercise. Write a poem or short story. Talk to a friend.

if your christian read some bible scriptures or try to mediate go to a quiet space turn off the light and stay in the corner and just no think and just breath in and breath out

Call a friend, call a hot line like 800-SUICIDE, 800-DONT-CUT (it won't show up on your phone bill and its free)
Write all your feelings in a journal.
And it's okay to cry, trust me.

feel better hun (:

blare some music and sing at the top of you lungs lol

Long term?
Take up a physical sport like volleyball, kickboxing, soccer, tennis etc.
some sort of club/activity that keeps you preoccupied.

physical exertion, go jogging, or run in place, clean the house, scrub something, anything to get you moving and keep you moving until you've gotten out the anger and are tired enough to rest. Works for me.

Alice W
When I got emotional as a teenager, I used to cry and hurt myself. But then I started keeping diaries. I wrote all my feelings down and let out my anger. I have nearly 20 books filled now, and you can tell how angry I was by how scrawled the writing is, but when I read what I was angry about, it all seems so silly now. It was a safe, harmless way to channel my feelings, and eventually this turned to inspiration. I'm studying art and creative writing at university now, because I managed to turn my anger into creativity :) You could try this too! That's my suggestion anyway. Just give it a go ^-^

Try writing your feeling on paper. Painting is also helpful or you can take the excercise approach which stimulate endorphins in your body.
Sometimes a loud AHHHH scream until your almost out of breathe helps also. I tend to laugh after I do it cause it kinda sounds funny!!

Lift weights.
Take a jog.
Invest in a Wii.It's fun and it works out your arms.
Make your favorite food.

alice M
write down how you feel
that always stopped me
just keep writing until you have nothing left to think ar cry
then write some more
apparently going for a run is the most tension relieving thing
make a list of the most beautiful things in your life right now
simple and pointless things
but preventative
ring someone really close to you and talk to them about it
they might just be able to help you

I do an amazing class at the gym which involves alot of punching and kicking it is an awesome way to let of steam without having to spill your guts. I am not a fitness freak by any means i just love that class.

STOP, don't cut yourself that is sick. Try doing something that will relax you, go for a walk or a drive. Just don't do that to youself that is sick.

Jaccc D
Write one of these posts letting everything out all of the emotion ect.

sorry to hear of yuor situation, you really should see a councillor
take care.

roxy ross
Write. Thats what i do, and i am an ex-cutter.

Wow, you have a lot of responses already, I hope mine doesn't get lost somewhere in here. Start a journal. Every time you need to blow off steam, write it down. Write down the situation and how it's making you feel. If you're poetic, write poems, but don't make them dark poems, think happy thoughts, you'll get there!

Hit the gym. Don't waste your energy. Might as well put it to good use.

Alex S
try punching a pillow or get a punching bag

Laugh. It sounds cheesy and too easy but it really helps. And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Buy a boxing bag, the moment you get angry, beat the crap out of it, work for me. lol.

Cannibal Emma
Scream your lungs out.

Linda Jo V

Puma FtW
Count to ten or punch a pillow. :) thats what i do but never hurt yourself.. i feel like i want to cut myself alot to.. but im not emo. i dont really know i sleep and tell a friend about it then they will help me.. And im a 15 Y/O guy.

scream in a pillow.
or get a rubber band and snap yourself once,
or eat.

Billy C
email me and tell me whats up. yeah im a stranger but ill help and im not biased since i dont know anything.. talking helps alot.. or visit twloha.com great site

put some glass bottles or jars in a plastic bag...take a hammer and smash the bag of glass with the hammer

go into your car or anyones car and close the doors and just scream, curse, yell etc...

put up a few pillows or cushions on a bed or couch or against the wall and just beat the crap out of the cushions or pillows.

lift weights or do as many push ups as you can..wearing yourself out

those are things I do when I need to release anger. Hope it helps!

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