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Was she being racist? I think so?
This week, my brother14), cousin15) and I decided we would start workin out at the YMCA. We went Monday, Tuesday, then today. Thats 3 days we've gone. Today we worked out on the weights and while I was finishing a set of weights on the leg machine, my brother got on one of the bikes. I finished on my leg machine and my cousin and I stood and watched my brother on this bike. Then this older white lady who works for the YMCA comes and asks if they have been through some orientations that kids 12-15 should go through. I told her that the front desk never said anything and the other 2 days no one said anything, and the guy who also holds the same positon as her didn't say anything and he said hi to us as we walked in. She was kinda rude to. There were other kids in there to that looked under15 and I didn't see no yellow tag that they are supposed to have on them. If my brother wasn't using the machine inapropriatly, then why did she have to come and bother us? Am I wrong for my thinking?

I don't have enough information to tell you whether or not she was being racist, some people just have a nasty attitude and like to give people a hard time. I've been going to this gym for five years (I had a free membership from this apartment complex I lived at several years ago). Although I moved out of the apartment complex, I still go to the gym for free and the gym employees have never said anything. Well, I went a few days ago, and this girl working there had a snotty chip on her shoulder, she started looking up my account information and announced in front of everybody, "You know, your membership expired in 2003". What the hell was her problem? Thankfully, the manager told me not to worry about it. My point is, nasty people take a disliking to others for any number of reasons, not necessarily race, you can't please everybody.

In a certain way she may have been a little racist, you should have asked the clerk was you suppose to go through an orientation, or she just wanted to make sure y'all was using the machines correctly.

She may have been racist, but I wasn't there, so I couldn't tell you. It's important to think the best of someone, before throwing the racist card at them, that happens too much in America. If I was training and a black lady said that to me, I wouldn't automatically think it was her being racist. Maybe she had seen all those kids before, and hadn't see you guys. Maybe she gave them the training, so she knew they had taken the class. Maybe you guys were using the equipment in a way that you shouldn't have. Some machines are complicated, and maybe she didn't want you to hurt yourself. Do yourself a favor, and assume racist as the last resort. It will make you happier, and you won't always wonder if your race was a factor. Stay positive, it will make for a more rewarding life.

Also, if she was racist, or treated you that way, just because you were black. This is a good opportunity to teach her something. Like you can be responsible, and follow the rules. She might have had a bad experience when she was younger that has made her this way. That is wrong of her to feel that way, but you need to be the bigger person, and help her with her ignorance.

I think you're reading too much into this, sometimes people are just rude and it has nothing to do with race or gender or anything, but if you're always looking for discrimination then you will always seem to find it whether its there or not

I would just the orientation and get the tag, it will keep the woman off your back

honey just because someone was looking out for the safety and protection of you and your brother doesn't mean she was being racist. She was doing her job... Besides, maybe the other kids that were in there have been going there longer than 3 days and she already knew that they've been through the orientation. If a black older woman would have came and asked you the question and been equally as rude would you be asking if she was being racist? No. Aren't you however, being "racist" by assuming that she's racist just because she was white and in your opinion rude?


Everything is not about racism; she may be the "stickler" for rules or details that others were not enforcing. Maybe she was just in a bad mood. You should just go to the desk and ask about the proper procedures.
If you go jumping to that conclusion every time someone has something to say to you, you will be upset more often than you need to be.

She may be racist. But then again, she may just be an old rude white lady? There are a lot of them in this world.

It really doesn't matter though. She is obviously not happy about something. Think she enjoys her job? Maybe she is sick or stressed or any number of things. Just get your yellow tag and pray for her. She needs it.

Check this out...if you go out of your way to be nice to her, I bet she changes her attititude and you have helped another person. If she is racist, it may even help change her mind about your whole race?

She was doing her job and protecting the gym from being sued, if you were not shown how to use the machines correctly you could have an accident and sue.
She was doing her job I don't think it was racist at all.

you have to give people the benefit of the doubt... sometimes they are just *** holes to everybody not just miniorities

Talk to the front desk or an administrator and see what it's all about. Bring it to their attention so that they are at least aware of it.
If it happens again then you have a right to complain, she doesn't have the right to tell you off.

It may be she's used to an older system they used, you should find that out first.

She might have been being a ***** but there isn't really evidence that she had a problem with your color. I'd say if she confronts you any more or treats you like crap there might be issues

I see you
Get an adult to go with you and witness her. You always need a witness.

You can't assume it was a racist thing. It sounds like you assume that because she is an older white lady that she is being racist when maybe she is just doing her job. Some people take their job and the rules more strictly than other people. If there is a rule about taking an orientation thing, then she is just doing her job. now if she was rude to you, that's a whole 'nother thing.

have a parent go in and sign you up...that way it is understood that you are utilizing this public service and nothing more should be said to you

Doesn't really sound so to me, and who knows she probably was just as uneasy as you to have to come and discuss that with you.Go easy ,things are not always as they seem.Give her another chance before you make a complete judgement on her character.I am sure you would want someone to do the same for you ,were the tables turned.

It's really sad that almost everything a white person says is racist. I hear stories like this all the time and it's absurd. This "old white woman" was probably just going along with the rules... the other guy was probably being lazy. No, she was not being racist. Get over it...

Usually I just answer and then read what the others may have posted but this one had me a little puzzled. It's not a difficult question but as a black woman I know how you may have taken that as her being a racist but I didn't want to jump too quickly to that decision. For those who commented and in so many words stated that this young lady needs to get over the race thing are probably not black and need a serious reality check.
Racism is not a thing of the past and there is nothing to get over. It happens every day and you just can't understand this because you probably never had to deal with it.......

Now back to you SWEETIE....people can sometimes be ignorant and believe it or not, in many cases they may even us a justifiable explanation to be bias. With this being an older woman I am quite sure she was alive during the Black Revolution and knows nothing but what she grew up knowing. Now this doesn't make it right but even as an adult some people can not determine right from wrong but will have an insignificant excuse for it. In her case...using what her job requires her to do. I doubt very much that her job requires her to be a B*%tch or single out black children.

Have your parents go with you guys next time and have your mother speak to her supervisor. Everyone has a boss... she will have to answer to him or her and make sure that there is a complaint in writing and get a copy of it.

You see you don't have to always get angry or ignorant because someone else is being that. You can show this older woman that not only are you a young black lady, but you are more mature than she could ever fathom just by the way you handle yourself, conduct yourself and your choice or reasoning. Stick to this and you will grow up into a beautiful black woman with a good head on your shoulders.

I dont think it sounds racist,maybe she is just a *****.I would ask the owner/manager if this is policy and if it is than follow that but if its not than just ignore her.

No I don't think she was being racist, I think she was just informing you on a procdure that was supposed to have been done that hasn't. I'm sure it is on the correct way to work out because alot of teenagers thinkthey are too fat when they are not, or push themselves to hard to fit in. The next time you go see how many have this "tag" and just ask.

The B Man

Jesus, come on.

Don't take offense to it. Older people have a way about themselves. My grandmother is nice, but come's off as being the meanest lady in the world. It's just them getting up in age.

I hate to say this but she COULD have been racist, but there is also another possibility. Since you are new to the Y she may have just been honestly concerned about the safety of you and your family. The YMCA and most all other health clubs offer orientations to explain not only the rules of the club but how to safely use & clean the equipment. Talk to the staff about taking one of these orientations...and keep in mind she may not have been upset with you but at the other staff for not offering this service to you. Other than that keep your head held high and continue working out.

no, u not wrong for thinking that, cause people do have their ways.

maybe.i think you would have had to be there. it might not have been what she said but how she said it.

Yes i think she was, and she didnt say anything to the other kids! Its sad to say that their are still racist people in the world, and what makes it worst is yall are kids. but all you can do is pray for people like that, and kill them with kindness.

It depends - maybe she was being racist, and maybe she was concerned t hat you use the equipment properly. If you're not sure, ask the guy at the front desk who said hi to you the other times and see what he says. Even if he doesn't say you have to get and orientaion, it couldn't hurt - it's easy to use exercise machines incorrectly and hurt yourself (says the voice of painful experience.)

I don't think that you were. If you didn't see her coming over to any other children, saying that they needed an orientation, there's a reason to suspect a little bit of racism. If it happens again, tell your mother or ask to see her boss, so you can ask him/her if she was telling the truth.

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